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  1. This is the exact reason I don't take full Sekban links. Adding a fire weapon to Djanbazan or Odalisque teams sort of usurps that strength of theirs.
  2. I have tried this, but it often necessitates keeping many aspects of your army bunched together (e.g., your fireteam near potential fireteam members), which can be a liability with templates.
  3. For my full fireteam (e.g., not Duo or Haris), I'd say: Top Tier: Djanbazans, Ghulams Mid Tier: Janissary, Odalisque, Sekbans, Kaplans What Tier: Hafza Withholding Judgment Tier: Druze Hafza on their own...not sure about that one. In general, I think Medium Infantry beg to be linked since it mitigates their main downside - slower movement. Add on MSV/Regen or BS13/360V, it is hard for me to pass up on Sekbans or Djanbazans. Ghulams get a nod because of the options, but I admit I don't normally look to the cheapest LI for my linking needs. They are good to lean on if you want a Haris and Duo. Also, as much as I like Kaplans, not having a proper Doctor Plus ticks them down a notch, as does their inability to take Hafzas. Janissaries links are fine - especially with Hafzas to mitigate the cost - but I'm not huge on basic HI links. Basically I think I'm biased for MI, even though there is a sort of 'common knowledge' that MI aren't as good. For Haris, it is a tough call for me too. Odalisques can dish out and take a lot of damage, but the ability of Sekbans to take a linked specialist gives them the edge. Druze could be a contender on both fronts if all/most of the Outrage profiles make it into the ITS system, but as others have pointed out, they seem like they will probably be tweaked/optimized a bit more and I don't think judging them in the current state is wise. If it matters, in the HB, I'll be a Muyib man til I die.
  4. Specialist Operative on the Bashi Bazouk for free is very nice; the Hawwa don't have to carry forward deploying objective grabbing on their own anymore. Fatality with heavy weapons and viral pistol is pretty nasty. Makes me wonder again why non-spitfire Khawarijs didn't get Fatality L1 since its not tied to the weapon for them.
  5. I'm not sure about the HB box. The Daylami seem fine enough. I appreciate the mix of clothing types to accentuate their irregular aspect. I am surprised the Muyibs are keeping their special Muyib pants rather than go with technified armored BTS pants (Govads, Khawarijs) or standard pants (most all other non-HI). Muyib is fine. I think the Farzan and Ayyar are the biggest misses. The Ayyar pose seems kind of awkward with one knee on rubble but otherwise looking like he has a load in his pants. The Farzan really doesn't have much to set her apart, does she (besides being tiny - compared to lady Daylami)? She might as well be a generic hassassin, but I think that is more of a problem with the lackluster design of the Farzan as a whole than with the model itself. An Ayyar-like off-shoulder cloak would do wonders for setting them apart.
  6. I think the issue with that is if you go second and have a horde of warbands coming at your glass cannons, going after the regular order pool isn't super effective. I also think this can an issue for the HB. If there is a real mass of enemy warbands, an infiltrating Daylami with a shotgun could ideally trade his life for one or two.
  7. I think I tend to agree with @Errhile, though I've been on the receiving end of a bounding gaggle of Rodoks and its no joke. I feel like I'm going to lean on maybe Khawarij Haris (or Duo?) and Ghulam Core...else how will I be able to afford Al Fasid, Tuareg, Zhayedan, etc?
  8. Plus super crit. Its almost too much.
  9. @Errhile I'll believe they will shine when I see it. This change seems to make the better options even better while leaving the others behind. I also agree with @KedzioR_vo that Fatality L1 on all Khawarijs might have been better than L2 on spitfire only, but I won't look a gift horse in the mouth. I must admit though - I did not see them making a change to the Khawarijs, so I'll eat crow on that one.
  10. @Barrogh That is generally not the policy. Units get modified and adapted as time goes on and they observe balance. Khawarijs, for instance, have a lot of skills, but are highly situational that (IMO) make them not generally optimal choices (e.g., especially Super Jump but Poison and Bioimmunity to lesser extents). I can't speak for Tarik since I haven't used him much. Even if that were the case, I don't think +1 damage on spitfire is 'buffing the hell out if it,' considering the HMG and Mk12 exist. I'm happy to see the Khawarijs tweaked and only wish it was more widespread.
  11. So these things stack right? Because now the spitfire Khawarij is the best . I agree that it doesn't seem game-breaking to have the other Khawarijs with it, at least L1. Tarik is pretty monstrous now too.
  12. I'm looking forward to the White Banner more anyway, and I'm glad the Daofei will be there in any case, though I also didn't see the issue with double duty.
  13. Also, it may go without saying, but if you use Forward Deployment, it will advertise it is a Kanren. You can spawn the other holoechoes later in the game after you advance though, which is worth it in my opinion, if you need to get rid of deployables or get surprise shot.
  14. Anubis HIs are bad ass.