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  1. Important public service notice: You may find that you are playing the game Infinity with human produced (rather than superior El designed and produced) terrain. For instance, you might be using a collection of crates designed for a 30mm steampunk game that has an irregular shape or size but otherwise looks nice enough. That sort of thing is best addressed by both players discussing the terrain and agreeing about which items need to be smoothed over, and where the boundaries of the various terrain elements are. And, to be honest, for stairs you're generally going to be best off pretending that the stairs are a vertical ramp instead of a series of steps. It's the same as some some people making styrene hills out of stacks of flat layers instead of a "realistic" sloping surface--beautiful terrain that you can't place models on is pretty much useless terrain. Jump is the only movement skill in the rule book that allows a model to move somewhere its base isn't supported (and thus fall).
  2. It goes all the way back to the notion that the a horizontal rooftop is not scenery for the purposes of cover; and why rooftops don't have stats in the destructible scenery table. In other words, the ground isn't considered scenery. It's not defined explicitly because the authors assumed it was obvious.
  3. I think you're thinking about the Caskuda. Now there was an "optimistic" base size.
  4. Disclaimer: In the reactive turn, it's rather "Only one model in the fire team makes a CC roll. If the team leader is involved, it must be the team leader. If the team leader isn't involved, you get to choose which model rolls." So it's not quite "only the team leader rolls".
  5. Baggage makes the trooper count as more expensive than it is. Most of the time, that's useful. Sometimes it's not. So the Ikadron ends up being a 29 point troop (cost+baggage bonus). Spawn Embryo is simple: They don't count as killed or as living. Are they a casualty? No. Are they a survivor? No. The reason they're confusing is people go in thinking that your troopers end up one or the other, and Spawn-Embryo is the i living undead zombie trooper. I think some scenarios make special arrangements for spawn-embryos to count, but otherwise they essentially just get removed from the list so nobody gets their points.
  6. Isn't that what the bullet point in cancellation does? The same way that you're allowed to shoot at the revealed trooper along the path it moved as a camo marker, the revealed trooper standing there is now standing there for the entire order.
  7. The only horizontal movement allowed when using Climb is what is necessary to get to a legal end position. Like it shows in the book, where the model moves a base width or so forward because it needs to stop in a supported position. There are situations where you effectively get an inch or so of "free" movement, that ends up being free because Climb doesn't let the model "pay for it" out of movement allowance. A model with Climbing Plus usually declares Move and then proceeds to use the movement to travel up the wall. So a model with Climbing Plus can move to the side or whatever it wants while moving across the vertical surface if it declared Move. If it declares Climb, then it follows the Climb rules. Note that Climb is more restrictive (you have to get to base contact with the scenery using a different skill), that's what balances out the small amount of free movement.
  8. From two years ago: Three out of four references say "before", evidence that the one that says "after" is wrong.
  9. It depends on what you're trying to do to it, and do to it. The TAG doesn't stop being a valid target because the pilot got out, but what it can do changes.
  10. I'm going to just defer to this previous thread: But at the moment Warning doesn't cancel Suppressive Fire either, so there's a compelling argument to be made that you're always allowed to turn to face your Attacker. :-/
  11. Getting shot (by a non-template, non-comma attack) weapon isn't a criteria to get an ARO. You still need to satisfy the ARO criteria somehow: Line of sight Zone of control Attacked by an ARO generating attack (template, comms attack, etc.) Alert won't help the Immobilized trooper because Alert only grant Change Facing AROs, and Warning won't help because Warning doesn't grant ARO (Warning is at the conclusion of the order for things that didn't get an ARO or get activated, and the pivot isn't a Change Facing.)
  12. The FAQ has an illustration of "base contact" that includes one figure's base touching the side of the volume of the other. So dismounting in base contact at the TAG's chest level or whatever isn't a problem.
  13. Naturally, I'm just delighted to have a FAQ that overrules the current understanding (that coordinated orders had to be the same named skills) without giving any other guidance on what constitutes "the same order".
  14. Stealth means that there's no ARO against the Taskmaster. The hacker gets to/has to declare an ARO, but it must be a valid ARO when it is declared. The only valid ARO is against the model without Stealth.
  15. Previously asked and answered variations of this question: