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  1. I need an Asura miniature with this pose in my life Great work on your dossiers AzureAisha!
  2. Marksman Rifle and HMG.
  3. I was going to do it too, but I let you the work!
  4. Future characters on the work.
  5. So in half an hour. BoW was at FFG seminar yesterday, I guess they will be there too.
  6. Pictures from BoW
  7. Wow, CA HVT is Jesus Quintana!
  8. If there is no stream, we riot! Pretty please?
  9. Chibi Uxia now!
  10. Yeah, the paint job is very Morat like and the red head + the white cables (reminding Morat's white hairs) just emphasize the look. Anyway, I like it a lot
  11. Was this already posted? It's from Angel Giraldez Facebook page.
  12. Ninja running pose!
  13. A better pic found on the Spanish forum thanks to Khultar_