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  1. By far the biggest challenge with a an elite HI list will be early in the game a list with more orders than you can still pack 1-2 models which are just as good as your guys. So its a relatively fair fight if they use their guys well, as they've got more orders to do that. The elite list comes into its own at the other end of the game when your opponent has maybe their few big hitters and they're left trying to do things with the remainder. Its at this point that elite HI lists should be choking down the battlefield with AROs. But you need to get there with relatively few casualties and given the intial even-ness of the start, this comes down to luck a lot more than it does good gameplay. The solution is, your elite list needs something which is very proficient at taking out the key enemy pieces, to then give you dominance of the battlefield. In yu jing that would be things like shinobu, su jian, maybe a daofei or even ninjas.
  2. What? This seems like a change to your original position. Sorry for quoting you guys. I can't seem to remove them on my phone.
  3. I'm inclined to agree that guaranteed dead is a case where I wouldn't be forcing my opponent to jump. But if theres a small chance of life, seize that chance man! Seize it!
  4. We'll have to calculate the exact angles and distances in MATLAB first though! *Vomits* Yeah it's really only kuangshi players that will be looking for places to keep the 5 point orders safe Irregs want to be taking the least amount of orders.
  5. Or you could not be a dick bag just because you don't like how the rules work.
  6. Don't servants provide Los to their controller? So doctor could declare dodge when the tiger moved into lof of the bot?
  7. Im hoping this is sarcasm, but no. However, if you play with activate short skill for doors which is unclear when it resolves, you achieve far better results with kuang shi just a smidge behind a door.
  8. Right, clearly people in your meta might feel impetuous is a disadvantage enough. But yes, jumping to their death is no intuitive and could probably do with a clarification to help get people over their bridge of tears. Your loophole is incredibly tenous though. You've taken the heading of a section to imply that direction of movement and execution of movement are somehow to very distinct phases... even though "execution" doesn't get a heading. Would CB changing the heading to "Impetuous: movement" fix that? In fact, the very first sentence, under direction is "when executing" and "by the most direct route possible". This is unambiguous. It is then followed by another direct statement, clarifying that if jump or climb shortens that route, you must use that skill. 'calculating' the orders is shorthand for how players might figure out the closest figure. But the rules don't actually ever talk about 'hypothetical' impetuous moves. The direction of movement section IS the execution of the impetuous order. Finally, the crux of of your "loophole" is relying on can being optional. When its written within a explanatory statement. You've already being told you MUST use climb or jump to shorten the route. These are not bullet points, but sentences within the same section. You have to fully ignore the statement 4 sentences prior to read 'can' as your opening to choose move instead of jump, even if jump meets the obligations of your impetuous move. Note again: the impetuous requirements do not apply to the move part of your short skill. It applies during the phase, when all impetuous orders are spent. Its a different phase, with different rules. Not a subset of rules for the move of an impetuous trooper. You don't check your requirements as and when you declare move. Your impetuous move is essentially predetermined, your job as the player is to figure what skill declaration meets that predetermination.
  9. No, in your kuang shi example you must jump 4". because you don't NEED to be at the edge to declare a jump, therefore nothing "obligates" you to move their first. The SHORTEST route would be to immediately jump, take the fall and keep going if you live. What the fuck would the point be to estimate closest enemy using different skills, then allow the player to manipulate which skills are used to his/her best advantage. At this point, you really seem to be reading too far, and twisting words to meet some inane goal of having control over an uncontrolled phase.
  10. Let your little impetuous dudes eat dirt dude. Is this really something you feel strongly about?
  11. How else do you propose disincentivising people hiding impetuous troops on tall buildings? Its harsh for a reason. Makes perfect sense. I'm not salty, just have no patience for people looking to eek somemore advantage out of 5 points.
  12. You mean that skill which provides a huge point discount and is supposed to be a disadvantage, is actually a disadvantage in some very niche situations... Unfathomable.
  13. A quick count had tohaa as most common faction in the top 20 (6) worldwide. Not much to say from that, but for a smaller faction that's some pretty good representation. Their close cousin aleph only managed to appear 4 times. Note that I counted any sectorial towards the faction. But did not double count if a player used multiple sectorials
  14. Or you could just avoid the threads and save everyone some time?