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  1. okay, but isn't the system the same for all hospitals whatever the method patients pay for services? A patient is prescribed medication, that medication is paid for by (hospital/insurance/patient/tax). A portion of the cost of that medication is direct profit for the Pharma company, a portion of that profit is re-invested into new medicines... So it's not the US system that pays for everyones advances but it's everyone's system? (I admit, my knowledge ends at having friends working in pharma companies on new drugs and knowing that I have to contribute** to the cost of drugs when I get prescribed them) **interestingly, this contribution can be more than the cost of the drugs if not prescribed...
  2. And there i was thinking it was the pharmaceutical companies that did the R&D into most medicinal advances, not some random doctor on ward 3...
  3. *shrug* we had 2 gallons (ok, 2 x 5 litres) sitting in the garage at one point. We'd easily get through 1/4 of the bottle doing a deep clean on one cage (which mostly meant have the base of the cage sit in a pool of pure vinegar for a while xD)
  4. Depends on the type of vinegar, we (used to) use white vinegar to clean cages out. You can get through a fair chunk of it at a time doing that
  5. The last second of the vid... I missed it too the first time round. Screen fades to black and then it appears
  6. Operation: Icestorm to be rebranded as Operation: Tsunami?
  7. Aren't the bolts basically meant to be the NCA linetrooper? The background goes along the lines of " The Bolts are the backbone of the Neoterran Capitaline Army, and handle most of its foreign operations... " with the auxilia focussed on internal defense
  8. They;ll probably have AVA 3-5 Zhanshi and then the 25 point HI
  9. But nomads already have a two-player box
  10. It's more deduction from what has been released and what has been said. The 2 player boxes will only be the 6 factions in the core N3 book (interrupter, UK masters 2016). The missing starters for Ariadna are Russians and for comboned aremail shas. :). It is of course possible that they both get vanilla starters with a mix of all... but.. whI knows !
  11. Each Character has the word Habilities written, this should probably be Abilities
  12. aren;t those druze colours? Mercs/Druze faction?
  13. Gotcha, =) I was just eliminating them because they had a GenCon release last year, not saying anything specific (Also, didn't Bostria confirm that the Haqq "Generic" starter was also the Caliphate starter, Akin to Combined army/ONYX?
  14. What?! I never said it was either... I said last year it was a 2-player starter, so I'm expecting this year to be a new faction/sectorial box (like USARF in 2015) or if you are referring to the statement about a new sectoral... then i'm saying it wont be Haqq/Yujing since they had a major release last year, not because they got a sectorial last year...