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  1. Friendly models don't block moves. You need to sepsitorize Joan to consider her friendly...
  2. They ARE permanent. Wotan was the excuse for the launch. Direct confirmation...
  3. Oh my poor wallet...
  4. Yes, there is nothing that prevent him to support... As silly as it seems! You cannot target an enemy who has not spent an order. You have to target the big scary bald one...
  5. Apart from a Speculative Shot (that can be done only in Active Turn, it's an Entire Order skill), you need to place the center of the template over the target. BUT... You can target ANY POINT in the movement made by the target. BUT... If the chosen point is out of range, the shot is an automatic failure (and burns up a shot for Disposable weapons)
  6. What about bring them down with DA or EXP CCW? A Seraph can explode a consolle and then jump to the other...
  7. Yojimbo can be your alpha striker. Drive the side of the table and start from there. Kitsune in your Lt-Hunter. Let the enemy play their first turn in LoL. It is fun. Musashi is the wild card of the army. No one risks to close in on him. No-fucking-one. And when someone tries it, Engage of 4" and watch their faces... Domaru Fireteam is the perfect Duo. Remember the E/M equipment. Always.
  8. That is a strong assumption... I already did to no result. But these are the same people who rowed with their 3y daughter from 11pm on, just because she didn't want to go to bed. I don't know how i didn't finish on the domestic crime news...
  9. @Darkvortex87 if i did that, i would have the (filthy) water rinning on my bed! BTW, in our area, electricity cost is the same from 7pm to 7 am... No need to do that so late... But not everyone read the bills apart what they have to pay...
  10. My neighbors starts their dishwasher every night at 11pm. Can you immagine to take sleep with a wooooooooooooooooooooooooosh woooooooooooooooooooooooooosh woooooooooooooooooooooosh behind your head every night?
  11. Ko Dali and the old version of Tactical Jump that allowed her AND Tiger Soldier to entre from YOUR OPPONENT deployment zone. Then came Van Zant + Margot&Duroc + Paracommandos and the terror spread...
  12. She is asking...
  13. Hi @NoSkill, sorry for the delay but i didn't see the topic was pinned and i lost it for a day! The travel Bologna Airport - Forlì should take no more than 1,5 hours. There is a shuttle bus to the train station leaving every 10 minutes at 6€ and then you can take a train with less than 10€. For accomodation, if you are interested we can arrange something low cost, meanwhile i ask if someone has a room to spare.
  14. The Engaged state grants LoF to any model in contact, so i'd say that a Cautious Movement cannot end that way.