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  1. Does the druze LGL profile in the new sectoral have access to normal grenades? The new druze sectoral profile sais "LGL (e/m and nimbus)" while in the Haqq vanilla faction it just said "LGL" and it's assumed it has normal grenades. While the muyib profiles in all sectorals specify "(normal and smoke)". The way the ammos are listed vary which may cause arguments. Lastly the weapons filter on army5 (android) when filtered on LGL does not show the new Druze profile, but it does show under nimble LGL.
  2. What's everyone using as proxies for brawlers in the new Druze sectoral. I'm contemplating picking up a Pano starter for the fusileers. Mostly because of the caps which are the same style as their icons. Then may use the Nisse as a proxy for Armand. I was going to pick him up later but if I already have a decent model to proxy I may use
  3. I'm not too sure about Mercs getting anything that great as an HI. With the rule letting you bring in 75 pts of Merc for 1 SWC it opens up lot of options for other factions. Though it would be fun to get an beefy Remote with STR2 ARM3 & a repeater.
  4. Odalisques are the only fireteam option I don't have for Haqq. I know some people love them, I just prefer to have a fireteam with specialists. I know about the hafza FO option, but never really seamed that great. Even in N2 I preferred Azrails with hafza for a strong punch with cheap in bodycount. In N3 I find Djanbzans a better QK Core. Admittedly I prefer playing HB over QK. I usually only play QK when I feel like something tougher, or playing against a player who likes Camo and ODD. Odalisques & Druze were the last 2 fireteams I was missing. I just got the druze because of the new sectoral.
  5. For the time being I'll play it as the following: "Valerya Gromoz can replace any non-character fireteam member in Druze Bayram Security" My main question was about having a 3 man link with Scarface. But I think Its safe to say that you can't have a third wheel in a duo. This wording still allows a fireteam core without a Druze model, but its not as game breaking as 3 man fireteam lead by a heavy rocket launching Tag. From a game play perspective I don't really see a benefit of having Gromoz duo with with either Scarface or Cordilia. The only reason I would do that would be to Duo Scarface & Gromoz, then have Nasmats on Cordelia.
  6. I thought so but had to ask.
  7. Valerya Gromoz has a fireteam rule stating it can join any fireteam in the Druze sectoral. Scarface & Cordelia can form a Fireteam Duo in the Druze sectoral. Can we mix Valerya in with Scareface & Cordelia for 3 man link? Can we create a Duo with Valerya & Cordelia?
  8. When I add Valerya Gromoz to my list the Hacking program Expel doesn't appear in the program list.
  9. If a model is in a Fireteam with Frenzy, does it still become extremely impetuous the turn after it kills something. Assuming it stays regular while in the fireteam, but the fire team breaks up on turn 2. Does it become extremely impetuous immediately or only at the beginning of turn 3. I'm asking because Scarface and Cordelia gain fireteam duo in the druze sectoral.
  10. I just realized Scarface got a weapon change. They replaced his Panzerfaust, for a Heavy Rocket Launcher. Less punch but higher burst and unlimited Ammo. Also they have Fireteam Duo... Doesn't that cancel frenzy.
  11. After going threw this post I was going to drop the Clipper proxy from my remote purchases, but these comments just made me rethink it again. I forgot about the marksman L2. That makes it much more appealing. As a long time Haqq player I don't think about remotes much. Its one of the reason I want to try DBS, It lets me play with all the toys Haqq doesn't use. I've already gotten my Druze, and S2 models. the PanO remotes were out of stock and I'm hoping to get them this week. I still need a Proxy for Arslan... Does anyone have any suggestions? I may just proxy my Saladin until I get the Anaconda. Then use the Anaconda pilot as Arslan. I like to pace my purchases a bit and already have Scarface & Cordelia. I won't need a another tag for a while.
  12. I think our ideas of what a merchant force is are a little different. Your description is what I consider a guerilla force. Using what it can find/steal to make them stronger. Contract mercs are expensive and bring in high end toys. Professional security forces fight when paid to.
  13. Well, Which remotes do people consider the best looking? I just ordered some models for my new Druze sectoral, and figure since its not a full faction I'm going to be a little selective on the models. I'm planning on proxying models, and choosing models I like over the models that are actually there. I want to focus on remotes heavily when playing, leveraging Evo hackers using Overclock. Peacemaker, I'm using the real models. Pathfinder dronbot: I'm using Haqq Chicken walker remotes. I'm mostly doing this because I already have 1 set, and want to repaint them. I also need a total of 3. Leaving 1 in my Haqq colors, 3 as Druze. While in general I'm not a fan of the Chicken walkers, I think they actually work as 16 point light remotes. Clipper Dronbot: this is where I need help. I want an S3 profile that has a missile launcher. I'm tempted to use the Nomad Zonds, since it has a nice missile launcher sculpt. The Next best one is the PanO remote, but I don't really like the legs on it. Kameel: I was planning on repainting my existing Haqq ones. I only really use them for baggage in haqq. I can repaint the EVO one as Druze. Leave the other as Haqq. But If I have to get a box of remotes for a clipper I may repurpose the second remote in the clipper box as a Kameel. The only problem is that the Clipper is S3 while the Kameel is S4. Another options is to use a nomad LUNOKHOD SPUTNIKS. This way I get 2 Crazy Koallas to be my Nasmat proxies in the same blister. The last 2 remote profiles in the druze sectoral are the Fugazi (baggage), and sierra (TR HMG) which I don't really care for in right now. Incase you curious about some other proxies Valerya Gromoz ==> Guijia pilot Saito togan ==> Onwaban Sec Cheif Arslan ==> KANREN COUNTERINSURGENCY GROUP (TBD) Brawler --> ghulams for the time being
  14. I was looking for a place to discuss it. I only saw this thread after I posted something in the merc area.
  15. I'm looking on making the jump from Haqq to DBS/druze. The Druze are one of the few things I need to finish my Haqq collection. I'm curious what everyone thinks their strengths\weaknesses are? My opinion so far. ------------- One of the things I've been wanting to try is a Remote w/Repeater list. Haqq doesn't have enough remotes with repeaters to use Overclock (Evo hacking).Meanwhile DBS has access to some solid choices. AVA3 on the Pathfinder gives a solid body count of cheap specialist with decent defensive ARO. Keep in mind Overclock works on flashpulse. The Peacemakers have some fun weapon choices too. The Mech Deployment lest you deploy a spitfire in prime range of your opponents deployment zone. Another benefit to me is that I've always been envious of the Auxbots, and want to try them. Now of they just could add in some CrazyKoalas, I wouldn't be tempted to continue expanding my collection. The number of Core fireteams is Minimal, but its versatile. The biggest thing which the DBS core fireteam have access to is the Clipperbot missile launcher. I'm not certain but I think its the only way to get a missile launcher in 5 man link team. I also love that fact its got a profile even PanO doesn't have access to (2B +6BS at long range, AP&EXP... yay). Fireteam Duos: the Versatility I mentioned above is actually better in the Duos. Given fact that most models are fairly cheap and a lot of Duo options means it easy to swarm zones. Give them cover form Overclocked remotes and you have an easy time holding a zones. In general I like Duos because they are not an immediate target which needs to be broken early on. You can move them up to take objectives, and if the Leader gets killed you still have a back up in position. Duo swarms are another thing Haqq just can't do properly. They have a couple nice duo options but only on larger models. Druze: I didn't pick them up before hand because they didn't strike me as that great. The new profile help but I think its mostly to round out the sectoral. Normally I love Pitchers, but given the fact the remotes are going to give hackers coverage over the table makes it a little superfluous. The best part of the Druze are the fireteam options to mix with other models. The addition of Fatility l1 is nice, but not game changing. Brawlers: I'm guessing these are supposed to be out starter grunts for the sectoral since the Druze are a little pricey. I love the Duo as their basic ability. The profiles cover the basics. I wish the Chief could duo with them, but I can settle on Valerya having a bodygaurd as a duo. I guess I'll be using Ghulams as Brawlers proxies. Any other suggestions. Specialists: The out of the box generis infiltrating specialists is Hunzakuts, which are not back but I like to avoid irregulars. I'm not sure about the Bashi Bazouks. The specialist profile makes it somewhat interesting, but Irregular and only having parachutist makes it a little weak. The last option is Saito, who is a bit pricey but a force to be reckoned with. I have a feeling that he is an autoinclude for DBS. Weaknesses: I'm not sure about this, at first glance I would guess that Camo would be an issue. It really depend on if you want to play with pathfinders. I've been wanting to make a remote based list for a while. The sensors help to balance out the factions weakness to camo. It doesn't really help against -3 BS mod but its something. The only 3 models in DBS have MSV, 2 are on sniper weapons. The last is Chief Arlans, will be a target for any Camo heavy List. ------------- I'm probably going to pick them up. Considering I almost started Nomad about 4 times this year, this will scratch the itch, without opening up to a whole new faction or game. Its also been a while since I grabbed anything, and want to support my LGS.