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  1. And for that reason we wenter with s5 silhouettes:)
  2. My WTF... is the amount of blood lust there is in the UK at the moment. What i'm seeing on Facespace is people wanting a shoot (in the head) first, questions later... and a first strike nuclear option ¬_¬
  3. You can get 3 hackers for the price of the asura, 3x as many supportware etc. My guess too (and preference etc.)
  4. I agree, my preference would have been to have NWI too, even at the cost of the combi. I also don't expect this unit to be of huge interest to vanilla lists... OSS on the other hand That said, 25 points for HD+, i think that's the second cheapest way you can add support ware outside of Thamyris so if you're running bot heavy, probably still has a place
  5. certainly the biggest surprise, but understandable in order to have some cheaper basic units for vedic (that aren't dakinis) since NWI costs~10 points
  6. Your wish has been granted! Stats are now up on infinity army!
  7. That's where the importance of having properly distributed numbers comes in (rather than spin down like magic) Mine are weighted to results that screw me over.... irrespective of what that result is...
  8. Honestly, trying rolling them along a container (so they actually roll several times... but don't fly off onto the floor etc) and record the numbers for several rolls (maybe go with 500 to start with). And see if you see any statistical significance. With 500 rolls you should* end with each face turning up 25 times. I can't remember the statistical significance but given the low number of rolls, probably +/- 50% will be sufficient. Ie, less than 12 or more than 38 of one dice will show that one number is more likely to come up. The more dice you roll, the small the % required to demonstrate significance * you wont is pretty good actually
  9. He's not real, sorry.... (can confirm, never met him )
  10. Using salt water does not show the magnitude of an imbalance, just that one exists. It could be a small bubble near the surface on one number, or you could be missing half the inside of the dice and you would see similar results using salt water. The best way to check the magnitude of an imbalance is by rolling the dice FAIRLY and CONSISTENTLY 500+ times, however, as Josh the stampede says... Otherwise known as, screw it and enjoy your pretty dice.
  11. See, told you it was a morning thing
  12. Just a thought... and this might be because it's early in the morning.... But can you target the ground as an aro with smoke/eclipse grenades? From the ARO wiki ( " AROs must choose the trooper activated by the Order as their target. " This kinda implies that the target must be the trooper, targetless means it doesn't HAVE to be the trooper, but ARO says in MUST be the trooper. So smoke throwers need to drop their smoke on the attacker, which isn't always possible (range)
  13. She is a may release... so MAYbe the start of may?
  14. this is aweseome