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  1. Snowmen perimeter weapons confirmed. O-12 will also have access, as confirmed by this image:
  2. I actually really like the profile, render, and style - sure the actual painted miniature will look great. But can't help picturing this now...
  3. Some of us still pick up a miniature in each hand, point them at each other, then yell "pew pew pew!" while running through the house making laser sounds.
  4. A few comments that probably don't add anything to the conversation: The Melancholy of Space France is probably the greatest thing I've read on these forums lately. Can we get a bootleg Joan writing in her diary and dreaming of provincial MRRF? Despite people occasionally being put off by Kan's perceived negativity, he is not wrong about CJC. I have quite a few Hellcats that will now be the Junior Jump Squad to the new Beyond Hellcat. It's going to look like "Bring your kids to work day" when they are all next to each other. The Wildcats could also use some more modern miniatures - it's a cool sectorial that just missed being an even cooler sectorial. I'm making no claims about the efficacy of those miniatures, but for someone who grabbed that pack based on the rule of cool and has continued to be caught up in the 2-player box releases, it is hard not to pine for what might have been.
  5. I'm approaching these Beyond boxes the same way a duck swims. On the surface I'm completely serene - "oh, these look good and will serve as a nice expansion to stuff I still need to assemble and paint." Below the surface I'm furiously refreshing the online store until July 24th...I've already tried throwing a credit card at the monitor and it bounced right off.
  6. If we want to go crazy with the mathleticism and profile guessing, does the Red Veil Beyond box contemplate the Red Veil Dire Foes ('Dire Veil') which was advertised as an easy way to bring those forces to 200?
  7. There are releases that I tend to be more reasonable about...I agree that tinbots should not take up a slot in a 4-miniature box, I'd love to see larger Hellcats, I'm not convinced of the aesthetic value or theoretical efficacy of every pose. When looking at the alleged contents of these boxes the part of me that stops and thinks questions the inclusions and load outs... ..but that me is like five stops back on the GenCon high speed hype train. If these are all new sculpts and they at least make some effort toward 'completing' the awesome two player entry points that are Icestorm and Red Veil, I'm convinced. I'm sold. I'm hooked.
  8. If only there were some universally accepted method for resolving differences of opinion...
  9. I've come to realize that if CB started offering oral sex and a punch to the face with every purchase, Kan would complain about the oral sex and Mao would defend the punch to the face.
  10. To be fair, at this point we don't know anything about the game...it could be about building low cost urban housing on Paradiso. Habilities might be a portmanteau of 'Habitat Building Abilities.' Maximus' "Light of Justice" ability could just put up swanky track lighting in the kitchen...
  11. As an admitted sucker for the big box releases, I hope you are wrong. If not I'll need multiterrain or aquatic to escape my own sea of tears...
  12. I think it might be more of a "I'm crushing your head! I'm crushing your head!" pose.
  13. I wanted to get pumped about the Bagh Mari, but then that scene in Outrage happened...
  14. As long as we are throwing out wild rumors, I heard (just made up?) that they will be using forum personalities as Aristeia! players...Kan will be the first model released with two sets of arms.