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  1. If you want to limit the "surge" effect, you simply need to implement two strings of code. 1) Insert the DATE of the game 2) Decrease the value of the game along the time passes 3) Shot out any 5-games-in-a-day players
  2. You can make a WarCor (the one with 360 Visor, he has the floating camera!) able to "Report!" something... Report! (Attack - Non Lethal - Techical Weapon) 0-8": +3 / 8-16": 0 / 16-24": -3 / 24-96: -6 (due to the short focal length of the camera!) If the model is equipped with a banned weapon, you get "SHAME YOU!" point. You can take a FREE Warcor for every model equipped with a Banned Weapon YOU bring on the table. OTOH, every time YOU use a banned weapon, EVERY Warcor within LoF (remember 360 Visor) make the same attack on your model and remove a SHAME YOU point if successful.
  3. With SSL2, Dodge. With SSL1 and within ZoC, Dodge. Otherwise, ARM roll...
  4. I used one VERY successfully in FIREFIGHT mission. In this mission, AD troopers can enter from ANY AND EVERY table edge. Placing the Haiduk in a corner, allowed me to being able to cover all my DZ edge and the "aggressive-placement" zone of the adjacent edge. No one dared to drop there, a free BS 8 (-3 for range if close enough) Dmg15 DA shot is not reliable but no one wanted to check their luck...
  5. Edit: don't consider this, if you read... I confirm what Perseus said.
  6. Play Vanilla CA and infest the board with Gaki. When you dispose of ALL the mines in 3/4 of the board with 4 models for a total loss of 16 points, your opponent will stop spamming Camo. For a total of 28 points, you can do the same trick with Pretas, who can even open their way through poorly massed Camo marker with their Chain Rifles...
  7. Sepsitor...
  8. I'd like to see a rule like "ignore any element in the drop zone equal or smaller than the Silhouette of the AD model". This simple line sets all the arguments and let AD troops ignore any small element placed for color, like plants, lamps, bins and so on.
  9. Exclusion Zone. Troopers may not use Airborne Deployment, Forward Deployment, Mechanized Deployment, and Infiltration Special Skills or the deployment rule of the Impersonation Special Skill to deploy inside of an 8 inch area on either side of the central line of the game table. The Exclusion Zone is not applied to troopers that suffer Dispersion. So, no drop inside the Exclusion Zone. For the second part, i agree with Mahtamori. As long as the model is OUTSIDE the exclusion zone, the Drop Zone (the circular template) can be partially inside it. Remember that the entire base of the model must be inside the Drop Zone.
  10. Any mission that uses Beacon has a section with "Common Beacon Rules". If your ITS document doesn't have this section, please download it again... Edit: Only on Maya! A Sphinx who take care of a Maligno!
  11. As long as it is the same Panoply.
  12. What about this one... Aquila? You have the Overdron to outgun and troll an Aquila. TAG? K1, AHD to possess, Plasma SR In a Limited Insertion you can find almost anything... But at least you will have a good laugh at the face of your opponent! Be aware of: 1) Deploy the Overdron as last model, in position to threath Aquila and/or TAG (Overdron has superior optimal range on both!) 2) Pay attention to any AHD and make sure to know how to cancel the Possessed State from your TAGs.
  13. While we are at it... Is it possible there is some bub about Clubs? I have this situation: Approved Members (Newest approved at the top) Il Corinzio | Remove Pending Members Switching From Another Club/Store (Latest at the top) Iskandar | Club/Store: Infinity JAM Approved Members Who Switched From Another Club/Store (Latest at the top) Duck | Club/Store: Relentless Dragon I don't even know how Iskandar and Duck finished in my Club!
  14. The Security Remotes react only to Active models, so i'd go for being used by the Reactive Player.
  15. This remind me only of NSFW related contents...