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  1. Great to get more pics people! But can we please please please try to follow the guidelines: As well as including some form of scale (like marking our deployment zone) or leaving a tape measure out for the shots. This will go a long way to making comparisons or for others to try mimic your board (as we are trying to here in NZ).
  2. I think this is where the current direction of CB comes at odds with you guys. Infinity the game is about beautiful miniatures. *Minor* sacrifices in quality for additional game value isn't really what CB has been about, I feel like they're a miniature company first and have slowly been expanding their game side. Its entirely subjective for sure, but this example below shows it to me; 7 very similar looking models who, while pretty good on the GW scale of sculpt and detail, would not cut it for infinity. If CB started selling me boxes with the "value" of the Kasrkin, I actually think they'd be in desperate straights or their playerbase would have changed significantly. Beauty is their differentiation. As you've pointed out, lots of companies offer great value for money miniatures. But NONE of them excite me like infinity miniatures do. Its only minor changes in variety or cost that could quickly see people making different choices, @Loricus hotdog stand might sound arbitary but really is the difference. I totally get where you guys are coming from, but its a different value perspective. Some people are more on the game worth side of the scale. I just think its currently opposed to the way CB views their product value - which is more about aesthetic appeal. Personally, Its what got me in. There are a lot of games that I've looked at whose rules appealed to me, but the mini's just didn't do anything for me.
  3. haha. I'm kind of OK with my Daofei spitfire conversion. The original shang ji just didnt cut it amongst the other HI so I had to convert a Hsien. Its not ideal so now I am praying.
  4. I'm hoping this month is the zhanying, failing that a surprise Shang Ji in the new style.
  5. This is really missing a lot of items the alfasid brings that the posthuman does not. Minelayer, sixth sense, veteran. It also misses the point that the posthuman might have 9 orders of support, the fasid will likely have 14-18 orders. Limited insertion is not a balanced format of infinity. Some factions will inherently be better off. Its meant as a variant which encourages quicker games or just for something different. Spec Ops is similar in its lack of balancing, some factions gain more than others.
  6. Pretty much this. Those who dare compare across factions risk staring into the abyss and losing oneself to insanity of swirling point cost formulae and skill combinations.
  7. Implication maybe, but I'd describe it as tenuous at best. It also lives in the same section of the rules as Lifts, which has end of order resolution explicitly pointed out. So for doors to be an exception to the general rules for orders and resolution you'd definitely expect it to be spelt out rather than "implied". Worth noting that activate is a movement skill, so at least you could declare shoot if you agree that activate resolves on declaration. Which I think is a valid house rule to make. It does nothing for kuang shi camping in a building though.
  8. Generally its much nicer to the proposal if you're going to suggest it might things worse it to suggest an alternative. Otherwise, just suggesting that the status quo is better based on the potential that change *might* make it worse is very open to being misconstrued. I think while a valid concern, I don't think the risk of more arguments occurring to be very high as there is not a lot of incentive to break the rules - like why would someone want to post in a clearly marked OOC thread with IC banter? People may chip in OOC into OC threads but that seems less likely to spark arguments and more "this isn't the right place for that" unless its particularly egregious.
  9. Note the term "implied". You'l need to hash out with your play group how the activate skill and the normal "all actions are resolved at the end of the order" interact with each other. As personally (and a heavy user of kuang shi) the activate skill resolving at the end of an impetuous order allows you to keep them safe right up until turn 3 (one order move to door, stop. one order activate, stop. one order move and whatever).
  10. What I'm curious is how many people who answered yes if we asked instead; if every box cost 5-10 euro (or basically, the cost of blister) more for a few arm options (2-3 let's say) with different guns. Would you definitely buy it? Would you rather be able to buy a blister of something else?
  11. Someone grab the camcorder! That is once daboarder gets bored of the joys of spam
  12. Maybe it's a case of only playing a couple factions (wut!), but I don't feel that way. i don't think haqq or Yu Jing have any of these poses. So in theory there is space for a few more 😜
  13. I think the idea is it looks very good when you put him next to a wall peaking around! it looks stupid in the open. But let this serve as a reminder that infinity figures don't belong in the open 😛
  14. I think this such a good point it needs re-stating. Not even just about taking the TAG, but how you play the tag. In objective missions, you want your TAG to be a distraction (not the point of throwing it away, never throw a TAG!), but its a unit which thrives when people are attacking it with an opportunity cost. Normally, when you think about killing a TAG, its probably going to cost 6-10 orders. Now, in a mission about killing, this is FULLY worth it and people won't think twice about investing that effort. In these missions you want to bait them into trying and failing, being much more cautious with the TAG. Now, when theres other shit to get done. 6-10 orders suddenly starts looking much less appealing, and chances are, if theyre doing that, you've lost 1 order and they've lost most of their turn. In these missions, you want to force them into this dilemma. But yes, starting out people won't set up tables with ANY S7 cover or lots of lanes which are smaller than 55mm for movement. I don't think any players will be strongly against including at least some cover for TAGs, and allowing them to move around at least most of the board.
  15. Yeah it's a trade off, and Clearly much more viable for kuang Shi that I use. But you trade 3-4" of movement for possibly not getting shot in the face. Which is almost always a good trade.