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  1. Commenting on rule that doesn't allow the reactive player to take away two orders from 10 men lists: I would like to say this change has resurrected the game for me. I'm not only playing (I always did, and always only from time to time due to RL), but started having fun also. It's a huge thing for me because I fell for the game back in the days of N2, when 10 order lists were pretty standard. Now I'm back to playin' my cool CA models I always wanted to play, but could never muster myself to use because cheaper units would allow me to move 15 times. Please never ever take it back, pretty please Because of previous incarnations of N3 I shelfed my CA and started collecting Yu-Jing cause I hated combined so much. In the end I switched to an another game (let's call it Battlefield - reincarnation :P). But man - now I can't wait to play! I might even invest into Xeodrones
  2. thanks for the answer but somehow japanese units are easier for me. Must be because of all the Manga and WWII stuff I consumed already. China - this is the real orient for me.
  3. Hey guys, Since CB failed to make CA great again (with new, cool frogs ironically) I moved to commies now. What's troubling me is that I have no idea how to pronounce units' names. Is there some wiki/site that could help me? How do you guys handle that? English is my second language, but I could live with "americanized" names, since Hsien and su jian could just as well be tongue twisters for me.
  4. i wouldn't use him but it might be the difference in tables. Still great props for pointing out he's shock immune. I totaly missed that.
  5. Not sure if I understand your point but look at their profiles. Charontid is heavy infantry and a great battle platform while skiavoro just stands way back trying not to get shot at. Esp with shock It's one reason for them to not have item prices directly proportional.
  6. I think ikadrons, imetrons and standard drones are a must. 2 boxes of standard drones even, but it's harsh money wise, and I usually field just 3. Shrouded and daturazi are cool units i my books. Check them out ps - I love fraacta and unidrones. You won't regret getting the starter
  7. Well... Threre's also the scenerio in which TAG counts for double points if it's dominating a zone (deadly dance). Perfect mission to field an anathematic or charontid, but it's pretty much counter-effective then. Anathematic hacker is a perfect profile, so your point is valid, but Charontid's hacker profile - not so much. I assume it's the current CBs direction to see TAGs fielded more often. I was hoping people would demand some love for CA's HIs too
  8. Hi! Do you guys think that EI contructs in particular and "mini-TAG heavy infantry" in general will ever be treated as TAGs for purposes of scoring? I like my Sphinx and feel happy when I'm rewarded for using him, but it would be even more awesome if I could go for a Anathematic or Charontid instead. As I understand they are currently not granted the extra points in ITS scenerios even though they, in my opinion at least, are pretty much in the same category of troops. Do you guys think it's an omission, lack of will to make exceptions for marginally encountered troops or a thought over design choice? Do you think it would imbalance the game to change that?
  9. Hey guys, Recently we got some worecores in Silesia region in Poland (finally :P) and there's been some thought about promoting the system. Is there any sticky thread we could use to link to facebook pages/store pages around official forums? Some wargames do that. I can perfectly imagine people not buying into infinity because they think you need friends to play with. Well around here you can play with random people just fine, and we could capitalize on it, if we only could get the message out. Cheers.
  10. that so came up in a game 3 years ago. I wish I could quote you back then ;-) JSA player ran his TAG all across the board to get my Charontid. I tried to help the charontid with smoke (and I would) only back then it was either illegall, or we thought it was. A lot of impetous troopers have smoke, and it's a way one could delpoy them - near the edge of the table, to disrupt assasination runs by troops with no CC (not that small group I'd guess). They would have clean line of sight to all potential attackers, and could also throw smoke to protect both themselves and the actual target.
  11. Thanks for the clarification. I find it counter intuitive, but I understand why it's there. Infinity keeps feeling like it was american justice system
  12. Hey guys, I think I might have thought of a crafty way to make my enemies' lives harder, but it usually doesn't work, so I came here to heare the worst What if I put a smoke throwing guy next to a piece with MSV, so that they usually both get ARO to same enemies, and the smoke marker HAS to cover both? Let's say a guy with no MSV walks around corner and faces both AROs - smoke, and a shot from the MSV wielding trooper. The active trooper decides to shoot the trooper with the MSV. Does he have to beat only the AROing piece that shoots him, the smoke guy, or better yet (please please please) both of them? It could help the evil tohaa trackers and yaogats a lot. And make my Dats more awesome.
  13. not sure if it's the topic for that but do we have any news about Shas? Is "their" book at least confirmed? When should we expect it to arrive? Not sure if I remember that correctly but didn't they suggest during the launch of HS N3 that the book (Acheron Falls?) would arrive around the beginning of 2017? I was out of the loop for a couple of months. Forgive me if it was already beaten to death
  14. Hey guy, Coming back after nearly 2 years of a break and need help bad regarding the new hacking options (I guess they're the old hacking options now ;P). - which type of hacking induced state causes the link leader to be expelled from link team thus breaking the said link - isolated or immobilised or both? Read it somewhere, and can't find it again. - can I attempt to break a link team of med or light infantry by hacking commlink of the link leader? Would that make him isolated or is it just me overstratching? I mean - it seems kinda silly to do in game, but fluffwise would be the natural option. - is there a way to apply the bonuses of the gadget programs in ARO? They seem to be great tools for defending against enemy's first turn, but I think they are not allowed then. - what can a hacker generally do against your regular, non-hi, non-rem, non-tag unit? Plus and extra question - if I attempt to use automedkit in a plain sight of enemy models do they get ARO for that? Can they kill my poor malignos just right after he triumphally rises? (theoretical question - he always dies :P)
  15. They look awesome so far - hope I get more time to study them. Thanks!