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  1. Yes thank you very much. I'll keep using this app because I like its clear appearance very much. Just for the weapon rangebands something with colored bars would be much more easy to read,
  2. Wow, that table looks amazing! Very well done and thank's for sharing it with us.
  3. I think that's because CoC is not a rule that's in the core rulebook. I hope they count as specialists in ITS2015 again.
  4. But MA3 also gives you +15% Crit chance, at best, wich might be better in a "low damage"/"high ARM/BTS" situation. The best thing about the new MA skill is, that it's not totaly obvious what you should chose and always depends on the situation.
  5. Great stuff Corvus Belli!! Thank you so much for releasing the rules yesterday and not just sometimes in february or so. As far as I can see, ther's so much improvement in them. I just can't wait to have my first games with them.
  6. Great stuff, thank's a lot for your brilliant work. I recently started a infinity project and they came very handy for that. I'll tell you when it reached a propper level. I hope that'll be ok for you!?
  7. Wow, very great work! Thanks for sharing this.
  8. Perfect, thanks!
  9. But you still need a hacker or a TAG to field the Nasmat remote, or not?