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  1. Thanks for the report, very detailed. I hate to say it but the Yan Huo is Heavy Infantry it has wounds not structure so if it fails any BTS rolls against viral it immediately goes to Dead (regardless of remaining wounds, do not pass unconscious, can not be revived). Also be careful with the Hyper-Rapid Magnetic Cannon, it's main mode is AP/Shock so the firer chooses one of those two for the ammo, against Haqq (unless it's heavy infantry) it's almost always better to go Shock and deny the doctor.
  2. Great report, very interesting game with a lot of back and forth on objectives and board control. Watching the duel between the Mobile Brigada and Foxtrot was painful because the Hell cat could have moved and shot the foxtrot from behind and saved a lot of trouble. A few notes: Suppression fire is Burst 3, regardless of suppressing weapon i.e. Spetz HMG (18:26) Also I think both of you forgot Valor:Courage on Grenzer and Mobile Brigada so they always choose to pass or fail Guts checks no rolls needed.
  3. Once again a great battle report. A few note: 14:00 Grenades and Grenade launchers are not targetless you must select a target in your LoF to shoot at. They do however have speculative shot, so you can take a full round action and it is -6 in addition to any other mods. 18:50 Direct Template Weapons are only -3 if the target does not have LoF on source, the weapon is a deploy-able, or it is a change facing instead of Dodge. 19:00 You never get AROs during your own turn, the Shang Ji was not the active model (no second skill) nor was it reactive so it gets no response to being hit with the LGL template. 19:41 That smoke grenade is technically a speculative shot because he does not have LoF to the target spot because of the smoke on Maghariba Guard. 22:10 Mines gets placed at the end of the activation so the Nafftun would not be hit when he flamethrower-ed the Guilang Wish I could attend the event, but unfortunately I already have plans for that weekend. Have fun everyone.
  4. Great game, hate to say it but the missile crit through the window was hilarious. A few minor points: You forgot the total immunity on the Dog Warrior he is immune to almost all ammo affects When a model with camo/TO camo gets burnt they go down to mimetism not nothing, models with ODD, Impersonate, Holoprojector get nothing when burnt
  5. I should be able to make it as well. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.
  6. He's just starting. I wouldn't think about worrying about ITS game requirements until he's comfortable in his Nomad skin and mastered all the ins and outs of what he has so far and work from there. ​ Very true. I still stand by my initial statement that it's a solid list. It has offensive fire power, defensive anchors and a bit of trickery, it is a great start. To be clear though the best list in Infinity is always the one you enjoy using, there is no ideal or perfect list rather it is better to make something that you are comfortable with and matches your play style. I think too many people forget that specialists have other uses, an Engineer can recover that reaktion bot if it goes down, a doctor or paramedic can help revitalize your position, a Forward Observer can blind and target (which is useful beyond just guided weapons). And I assume the original poster was interested in ITS because of the Spektr FO
  7. Overall a pretty solid list, light in specialists for ITS but 200 points is hard for ITS. If the Spektr starts in Hidden Deployment you will bit a little order light. One thing you can try is dropping the Mobile Brigada and taking more Alguacils and giving them specialist and/or another heavy weapon. Or you can take it the other way and drop the Spektr for more Alguacils with specialists and/or heavy weapons. One thing you have to be very careful with is the Interventor LT, he is quite squishy. Without any repeaters and as one of your few specialists you'll have to be aggressive with him so the chances of him dying are pretty high, you might try the Mobile Brigada as the LT instead, or one of the Alguacil. Personally I am fan of the Tomcat doctors, however any AD troop is hard to fit into 200 points when you are already short on orders (unless you want to take 8 Alguacils).
  8. The Iguana is definitely a workable TAG and you can base a list around it. If you do I would definitely recommend a second hacker (probably the Spektr) because the repeater on the Iguana is hilarious. Generally speaking I find the Hacker Spektr and FO Spektr to be completely different. I usually use the hacker during the game as an offensive piece to hunt HI/TAGs or spotlight for a Vertigo. The FO Spektr on the other hand is great for turning the tide in an ITS mission on the last turn. I have found the shotgun Grenzer to be rather ineffective because the regular Grenzer already has a light flamethrower which makes him effective in that short range and deals with ODD/TO. FO Sensors Grenzer is an all star, Spitfire Grenzer is quite effective too, I actually have not tried the Missile Launcher Grenzer so can not speak about that. I kept trying to make the Grenzer with the MSR work, but I often find him outclassed by TO or Viral snipers, perhaps someone else has had better luck with him. Intruders with MSR or HMG are great but squishy so be careful with them. If you do want to center the list around the Iguana, I would recommend adding a defensive piece or two such as a Reaktion zond or a Sin-Eater with HMG. A Tsyklon with Spitfire in suppression fire can work, as can Tsyklon Feuerbach or Vertigo Zond with Enhanced Reaction. Either way, try a lot of options and see what fits your play style.
  9. I will be attending, I'll send a list when I finalize my thoughts. By the way I was going to ask what to do about the classified decks, from the picture should I assume you will provide some?
  10. Short answer: Yes Long answer: As a nomad player remotes are a vital part of my list, HMG total reaction bots are great for holding down a fire line, with Marksmanship lvl 2 then can be real murder machines as well. The bigger Nomad remtoes are heavily armoured and repeaters so great for advancing and supporting Interventors. In general it depends on the list. I think the FO bot and HMG total reaction bot are very useful for just about any list, while the specialty bots are very dependent on how you use them. Guided missiles can be nasty if you build around them. I have seen ACA make great use of Peacemakers to control the middle (with Nagas for support), Bulleteers can be nasty if your opponent does not have MSV, Rui Shi can be effective camo hunters. It really comes down to what you expect them to do, just like any other model.
  11. The LSG on them is actually quite valuable; repeater, SS2, and LSG make for a great middle field controller. What I would like to see, though it is unnecessary is a Tunguska engineer as Clockmakers are technically Bakunin not generic.
  12. I use this on my smart missile launcher all the time, it's pretty brutal
  13. I have heard the Securitate are getting an entire reworking with Acheron Falls. Also I have heard rumors that the Kriza Boracs would be support HI a la Azra'il or Yan Huo That would do a lot to even out the current options. I have been a solid Tunguska player and right now they are quite effective because of the changes to Hacking.
  14. The sin-eater HMG is a great reactionary piece, he can hold down a fire-lane by quite well. The problem with the Grenzer MSR is it is only MSV1 not MSV2 so he can blocked by smoke and TO snipers are still partially effective against him. He is better as an offensive piece or a flanker (which is a bit harder with 4-2). So it depends what you plan to do with the model. Also I would strongly recommend making it one combat group with the hellcat in his own group and then join him to the main group with a command token once a main group model dies.