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  1. Chibi Uxia now!
  2. Yeah, the paint job is very Morat like and the red head + the white cables (reminding Morat's white hairs) just emphasize the look. Anyway, I like it a lot
  3. Was this already posted? It's from Angel Giraldez Facebook page.
  4. Ninja running pose!
  5. A better pic found on the Spanish forum thanks to Khultar_
  6. Thanks I'm sure with heavier conversion in the Uhlan pose, the scene could be better (because I've just puted the Uhlan on the base without more modification). The Guardians need a new recruit, but my conversion level is very low, so that will take time
  7. And it was easier to do than expected It was either that or something more green, like a plant. I was not sure about the brown armored parts, I was envisionning something a bit more red. Thanks Joe is indeed kept for a latter project (I just need to discover this project ) I have to move away from white/light grey in my futur projects (reason why the Unidron is brown). The Uhlan base was a color test for some of them. I hope I'll be able to post at least one of them here before next year
  8. Hello, It seems I'm unable to feed this topic properly Rao, with the perfec picture to NOT show the horn symbol on his soulder pad A Crocman who needs a paint correction in the left foot A Uhlan on the hunt A color test for Batroids As usual, comments are welcome
  9. As it's for Aristeia! I post here too (from Angel Giraldez Facebook and Instagram pages).
  10. On Angel Giraldez Facebook / Instagram pages (Aristeia!).
  11. So, Jack Black is coming before Blackjacks?
  12. I would say Danavas as we have seen the 3D render. If Karkata follow the pattern of other remote pilots, it will not be alone in the blister.
  13. PanOceanian made boots on feet of pirates! No response is needed, the proof is made. PanOcenia is delivering miliatry equipement to pirates in order to perturb Yu Jing in a vain attempt to prevent its rise to the first place of the Human Sphere.
  14. Be assured that Yu Jing government will make an official statement in the Öberhaus as it is clear that PanOceania is delivering military equipement to pirates with a complete disregard to international laws.