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  1. I think it's a fundamental difference in players' mindsets: Active, imposing your plan on your opponent and forcing them onto the back foot. Reactive, having contingencies upon contingencies and an answer for every situation. MSV, mimetism, XXX-terrain are all "active" skills, relying on you, the player using them (to a greater extent). Veteran and Bioimmunity are "reactive", answers to specific ploys your opponent may play and coming into their own only after certain conditions beyond your immediate control are met. Your valuation of these in comparison with one another probably says a lot about your individual playstyle. Yes/no Msv1 and mimitism are as much reactive as active. Mimitism gives a defensive bonus, especially coupled with a link teams increased bust. Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk So in a archetype difference between Bag-Mari (everyone else) and Bolts (example of PanO approach) everyone seems to value Bag-Mari many times more ? Yes. Mimitism is worth more than +1bs Jungle terrain is equivalent to bio immunity +6 bts is about the same as +1 wipe Veteran is less (beneficial) then Msv1... especially on a CQB link who are prone to taking casualties * *ie if you want to play aggressive LT you need to keep the link safe. If you want to advance it quick, you will likely loose some and therefore the veteran skill is wasted... Sent from my SM-A310F using Tapatalk
  2. I'm not particularly, but it does seem to be used by others as a justification for bolt's relatively high costs and much more beneficial than I've found it. Personally, I get much more use from their veteran skill, but only having 1 (2) good LTs to push for them, along with only bolts having veteran feels very limiting. Bolts vs bagh mari is the closest comparison I can come with. Combi/LSG on both, trade +1 BS for +1 WIP, 6BTS, Veteran, Bioimmunity for MSV1,Mimitism, Jungle Terrain Bagh seem to have a significant advantage.
  3. The vast majority of troops you face have ARM 1/2 ... which is negligible when being hit. Bolts are no exception to this. There is a 5% change for a bolt going down to a fusilier on the armour roll... Bolts going down to the arm vs fusilier is 40% vs 45% If they survive the arm, going down to the bts is then 12% and 27.5%. You don't need the units to be dead, unconscious will stop much of the problem as it takes away AROs and potentially causes your opponent to waste orders trying to doctor them back. Those numbers are for a single dice hit... now when getting hit multiple times (because, you know, burst) those numbers close up substantially. Just going by a single die though... we're getting roughly 2 bolts dying for every 3 fusiliers. Start factoring points costs, orders etc... those bolts look less appealing in that "situational" place of facing plasma. Against shock/viral i'll agree, bolts are better. Against plasma, i'm sorry but they aren't substantially less likely to go down (when you factor in points/orders/aros etc) Twice a small number is still a small number. I agree with the principle for stunned, just factors of "twice" can be misleading From a damage 13 BTS hit in cover, bolts are 30 Percentage points better than fusiliers, fusiliers will be hit 50% of the time, bolts 20% We're just going to have to disagree there. Whether is meta, or luck (because we have played in the same meta), I'm not coming across all these BTS/Bio attacks that you are. It's very much a fringe case for me. Veteran would be something to really build bolts around... if there were more units with veteran and more viable LTs to run it with.
  4. Yup... they re did the naming of the releases (so march comes out in march) ... so april is what we need to speculate on
  5. No... they don't... because the weapons they affect aren't common enough to make it something to consider. IJW posted his "oh look wouldn't bolts be great against this list" list... of which 1 unit is truly affected by the bolts. My claim of using a second list was hypothetical of plasma weapons all being viral. And if you have 2 lists and gimick one to the max, you're likely to have something more rounded as the second.
  6. It may just be me then... but not in my local meta, nor leeds/birmingham opens, nor the UKmasters have I seen a real increase in BTS/shock weapons since HSN3. 95% of the weapons faced are still going to be ARM (non shock) based weapons. It's somewhat different. Veteran relies on me losing my LT (or getting hit by e/m & bio) e/m and bio are rare (see above, maybe me....)) and veteran forces me to push my LT to get real use out of them. That would be fine if we had more than 1 attacking LT (squallo - although arguably ORC link). However taking either of those along with a bolt link severely limits other support pieces link MSV... Those "situational" msv that I will use a minimum of 2/3 games. Smoke and camo being oh so common... unlike biomunitions/getting my LT killed. Sure... bio will help against the red fury... every other weapon hits armour on a 1 wound model (yeah BTS as well for plasma... but you're hitting armour at the same time... and that's what'll kill me first, just like hitting a fusilier). So that grand Bioimmunity realistically helps against 1 model in your list... so you will hunt the bolts with any other model and target something else with the red fury... If all the plamsa were viral, then I'd agree with you that bolts would be good there. But would you, knowing that you're facing NCA, take a list that was 90% viral with no MSV... or would you take your other list, which would likely have much less viral and some MSV...
  7. Although you don't really get much support (visors etc) if you're taking either of those options along with the ORCs. And all of those things are very situational (not many BTS weapons in comparison to ARM, veteran is either LoL or e/m...) BS13 isn't that uncommon for MI But with 2 wounds, tanking the hits isn't really that scary... especially as it's not likely that you will get many of them with the template. 2-3 max if you were very lucky..
  8. I know, I just found the way it phrased to be funny
  9. Yes! I'd forgotten this suggestion, but I fully agree with it!. Being able to add a mule or pathfinder to any core team would be awesome (Just think, Bolt spitfire, Bolt dropbear, Bolt Engineer, Bolt BSG & Mulebot) Also, making aquila guard LT harris with bolts might be an interesting one
  10. Just to emphasise a point. Remember that you have to declare the point you want to dodge to when you declare the ARO!
  11. May well be... It's not really my complaint about the faction. (I have issues passing objective WIP tests regardless of the model's WIP, so 1 higher will just make my roll a 14 instead of a 13 xD) Mine are more focussed on the fact that PanO's uniqueness has been eroded by other factions whilst at the same time not given the breadth of choice that others have seen with their additions.
  12. I think the complaint is more about cheap WIP 13 specialists for missions than that we have no WIP 13 troops. Under 27 points there is a remote, and a Bipandra. Everyone else has line troops and/or doctors/engineers that are WIP 13 (pulling 2 rolls)
  13. Not in the same way. Intuitive attack LF vs camo. WIP test and they are hit. Intuitive attack DB vs camo. WIP test and a mine is laid. If the camo marker hits back, it's a F2F with the WIP test for the flamer... I'm not sure about the DB.