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  1. Interesting - thanks for the update! Will try this at home
  2. Took some time to offer recommendations, perhaps naively hoping someone in CB considers. Again, the below is advice Immediate term recommendation: Revert main website navigation link to Army V Update latest communications around Army VI Thank the community for the feedback, rave reviews and constructive feedback both Very happy to keep polishing up Army and related apps In the meantime, the time-honored Army V remains available Sort term recommendations: Fix the print CSS as highlighted below Add info-bubbles over icons Medium term: Test across browsers unfortunate as it may be, the big 3 are Chrome, IE, Safari, with Firefox a distant 4th, and no one significant behind better if you validate with your own metrics Test on mobile devices Re-post / re-promote Army VI as main tool, nav link Gather feedback from users - forums, warcors, metrics, survey - and get proper UX research if you can afford, and adapt so that no one has to learn your tool BS Weapons link 'invisible in plain sight' Prompting scroll to the right for weapon range Location and contrast of options tab etc. etc. etc. Long term: Get a team to handle user research, test functionality and plan and test front-end design and user interaction before launch, etc., in collaboration with your IT group This unit (or single dude or gal) should fall under the same group as your social media people, not IT Google documentation often refer to these people as 'your marketing team', in different orgs they can also fall or be labeled Communications, Sales, Client services, Public affairs, PR, depending on the context If you dont have the finances, get the best available not-that-technical, client-facing person to pitch in the hours Tag your app and collect metrics! Again, get non-coding, client-interfacing staff to analyse, report, and recommend updates to CB and CB-IT More and more companies hire front-end developers in their marketing teams as they need to update constantly, where IT can focus on business and financial systems and data management The toughest part is usually about feelings: although the company is doing great overall, recognize your misfires, stay humble organizationally, build capacity and capitalize I feel like I'm at work now. This is just advice from an enthusiast who also happens to manage similar projects of scope both smaller and much larger. G'night.
  3. That is my thing This week is a bit loaded with 3 evenings of gaming but I'll make sure to pop by soon
  4. Don't forget, Infinity Wednesdays, first Wednesdays of every month at Boutique FDB! Prep a 150-, 200-, 300-point list and come show us what you got this coming Wednesday! Of note - a 200 points ifficial ITS tournament coming down the pipeline very soon See you then
  5. I played at that tournament. It did work very well overall. On one occasion my opponent used most of my time allotment for a round to challenge rules (incorrectly) and ponder AROs. I was left with unspent orders, which in the end significantly affected the final tournament rankings. I think that was the only such instance that day. I understand he initial problem was in certain games / players going overtime in previous events, boring the heck out of everyone else waiting, or enforcing 'dice down' time limits and cheating the faster player out of a full game. That system initially seemed to me like a surprising take, and it does rely on speedy play from the reactive player, but it was actually very effective!
  6. Ça m'intéresse! Te tiens au courant
  7. See you this coming Friday! If enough people show up, FBD cracks open a tournament pack and hands out an Armand le Muet mini.
  8. Je devrais y être. Vous aurez 1-2 nouveaux amis coming down from beautiful Gatineau QC
  9. The 1st Wednesday of every month is Infinity night at Boutique FDB. We guarantee a game or a demo - and we will launch a long-term faction-based campaign in June. Come meet new players!
  10. Ça m'intéresse; je pourrais p-ê venir vous voir à Mtl!
  11. Great stuff, love it! I might plagiarize...
  12. That's the weird thing: gajillion tons of Android phones and tablets are reportedly sold worldwide (for example), yet lots of website metrics continue to show a strong majority of mobile users are on Apple iOS products, with Android a distant second, and pretty much the only other major platform. In any case, HUGE props to @aleph-null
  13. Look up PhoneGap. It's becoming the industry standard to turn HTML5 code bases into iOS, Android, BB apps and more. Still requires tech know-how, but doesnt rely on standard SDK skills or recoding the same app for the different devices
  14. Indeed, Tohaa profiles do not include inactive symbiont armor profiles. To be clear: I'm a huge fan of this project, given that the lack of an updated Infinity Army is the last showstopper I hear from players who have shelved their armies or hold back on trying on the game