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  1. What's your current CPU, ram and mobo set up? I'm trying to get an rx580 this Christmas on a sale, and then do exactly the same thing as you next year
  2. The problem druze still face is the competition. If they come in cheaper than djan, around the price of Kaplan with something else that differentiates them from Kaplan (sorry, I don't think an hmg does it), they'll be good. But if they bloat up to djan prices they will have a tough time being picked over the cheaper Kaplan or the deadlier djan I like the new sculpts though! They look like they might mix in well with the existing lads and so I'll still pick em up and use them
  3. I'd actually not give a flying ___ what's in your list because it's so pants on head stupid it won't matter. Hyperbolic examples are a poor way to try present and argument. I'll come up with some very normal JSA lists I run which would be stupidly easy to figure out from rebuild, but less so without unless you have one of those freaky math and perfect recollection brains
  4. No coc wouldn't be hidden by list reconstruction. Hidden deployment for many factions wouldn't be hidden with list reconstruction AD wouldn't be hidden in many circumstances. Holo projector would actually be very difficult to use if someone could reconstruct your list. Infact you'd be limited to certain combinations of models to ensure that the discrepancy want picked up on. As before, the pricing of models in Infinity relies on the fact you can't sum it up and reference check which profiles fit the hole perfectly. Given enough time a list rebuild can theoretically deduce most of what we currently consider hidden. It won't tell you exactly which fusilier is your LT and for the three or four Holo projectors in the game you could do some limited shenanigans. Yay
  5. I think this is probably the litmus for me. Personally, I think recreating lists is not quite, but almost explicitly against the rules - you are discovering hidden information about their list as in many cases and many armies, there is often slight differences between hidden profiles. The game hasn't been designed to hide information if you know the point total. That said, ANY information which my opponent could reliably and ABSOLUTELY know about my list without knowing hidden information should just be freely shared. I find this massively cuts down on the cognitive load for players who are more casual or newer to the game. If I'm playing JSA and I have a camo marker in my deployment zone. I don't need to tell them its a raiden, but anyone whos played JSA before will know its a raiden. If someone asked, what it might be I would share that information so they can make the appropriate tactical decisions, rather than making mistakes purely due to lack of memory, or unfamiliarity.
  6. I don't really follow your distinction. If someone asked about every single model on the table you'd say yes/no, but If we just cut the shit and said, "hey, doesn't look like you have many Lt profiles on the table, can you remind me which profiles have 0 SWC Lts" "yeah, nothing on the table can be a Lt. (and you have 2 camo markers in your DZ)". "Can intruders (the likely camo marker) be Lts" "Yes". But yeah I guess we need rules on this. because people will piss and moan about just about anything.
  7. Its generaly knowledge rather than hidden knowledge. You wouldn't rely on your opponent not knowing it. Like seriously dude, what do YOU gain by being dogmatic about the simple things. You're agreeing about people arguing to gain very minor advantages, then giving absolutely nothin in compromise.
  8. It's worth noting that I don't think unknown extends to things that anyone with a passing familiarity with your faction would know. If you play nomads for example and bring literally 1 model that could be your LT you should just say so if your opponent doesn't know that off the bat. If your gameplay and/or ego needs or relies on people not remembering simple details then I don't know what to say. I can empathise with people wanting to just rebuild lists in that kind of environment as it's not very collaborative. It's about give and take
  9. The thing is you don't need to memorise either to the extent rebuilding a list tells you about hidden information. Being able to estimate ranges to .2 of an inch is kinda like buying sharksin pants for swimming. It might help you get the edge at the absolute top of competition but if you're an average swimmer it won't make an iota of difference. The game loses more from the loss of unknown then you gain from knowing your opponents list. Just try it a few times with your friends. Note how your meta shifts and how little it changes about your ability to win games. Just ask @Vaulsc who often discloses most of his hidden info and still beats me up and down the table
  10. I honestly don't get why people get so caught up with this. I think generally players should freely divulge approx costs of models as it relates to controlling zones and giving their opponent an appreciation of the model potency. +/- 3-5 points. Beyond that you just don't need to know the exact cost, unless you're trying to figure out hidden information which I find pretty bad taste. If you can do it in your head, that's fine because it won't always be perfect and it's one more thing to keep bouncing on there. but don't friggen rebuild my list. You just don't need to to be a good player.
  11. yeah popping a hidden deployment ARO on the second short skill is brutal. so it SHOULD be hard. You just need to make sure you are absolutely certain of where their model is, and have very accurate information of where your model is and then measure it out. In these circumstances due to the fudgey nature of both of those things I'd err on the side of favouring the active model if things are very close and hard to call -- afterall you chose to initiate this awkward interaction, they shouldn't be punished for it. Alternatively, just wait for them to declare some long skill within 8" and just get'em then!
  12. I don't get it. To interpret the second half to mean anything other than adifferent subject to the first half would directly contradict with the first half of the paragraph. I understand the wording is poor, but I cabt see how the FAQ is open to interpretation, no matter how creative.
  13. Yeah the ability to play with atleast 3 people will make or break this game for me. 1 v 1 in Xwing killed that for our group.
  14. Its probably a pretty good indicator of generally how happy we are with the game, that we just want to see tweaks That and I think paradiso will tweak rules at best. I wouldn't expect large changes, if any to the core rules. Which is exactly what I hope for with paradiso. A few tweaks, some new shiny stuff. Then the rest of the book dedicated to story and a story driven campaign. But I was one of the few that was happy with the old paradiso....