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  1. If the Steel Phalanx 300pt box a mess? (I honestly don't know, I've never played with and rarely against Aleph). I would think they could do a decent army box for Tunguska without whatever models will be in the starter box (3 combi-rifle moderates, a Kriza Borac, a different Grenzer, plus something else new, for a guess), even if it is far from ideal, with the expectation that the starter will be along in the next few months to cap it off...just trying to stay optimistic, here.
  2. These are all perfectly cromulent units, and an Interventor Lt is a fine choice. With a little bit of repeater coverage he can do his job from the back of the board and pretty much stay out of danger the whole game. With a few games you might find some things in the list you don't like, or some models you aren't using yet that you'd like to explore, but this is a fine place to start and learn.
  3. After Intruders, Hellcats are my favorite models in Corregidor, but I have never used 3 of them. @Loricus, this is a lot to consider. I usually take the spitfire over the HMG; it is slightly cheaper, but my main concern is the improved range bands. Do you prefer the HMG just on it's own merits, or is the e-mailer part of the calculus for you? Also, do you bring a EVO hacker for the +3PH, or just use an order from an alguacil hacker, or do you just try to drop them without a boost?
  4. As much as I'm pro-equal gender representation, I would lose my mind hearing all the dudes making a 'check out this bitch' type joke like they were fucking Larry David comic masterminds.
  5. But you're giving up a lot of value by deploying the Bandit in your own deployment zone. If you infiltrate it, it is obvious that it's a Bandit rather than an Intruder, which are the only camo options in Corregidor.
  6. I just use the Black Sun Analyst as my clockmaker. I had to get zondbots from Shae Konnit, but it's still better than using the 1995-style raver that comes in the support pack.
  7. Those legs, all bowed and crazy looking, on the Grrl on the far left really is off-putting. I really dig the other two, though.
  8. I also ordered through (I think they're the best online retailer in the states for Infinity, and I do ll my non-LGS shopping through them). I wasn't sure it was cool to specifically mention them though, because I don't know how all the weird CB-partners stuff works on here.
  9. Also, like, you've had a month, right? It isn't exactly CB's fault if your local crew took this long to place an order. Just check with one of the many reputable online retailers and try buying it from them.
  10. Controversial indeed! Haha. 11 points is a lot, but the Intruder is well worth it. Ignoring the -3/-6 for camo/ODD/etc is a huge deal in a lot of games, so MSV2 is nice even without regard for the smoke trick. Plus, the Intruder not only has camo, so most troopers get that -3 to hit him, but he can give them another -3 for Surprise Shot. So again, even without smoke, the Intruder is much better at stacking those modifiers. For me, a Hellcat with a boarding shotgun is the best possible load out, and I also like the Spitfire. The strength of the Hellcat being that is can get close to eliminate cover bonuses from her intended target, or get close to key models in total cover; the HMG has a harder time getting in it's good range bands when you drop it deep in enemy territory, which is where the BS and Spitfire excel.
  11. ?
  12. It would be fun! And I am not usually the "Well, actually, that isn't logically consistent..." guy. But in this case, I feel like it would bother me and I'd be a total stick in the mud about it.
  13. I don't think so, but it would remove the need to make a one model blister for them, which Bostria indicated they were trying to get away from.
  14. The problem I'd have with a remote reloading it's own Akrylat-Kanone is...why would it need to? Why have the extra ammo stored so far away from the gun that it took an order to reload it?
  15. I know that, but a similar sized Tunguska box WOULD be, like Onyx and Tohaa. By USARF style, I meant "before the book is released, so we can shave maybe six months off the waiting time."