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  1. Oh, heck, why not. It's not like I was able to get into any of the events I wanted anyway. I'm in, if there's space.
  2. Thanks, Cervantes! Much appreciated. I acknowledge that there is the caveat of, "this is only what was done in the past, not necessary the regular procedure," but it's definitely worth a shot, if only for the USAriadna painting tutorial, since that will be my next army. It's amazing what can be accomplished by being polite (i.e. a decent and mature human being)
  3. First time at GenCon. Anyone know how easy it is to get into painting seminars without tickets (i.e. with generic tickets)? Super bummed that I wanted to take one painting class with Angel, had all on my wishlist, and when my turn came up (#2600), all tickets were sold. Similar experience with every single one of my other events on the wishlist. So yeah...
  4. Game 4 has been posted here. I'm not so sure I agree with the comments on lacking terrain. I don't think I was able to draw line of sight from one side of the board to the other (and, with my Tankhunters and Cateran, I was banking on that). I have been on the other side of this equation, making terrain for a tournament, and it is tough, even for 16 tables, so I can empathize. Now, one thing that Certs and I were discussing earlier today is that the type of terrain should have been different, say walls instead of blocks. This would allow for blocking LoF, without too terribly restricting movement. This I would agree with. Now, if there were a way to make walls quickly en masse... Also, Game 5 is posted here. Played against twin Spitfire Aragotos and a linked team of Haramakis. Even Van Zant wasn't enough to pull my butt out of the fire.
  5. So, I know there was some talk of doing an online ITS tournament pack. Obviously, this wouldn't come with any of the cool stuff like minis and whatnot, but it would give out ITS points. Is this still in the works? And, if so, will this change the price of admission?
  6. Game 2 has been posted. here. It was not terribly interesting, as my Para-Commando HMG came up the flank and just slaughtered his Magister Knights while avoiding Panzerfaust rounds like a beast. Still figured I'd post it for completeness. I posted that game as well, here. I'm slowly making my way through the photos of that weekend.
  7. Sorry for the double post, but I've posted the first battle report against Todd here. Given that my list was almost entirely camo, Todd had the perfect counter with a Haris Fireteam with Sixth Sense L2 Odalisques. It also didn't help when he completely obliterated my midfield with his very effective Yuan Yuan. It was great playing against you, Todd, and I hope you guys start running events in NC. It's a beautiful state that I have not been to in years.
  8. I've just posted about the Friday Night Hunger Games here. More batreps to continue, from the remainder of the weekend.
  9. Yes, I remember well the tender love and care my Galwegian gave to your Sophotect on that Emergency Transmission scenario. I may have lost that game fair and square, but I am glad that my Galwegians died like Scots... charging a four-armed giant death robot.
  10. So, I lost the Initiative roll on every game I played. On one game (Frontline), my opponent did actually choose deployment, thus allowing me to go first. He subsequently lost 10-0, although that was primarily due to my AD troops sweeping his backfield in the first turn (sound familiar, Todd?) Only other game I won was a lot closer, and it was because I had the second turn that I won. I played against Nomads in Seize the Beacons. We were going back and forth on the middle objective, and in the last two orders of my last turn I was able to grab that middle objective, winning the game.
  11. I would agree with this. While I would love to run (and play) Hunger Games events again, I think the number of people at any given table should be between 4 to 8 players, with six players per table being the ideal. Friday night, there were two tables of seven, with the two champions playing against one another, and that worked really well and was over relatively quickly. Saturday night was one table of 14 players, and that was absolutely mind-numbing. We started around 9:30pm and, two turns later, at around 11:15pm, I had to leave early to get home at a halfway reasonable hour. Also, +1 for all posts congratulating the TOs for an outstanding job. The job is too often not recognized, so bravo to you both, Hellcat and XV25, for running a fantastic tournament.
  12. As much as I'd love to see a Scots Guard box, I just don't think it's in the cards. Ariadna has already seen two boxed sets this year (Briscards and Wulvers), which is about as many as any faction gets in a year. I just don't see there being a third in 2013. Maybe 2014. If I'm wrong, I'll be pleasantly surprised.
  13. I certainly plan on coming by Victory Comics on Thursday night. I'd like to get to NOVA as early as possible on Friday, but it will depend on how early I'm able to get out of work. I'll certainly be there by five.
  14. Fantastic! Thank you, Section9. At the very least, these can be suitable to any kind of proxy (looking at you, Foxtrot FO), even if I'm proven wrong and the Scots Guard boxed set comes out in the next month or two.
  15. Not gonna lie, I am extremely doubtful of this prediction for Scots Guard next month, or even for the rest of the year. Last month, I would've totally agreed with you... until the Wulver box came out. I just don't see them releasing three boxed sets for Ariadna (Briscards in February, Wulvers in July) in such proximity to one another, considering they tend to release at most two boxed sets a year for any given faction. Frankly, I needed Scots Guards much more than Wulvers, so color me disappointed. Ain't that the truth.