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  1. I think it might be more of a "I'm crushing your head! I'm crushing your head!" pose.
  2. I wanted to get pumped about the Bagh Mari, but then that scene in Outrage happened...
  3. As long as we are throwing out wild rumors, I heard (just made up?) that they will be using forum personalities as Aristeia! players...Kan will be the first model released with two sets of arms.
  4. As only the "most elite" Pan-O troops use the shoulder thing and we now have a celebrity wearing one, it is obviously a boombox that plays fanfare when they enter a room. See? Even the trench coat is right.
  5. This kind of weapon works best as a deterrent - for instance, my city has never been attacked by air filled faceless monsters, so clearly they've seen this photo and are 'on notice.'
  6. I like to picture people discussing weapon capabilities 175 years into the future as a couple of Civil War (American, 1860s) soldiers discussing the best type of fixed wing aircraft for carrier based take offs...because nobody has the slightest clue as to what they are talking about. It's all magic and self fulfilling prophecy. In a shorter time span we've gone from horse drawn buggies to horseless carriages. We've gone from telegraph switchboards to pocket sized devices that allow crisp video communication across the globe. Whomever it was that called out the lack of imagination had it exactly right - if you look at today's technology and say "we'll never achieve this," enjoy being right for a brief period of time. And quit being so anti-human.
  8. Although the information that typically fuels a good hype-train has not been provided, mine is leaving the station based on "fighting...IN SPACE!" My first purchases for Infinity were Hellcats and I had dreamed of a space-born assault or boarding action. Although the game offers so much, the image of boarding troops screaming across the dead of night before cutting their way through a hull and commandeering a bridge has not yet been realized. This may be a chance to live the dream...I'm already google searching playable spaceships/interior boards...
  9. I think the answer is obvious...keep the 4-figure boxes to four, fully playable miniatures... and then introduce the "tinbot/crazy koala/am I missing one?" sectorial with a 10 mini-mini-robot starter box.
  10. Was really hoping we'd have Johnny 5 pasted onto an Infinity dossier by this point...
  11. Based on sculpts and sales, I'd say at least 95%.
  12. We may be on to something with all this complexity - can we have Infinity reduced to a chess set? That way it's an easily learned but tactically deep rule set that really streamlines the game and makes for a quick play experience. Alternately, can we reduce the weapons to "rock" and "thrown rock?" I mean, really - all these fancy weapons are just different ways to do what a rock upside the head will achieve. I guess for TAGS we could add "heavy rock" and the option to throw a normal rock extra distance or a heavy rock a short distan...wait, we are getting too complex again.
  13. I am buying this so hard I just bought something else online for practice.
  14. This needs to be repeated.