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  1. So the examples in http://infinitythegame.wikispot.org/Types_of_Terrain are just suggestions and other combinations can be made? Although I think Zero-G terrain would benefit from a more specialized rules - probably best in a scenario. For example, I believe if you made it Very Difficult instead - even skirmishers (unless they have Zero-G or Multi-Terrain) would be at a disadvantage and should be impacted as if it were very difficult, due to the unusual characteristics of the situation (floating, leaping, recoil effects, etc.). Also for large "rooms" while superjump may be an adequate generalization - what if you don't reach the opposing wall/floor/ceiling (i.e., continued floating through the void space)? Similarly I could see giving troops Climbing Plus effectively as everyone is standing on what used to be a wall or ceiling... gets quite complicated quickly But thank you for your answers
  2. I have been thinking a lot about developing a boarding action style board/scenarios. I have been passively watching the terrain topics and talking to Red Harvest a little (hopefully, I will get motivated enough to bring terrain for a second table although it won't compete with the Haqq terrain he is building). I also was reading the posts about the narrative cards being developed with one being a modfication of the general terrain. Which made me think about the actual terrain rules. I am new to the game and just recently have we got to 300 pts. I currently play Bakunin but have been looking at Corregidor for my second group both for the Wildcats as well as the upcoming Gecko model. Finally to the point of my question - what does Zero-G Terrain actually do for a Gecko? Per http://infinitythegame.wikispot.org/MOV_Difficulty the terrain skill reduces the difficulty by 1 level. However, Zero-G (impassable) is forbidden for TAGs but so is a 1 level reduction to Very Difficult. I searched the FAQs and tried to search the Forums but maybe my search-fu isn't high enough.
  3. I have been thinking of getting some of this to make a more urban board, rather than our usual forest/building boards (soon to be desert/oasis/building). So thanks for the review. Guess I will have to build some old school conversions for scatter and other terrain to match so that Red Harvest doesn't choke too much...
  4. Also in the pic of the recent board you can see that he also made a series of walls that also use the gentle curves which will be consistent through his continued development of Haqq terrain. They were the perfect height for full concealment - although he may have used them too much as the opposing player picked off anyone who wasn't behind them... And yes, they have raised hexagons on the walls
  5. Actually when we played, the host's house had a loud aquarium in the same room so the sounds of running water were everywhere, naturally
  6. That would just delay the game as players would have to go to the restroom more often...
  7. Where is the chalk outline of the dead prowler outside the upper doorway? And the stinking flagpole on the little ledge? The piece played fairly well - the doors worked great. The circular stairways can take several orders to climb the levels. Next time I guess we will have to set it up with the stairs in at start
  8. It does look like they started with Corregidor and the Pacific War. Wildcats (F2Fs) and Zeros. Then they went down the Grumman aircraft company line - Hellcats (F4F), Tomcats, Intruders, Prowlers. Interestingly they skipped the Bearcat (F8F), and Tigercat (F7F) - both which are still used on the racing circuit.