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  1. We are sorry. Your security clearance is not high enough to warrant further information. -- this message has been sent courtesy of the hexahedron administration
  2. trust me... i'm happier it's not been released yet
  3. I was actually meaning you being disappointed.... but since we haven't seen the profile released yet... I'm becoming cautiously optimistic...
  4. I think 7 are in the habitable with a couple (gas?) outside
  5. No, Kiss' cost is included in Bit's cost (of 14). I don't know why it's said as separate... once upon a time you could count the bots separately for quadrant control etc, but i don't think you can now... @IJW Wartrader?
  6. It's okay... your English is good enough that I didn't know you weren't native (until the previous post xD)
  7. That majority of warcors are players, not sellers. I know of only 1 in the UK that's a seller (out of at least 5), and he's a player too (and proof reader/beta testor)... so selling is definitely not his only motive for infinity. Obviously can't talk about your local warcors, but CB do talk with players (and even listen to us... some of the time ) They have. Honestly. The game is a lot more fluid and streamlined now than it ever has and the number of rules conflicts has reduced to a very small number. That doesn't mean there are still some areas that could do with improvement such as adding included skills to the army printout as you suggest. Unless you have more than 1 combat group, the weapons list comes beneath it on one page. If you're using enough units (and enough variety of weapons) that you're struggling with turning the page over, you have probably increased the points of your games too quickly. Infinity IS a complex game, and (especially if you don't have an experienced player helping) you need to start slowly. Playing through icestorm is a good start, and then continuing to play small games until you have the basics fully understood is the key. There's no point playing a couple of small games and then jumping in with a 20 order ariadna list... it will confuse everyone involved and it will make your games last ages. Start slow and then continue slow!
  8. You may just get your wish.... Even if it was sarcastic [emoji14] Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk
  9. @ChoKonnit, If you are going to split the Techbees, I'll definitely take 2. =)
  10. Now is later this week... right?
  11. Today seems a good day for some tech bee rules @Koni
  12. I still like barakiel? Daboarder? Idea of having the drone bots in a fusilier/bolt link. Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk