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  1. PanOceanian made boots on feet of pirates! No response is needed, the proof is made. PanOcenia is delivering miliatry equipement to pirates in order to perturb Yu Jing in a vain attempt to prevent its rise to the first place of the Human Sphere.
  2. Be assured that Yu Jing government will make an official statement in the Öberhaus as it is clear that PanOceania is delivering military equipement to pirates with a complete disregard to international laws.
  3. And she's not an Engineer so she doesn't benefit from the Remote Assistant rule. EDIT: Ninjaed and Oniwabaned
  4. Isn't the MO Starter so successful that it will not be replaced in a near future? (I don't remember if it was about this one, or the JSA one).
  5. Hello, I don't know if that can help you, but there is my "Space pattern" for Bakunin. It's a P3 Coal Black base for the clothes, with purple and grey areas (surrounded by a black line). The grey armor is common to all my Nomad troops. (I have a "Moderators pattern" and a "Jungle pattern" too). For Haqqislam, my Security pattern is used by Navy forces and it's mainly blue, but not PanO one.
  6. Bostria seminar is online (in Spanish): Pictures Found on the Spanish forum, posted by Latxintxa.
  7. Hello, Could you continue this discussion on the appropriate thread in the Bouboutique please?
  8. I don't think ALEPH is the good army for the Wu Ming
  9. Yes, it's a female model.
  10. Those are two little fins. They do not appear on the official miniature, so you can put them wherever you think they look appropriate (or not put them at all). Mine were on the ankles before moving them on the propeller on the back when I've repainted the TAG.
  11. Or worst, it's Nemesis coming back!
  12. Nothing for next year according to the Gencon seminar (see 51:14), unless things change.
  13. N°10: Expansion box for Red Veil is lacking.