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  1. Click the language, Spanish then English it will refresh Works, thanks!
  2. Not on mobile the website doesn't work.
  3. I think he's great, much better than the straight up deadpool clone of the original sculpt. I guess CB have to be more careful with homages now that A) they're a bigger player in the market and will attract more attention Disney are litigious and C) Marvel miniatures are a legit licenced thing (even though Knight have stopped doing the Marvel game, someone else will probably pick it up).
  4. Awesome! I like the Massacre redesign though he looks really short. Where are these pictures from?
  5. Hey Cho, have you any plans to split the metal versions of the Aristeia minis?
  6. There's no difference in what CB is selling direct right? It's unusual that the preorders are staggered like that.
  7. I'm surprised at the lack of hype from CB over the preorder going live, I thought they'd have done more stuff with Beasts of War at least. Does anyone have any idea what the "ten exclusive foil cards" that come in the standard edition preorder are? The collectors edition is way out of my budget and at this point I'm not sure I'll preorder at all.
  8. I'm really not feeling the Blackjack, it's exactly what I was hoping it wouldn't be. I'm glad others seem to like it so much though. I feel like CB are doing a good job of catering to different tastes and aesthetics across the factions.
  9. Andromeda is nice enough I'm tempted to get her even though I don't play Aleph. She'd make a good character for RPGs separated from the guardian.
  10. I don't know about you guys, but for me the Jager is pretty much the honorary third member of Mirage-5. That's gonna be a mean combo. See, now you made me wish he was available in MRRF he'd be genuinely useful there just as an AD specialist that isn't restricted to Parachutist.
  11. Hi Cho, how much would a Reverend Moira with HMG cost?
  12. reverend moira Thanks! I haven't got a Moira to sacrifice, I'll have to try the Alguacile.
  13. Beautiful painting! Is the HMG on the Intruder from the Alguaciles box? I was just wondering if that'd work.
  14. €125 is about right given that the base game is going to be €60. Think of it as adding 2 unit boxes to the base game. Not only that, each unit box contains three S2 minis and one S5 mini (judging by comments from people who've seen the demo sets) for €32.50 each. I was hoping it'd be €90 but I'm not surprised it isn't.