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  1. She is a may release... so MAYbe the start of may?
  2. this is aweseome
  3. We have gone through many... I'm not even sure how some started...
  4. paging @IJW Wartrader Looks like a missing page on the wiki
  5. Yup, emily please. And her and Knauf in NCA... Thank (I'd so go for swapping an Aquilla HMG for Knauff/Black friar combo xD)
  6. There is a lot of assumption in this. Firstly, that the rule was made up just for the tech bee... second, that the rule wasn't meant for Pan O anyway... third, that it does limit the scope of design fourth that there would have been profiles that it will now affect. Unless someone works for CB or are a tester, then there is no foresight on what is coming or what even has the potential of coming. For instance, there maybe a solid design rule for PanO saying that the machinest is the only engineer we will ever get. That is something we don't know. Likewise, we don't know that there isn't already planned a 9 point baggage bot with the remote assistance rule that's coming in the new book and has been planned for 2+ years. we also don't know that there isn't a WIP 13/14 engineer that's been designed for PanO... So saying it limits the design scope when you don't know what the previous design scope is assuming a lot...
  7. I don't understand that train of thought... It feels like the equivalent of me being hungry and wanting a steak dinner... but I get given a cookie instead... It's still food, it's still edible, yes I still want the steak dinner... but I'd rather have the cookie than no cookie... and now I want a cookie... and a steak...
  8. Because if they hadn't added that rule, they would have gotten lynched for a technician that had no engineering related skills at all. What they added, added flavour but didn't make a huge impact in the game and meta. It isn't an auto include (except for joan), it isn't so mundane no one would take it. It is somewhere in between. Yes, they could have done something different, but what they did add was atleast interesting and added something.
  9. I'd take him in NCA... Sit's really nicely between hexa and black friar
  10. It already has it's own statline. Can't remember where now, but it does have one. (The smoke grenades have swapped with beer, and he has heavywight rules.
  11. Fortunately we have got a slightly more interesting model this time It could have been a continuation of that bland streak, but fortunately not!
  12. This isn't true. Aleph has (more?) visors and smoke. It's simply a design decision.
  13. please say it comes in a noodle box
  14. So something like the above?