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  1. A.k.a. Indo-European brands of religion share similarities, as if they have a common source. From India to Ireland, the cultures tapped from the same inspiration, probably handed down through generations of families and various ways of conquest. You will find similarities throughout Celtic, Germanic, Roman, Slavic, Greek, Anatolian, Persian, Armenian, Tocharian and Indic cultures. These similarities can also be seen in the respective languages, if one knows where to look. Most of Europe, the Caucasus and the Indus Valley have a common ancestor.
  2. They are made from thin cardboard. I would advise not to really bend them, as they would tear or break by doing so. A little bit is possible. I have used them to great effect and I would recommend them for flat surfaces of terrain, for example.
  3. You might find this article interesting as well; How to expand Yu Jing's side of Red Veil to a 300 point, ITS worthy force.
  4. It will be about time!
  5. @Golem2God, have a look at this article here. It's not focusing on a personal preference but on what the models in the starter bring (and how to expand on said starter to a full 300 point ITS worthy list)
  6. In that case, go for it!
  7. Well, I never ran a League myself, so I can't really comment on that from 'experience'. I do know a couple of spots that would be a decent place to host tournaments. Only problem in the Netherlands seems to be the tremendous scattering of the Infinity community. I think that will prove to be the hardest part; getting regular attendees that will travel the distance regularly. If the Rotterdam gang didn't evaporate after N3's release, I would consider them the best place to start. Now I would direct to Utrecht and Leiden.
  8. Check Data Sphere for that information! 53/2, as per Bostria himself.
  9. Monday the profile will be revealed over on the Data Sphere blog. Thanks to CB we have been able to see the profile a bit before hand to write two Bostria's Challenge for expanding Red Veil. Keep your eyes on our channels tomorrow.
  10. While awesome, I hope not. I will buy the Haqq side of Red Veil.. if I have to split an Army Box because I already own the starter, it would become a hard sell for me.
  11. QK needs moar fire!
  12. Hi Killian, (yes, I know your real name. Just feels odd to refer to you in public as that name is no-where to be seen for those that do not know your name) I'm taking this to PM, as you clearly missed my intentions, and I don't want to drag this out at large. Warren, it seems you missed two elaborate and rational posts by my hand, telling you what has been taking place in many people's minds during this campaign. That is not based on my opinion. I have an elaborate network throughout the international Infinity community and I have contact with a lot of those people through all kinds of ways. What you read in my first two posts are not 'Scorch's opinions'. They are trends that I have encountered when it come to this project.
  13. Wikipedia: “The exception [that] proves the rule” is a saying whose meaning has been interpreted or misinterpreted in various ways. Its true, or at least original, meaning is that the presence of an exception applying to a specific case establishes (“proves”) that a general rule exists. For example, a sign that says “parking prohibited on Sundays” (the exception) “proves” that parking is allowed on the other six days of the week (the rule). A more explicit phrasing might be “the exception that proves the existence of the rule.” So, you're the exception of the rule that in general, a player cares little for the mechanical workings behind their game. They just want to play the game and not be bothered with the rest.
  14. I'm sorry raymon.. but I can bring you a whole caseload of BoW being disrespectful toward this player base. Mainly by means of utter neglect or just blunt and unprofessional statements towards their issues with the campaign. I noted a couple of them in the long read posted up-thread. I'm not sure how this is suddenly all about me being not respectful to BoW. I've been respectful in this thread twice. Then people start shit-slinging. Was my argument perhaps too elaborate? No way around the argument, so let's call Scorch entitled and unfriendly. BoW dropped the ball in a couple of aspects, and a lot of people agree on that. But BoW is choosing not to see/hear them. You might not agree, as you have enjoyed other aspects of the campaign. Great! More power to you. I've had fun games with/against you as well. No problem there. Although I would have had fun regardless of BoW's Flamestrike (as can be seen by me not attributing to the batrep stuff). For your argument against Haqqislam... Contrary to Ariadna, Haqq has not set up an elaborate spy network (Hi,@EmptyRoads!). In-game, Haqq has not cheated in any way. We merely pulled a leg on other people's egos. Considering we're amidst a bunch of gamers, that's easily done. But it seems the fanboy cavalry has arrived. Warren is saved by you all. Saved from this terrible critical analysis of Flamestrike and he still doesn't care about the gripes people have with BoW's system. Great job, guys! Let's not try to make things better. Just keep it mediocre at best. Let's end this campaign, let's end the argument. And let's never do this again, CB. Again, more power to you. The exception that proves the rule.
  15. Besides, raymon.. If BoW was really looking for feedback, they'd be less interested in arguing against people's experiences and take the issues at heart to take a look into it. I've written an elaborate and rational reply twice in this thread. No anger, no ranting. Definitely no rage. Just explaining the gripes people had and what I've encountered online, offline and through various other sources. And seeing the support those comments gathered, I'd say I'm not off the mark. Perhaps I could have been friendly, but Dutch directness isn't a concept for no reason. BoW wants to know what's up, so they get to hear what's up. Now, all of a sudden I'm entitled, and BoW just 'rejects' and 'disagrees' with whatever I wrote. Well, if that's the way they want to play it then I'd say fuck them. Btw, BoW are not the referees in this campaign. That's CB, apparently. Coming from another thread, BoW isn't even responsible for the eventual outcome. And if they were the referees I'd expect them in the field, not absent and 'I'll be going to Salute.' amidst everything. Because that's not what a referee is for. I'll respect a GM if they did their job right. In this case, BoW dropped the ball, and are sassy towards anyone calling them on that fact. Not a good PR.