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  1. Please keep in mind that the wiki appears to have essentially no automatic localization support, each language version is essentially on its own. The English version of the wiki has two hits for Aerocam, one the FAQ question at the bottom of 360 visor, and the other in a 'weapons and equipment' FAQ page. But that's because the people working on the English version did that, and those working on the German version haven't yet. All that said, how did you end up at As far as I can tell, it's just an out-of-date fork of infinitythewiki/en with some of the pages translated or partially translated.
  2. Where do find a rule saying they aren't the same thing? In comparison: "At the end of a Standard Game, both players compare their Victory Points'. In Infinity, Victory Points are the player's Surviving Troops Points. That is, the sum of the Cost in points of those troops that survived the battle (by not finishing it in one of the Null states). The player with the most Victory Points wins the game." Then apply bullet point one of Baggage.
  3. Which of the other edge cases do you prefer? - Model gets killed standing outside the blast area, never entering. - Telling people they can't cross the activation boundary. or something else. You'd prefer that recursive dodging or guts movement loop that you were afraid of? What you've quoted doesn't prevent the model entering an untriggered mine's area. The highlighted area is for leaving the template weapon area of an attack, not things that haven't happened yet.
  4. From the FAQ: When declaring a Dodge in Reactive Turn, the movement of the Dodge ends in the Trigger Area of a Mine. Does this make the Mine activate? Does the declared Dodge Skill avoid the damage of the Mine? Yes, a Mine is activated by an Order or ARO if enemy troops is in its Trigger Area. Following the Order Expenditure Sequence (pag. 31) in the Declaration of AROs it states that if movements are declared the player measures the movement distance and speci es where the trooper would be at the end of its movement path, therefore the Dodge roll would a Face to Face Roll against the trooper that declared the Order and a Normal Roll against the Mine. In the case of failing the Normal Roll or losing the Face to Face Roll, the Dodge movement does not occur, so the Mine does not activate. GUTS movement is neither an order or an ARO, it doesn't trigger the mine at all.
  5. Crazy Koalas are Perimeter weapons with a completely different set of rules. Most importantly, Crazy Koalas can declare AROs and skills, thus also provoke AROs.
  6. When reading the charts, please keep in mind that their meanings are defined in the text: How to Read CC Charts Some CC Special Skills give a trooper a series of MODs and advantages that are displayed in Charts with the following elements: Attack MOD: A MOD to the CC Attribute of the user when making a CC Attack. Opponent MOD: A MOD applied to the Attribute of an enemy when making a Face to Face Roll. Damage MOD: A MOD to the PH Attribute of the user to determine the Damage of a successful CC Attack. Burst MOD: A MOD to the B value of the user's CC Weapon (Knife, CC Weapon, Pistol...) when making a CC Attack. Type of Damage: Special effects applied to the Damage done in CC by the user. Special: General special effects the user can apply. In other words, Oppponent MOD only applies when you're making a face-to-face roll. Why are you reading forum posts from second edition, when Martial Arts did that sort of thing?
  7. In order to declare a coordinated order you have to follow the instructions in the coordinated order section. It's nit just "Spend a command token and an order to apply the results of spending an order on multiple models." So what's your theory on how you'd spend a command token to cancel multiple impetuous orders?
  8. Can you explain how you're going to follow the Antipodes activation rules and the G:Sync activation rules (used for CivEvac) at the same time? As far as I'm aware, there isn't an established notion of cascading activations. In other words, the problem is that you can't activate the single Antipode controller that's sync'd with a civilian without violating the Antipodes rule that says you activate the group.
  9. You were complaining that it was useless. I was pointing out a real, existing profile where the ability gets used. The Umbra Legate uses Cybermask so that it can get into a situation to make a surprise attack. So what's going on?
  10. I thought one of the Martial Arts models could get put in to a marker state using Cybermask, or some other variation of Impersonation. Edit: The Umbra Legate (has Martial Arts 4) hacker has a Hacking Device plus, so it access to Cybermask to get the Imp-2 marker state. So, as they say, the future is now.
  11. Here's a more direct answer to the question you didn't ask: The Dodge that the Asura declared isn't face to face with the Dakini's BS Attack so succeeding on the Dodge won't prevent getting hit by the Dakini's miss. The Dodge is only face-to-face against the CC attack, so that's the attack it can avoid. The part where shooting in to melee and automatically hitting someone else happens at a point where you can't avoid it, it doesn't create a second comparison of rolls, or another roll vs. Dodge.
  12. Speaking of "mini-alternating activations", I don't see anything in Rule #1 to deal with situations where Player A has three sequences and Player B had one sequence. That sort of defeats the whole "Responsiveness" idea at the end of the turn.
  13. That's a fine recipe for a fight if you ever travel anywhere or have a visiting Infinity player. Because it sounds like you're saying "This is the way we do it around here, and if disagree, I'm not going to ever play you again, jerk."
  14. From: Marker None. Thus it fails to qualify: " In addition to Surprise Shot, the user must be able to use one of the Special Skills CH: Camouflage, CH: Limited Camouflage, CH: TO Camouflage, Impersonation, any Special Skill, piece of Equipment or state that allows its user to play in a Marker state, or any other that explicitly allows its user to make Surprise Shots. "
  15. Please quote the rule which you think gives the Holoecho the ability to declare an ARO. There are rules which cause holoechoes to trigger AROs, and rules which cause them to perform the same order as their controlling trooper, but no rule which allows them to declare AROs. Something triggering AROs doesn't mean that the thing gets to declare AROs, any more than being activated by an order means you can activate the thing alone with an order. Note that this bullet point does not end in "etc" or other open ended wording: The Holoechoes are considered real troopers in regards to providing AROs, checking LoF, and activating enemy weapons or pieces of Equipment (Mines, E/Maulers, etc.), but since they act simultaneously, all three provide only one ARO to each enemy in LoF or ZoC.