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  1. I played only 3 games of Infinity in 2017 and don't plan to transfer my project on the new forum.
  2. I've been out of the Infinity loop for 9 months. Season 8 started September 1. Do we know when Season 9 is starting ?
  3. There are two distinct headings (sub-titles). One for Main Objectives and another for Secondary Objectives. «....accomplished more COs than adversary...» is under the Main Objective heading. So I say «B». Main only.
  4. Thanks! the X is from MAS District 5 catwalk. The walls are from their Interior Wall kit for the D5 buildings. They are left overs from a MAS table project I did a few years ago. A close up of the two storey ruin. You can see all the components before painting. The second floor is made with 3mm thick cardboard.
  5. New scrap built I'm working on :
  6. Locally, very few of us use the interiors of buildings other than to place a model in a doorway to get cover. For snipers and long range weapons we don't open buildings to put the model inside the buildings. Instead, we place the model on the roof and put 1d6 next to it to show on what level the model is located. Works fine. Speeds up play. And we use both Saturation Zones rules. Must be stated before the game begins. My tables used to have buildings with a lot of opened windows on both sides. Now not so much. Maybe one or two will have «see through» LOF.
  7. Impressive and clever !
  8. Thank you. Your table is superbe ! The statues are a very nice touch. That is not the final lay out. I still have some buildings and pieces of scatter to paint. Yes, I will add more details to the buildings later on.
  9. Really excited about this game... but such a lame vidéo. No pictures of the board or the models... not a fan of CBs long drawn out ad campaigns with almost no content.
  10. Black, blue and light gray variation.
  11. Thank you ! We have streets, in Montreal, of identical historical brick houses painted in different lively colours. That is were I got the idea from. I closed MCSTUDIO six months ago and return to graphic design. (LOL! Yes Wrath of Kings rocks. A really fun and quick game.)
  12. Painting Blitzkreig this morning during a few rays of sunshine. This building was glued before painting to use in a tournament. I will have to do the details by hand with a brush.
  13. I'm back into the game after six months of inactivity. Taking my NeoCasa buildings out of their boxes I noticed some damage. Probably from our last tournament. I'll also noted that I never glued vegetation into the planters... after a few hours of work here is the result. URBAN FURNITURE : THE BUILDINGS : I have another 4 buildings that need to be painted as soon as the spring rains are over....
  14. My first game of INFINITY in six months last night. I played several other games since November but nothing has the same level of mojo than Infinity. But we needed a serious change in format. After a while things become predictable... We tried Limited Insertion with vanilla armies only - yes, you read correctly no sectorials allowed. My Yu Jing against Aleph. We rolled between 3 pre-selected missions of the ITS. We each brought 1 list to be played regardless of the mission selected. The missions were : 1) Biotechvore 2) Engineering Deck 3) Antenna Field We rolled and Biotechvore it was! With only 10 models it was super stressful to get out of the bio zones, kill as many opponents and score our objectives. A fun, short(er) and very close game till the end even if I lost badly 8-2. Having only 10 models and no link teams brought back the Spec-Ops 10 men VS 10 men feeling of our first 2E games before Human Sphere. This is the game style I was looking for. Mission accomplished !
  15. Sorry if this as been asked a thousand times. Do we know when CB plans to release the next book? GenCon 2017?