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  1. Really like them, congrats!
  2. Problem with all AD is that it's a long order to come you need to find a blind spot otherwise the risk of lucky potshots is too great. HD on the other hand can start anywhere you want, doesn't cost an order and when it moves it can also dodge so no risk of loosing it to a lucky normal roll. I'm still not sold on Tiger snipers honestly. Maybe it's a table issue though...usually there are two or three spots where it can come in comfortably, whereas infiltration is massively more varied overall where I play.
  3. Would be a first for CB if I remember correctly. It would up the standard and more or less open the road to a complete overhaul of nearly the entire range as any model that can have different weapons could benefit from this... Sent from my PULP FAB 4G using Tapatalk
  4. rui shi done! (close ups are terrible...oops...IRL the white is not that flat nor the orange/red so bright...oooops!!)
  5. awesome work!! I find the vehicle a bit under-detailed...maybe some good transfers will help?? The dogs and riot shield are really awesome!!
  6. Protect key pieces hiding them or having many AROs cover them, go hunting with suitable MSVs troops, use sensor to create various zone where it's impossible to recamo, burn them with fire and (swiss much easier than hac tao) kill it in cc. Beware that they cost a lot of points, so are meant to be difficult to take down and to do damage.
  7. Eventually I'll buy her. Quite like the bulkier look actually...
  8. Love the stile...sure is eye catching!!!
  9. The paramedic is really nice!!! It just feels so right overall!! Congrats!!
  10. nice list! Never thought of running something similar!
  11. @Usashi: [emoji12] yep! The blocky stile is rather nice for gameplay actually! @Melchior: thanks! I don't think I'll post all the wips again but a complete "photoshoot" could be done...all the building have fully playable interiors after all!! Sent from my PULP FAB 4G using Tapatalk
  12. It's time for a reboot of my paper terrain thread since I repainted all my minies, the forum crash happened and it ate a page, then I bought a new matching mat and then photobucket went here goes: Mars paper terrain table!! ...and with matching minies!!!! I'll update this thread with moar pics once I manage to get all of my minies&terrain in one place at once...ha!!
  13. Finally an update: old wu ming mr/lgl bounty hunter HI (which is used as sun tze or any other boarding shotgun armed HI really. Might even try the crane with shotgun...triangulated fire shotgun seems strangely nice!) And finally managed to fix all the broken links...;)
  14. ehm, cateran ha T2 limited camo and climbing's a perfect solo unit, it can reach any spot on the map, has the potential to kill any unit with 1-2 wounds with one shot... Generally LI like kazaks with heavy weapons are considered not effective outside of a link. After all you want that weapon on your best hitters, they should be more resilient or have some defensive bonus etc...
  15. Dunno...the skill set seems nice to me, although it doesn't really cut it. Has potential but not stats to back it up. It feels fluffy though, emitter to disable, parmedic for some knowledge on how to extract the cube and mono ccw to extract the cube. Still...too corner case for me atm. That low cc and 0.5SWC kills it for the moment.