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  1. If I didn't know better, I'd totally believe the Marut was newer than that. Especially compared to something like the Lizard, which just hasn't aged well AT ALL, she has held up amazingly.
  2. I think you nailed it right there. When I take an officer it is always the BSG profile, and she ends up finding her way into most of the Steel Phalanx lists I've played so far.
  3. You could make a fun and playable army with the non-Phalanx units you DO like, and then toss in some models like Machaon and Achilles or Hector; mostly Vedic, but with some Greek tossed in.
  4. Bakunista, perhaps?
  5. The Danavas is amazing (both looks and rules) and the post-humans and marut minis have aged incredibly well. But, yeah, if you don't like devas or nagas, you might just need to sit tight for a year or so and they have a good chance of being redone.
  6. Given those stipulations, I would say maybe to just keep whatever other faction you're already in. Vedic should hopefully be released next year and new models plus resculpts will come out, and very likely you will enjoy these more than the current offerings.
  7. This question is too easy; I don't say either. "I am a Corregidor player."
  8. Man, that is almost exactly the list I was going to bring to a tournament this Sunday for Frontline and Supremacy!
  9. I had not realized they were ava 1 even. Geckos and Taskmasters are both ava 2 in vanilla, right?
  10. I suspect these two things are connected.
  11. Using Thrasymedes is interesting to me, because he's also the only infiltrator in the sectorial. He DOES seem like a way better link leader than Nessie. That's something I'm looking forward to trying out both ways. Also, until just now, I was misremembering rocket launchers as having the same range bands as missile launchers, and I was really curious if Phoenix was worth it. But with those spitfire style range bands...yeah, he seems awesome.
  12. Do people tend to run their lists with 2 enomotarchos teams? I just bought the 300pt box as well and it comes with 2 Myrmidon teams, which I'm sure won't be an ideal configuration very often. However, 1 Myrm and 1 Thorakitai team, while still sort of point intensive, seems like it could be pretty good at maximizing efficiency.
  13. Is there a list somewhere of the 300 pt Corregidor box? Is it like the Steel Phalanx one with no new models?
  14. Given the redesign on the new Intruder's helmet to represent, presumably, the x-visor, is it possible that some of these differences are just due to one of these Grenzers having sensor?