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  1. No, we clearly need Rodok double blister with missile launcher and non-hacker boarding shotgun models.
  2. No information, but we know that next book is delayed, because of concept arts (they don't have enought time to work on concept arts for units from next book, because of rescults). We also know that in the second half of the year we will see some units for new sectorials, but we won't see Shas, because Shas still don't have new concept arts and Bostria said that they will start to work at them after gencon, Also there was rumours that rules are almost ready for some of the new sectorials and some are in the design and testing period (Vedic and Triumvirate). I personally expect to see new book next year.
  3. Only problem is all these beasts are very big. Novice Raicho pilots in their TAG fights bare handed with Demaroks and only some of them survive and serve in the Raicho regiment. So I don't think these 3 beasts are very good candidates for G: Synch unit, but there should be more beasts on the Morat planet which can serve for this role.
  4. What you remember is rule from second edition and this rule is no longer in the game.
  5. If you have access to Infinity RPG you can read about some of the beasts from MAF system (Tinaraks, Gurlanaks and Demaroks)
  6. August is reserved for special Gencon release like April was reserved for Adepticon release.
  7. Plebian wrote some nice reports about his games with MAF at the Nove Open last year. I also read some nice MAF analysis on the spanish forum. And which tricky elements would you want? We were told that MAF won't have access to any camo and probably also to any marker state. If I remember correctly we were told that Zerats lacks Stealth on purpose, because their role on the battlefield is different than standard infiltrator. Also there are other infiltrators that don't have stealth - Morans for example. It is shame that CB didn't give them perimeter weapon when they were working on HS N3. Personally I have some ideas what I would like to see in Maf, but question is if CB will add new units to MAF (probably yes, there was some hints in the interview with Interruptor) and what it will be. examples of interesting concepts for MAF - G: Synchronised beast unit - beast from Morat home world - Motorbikes - unit with perimeter weapon
  8. Nexus 2 blister combi + hacker
  9. Bostria said on Adepticon that new Orcs box will be released after they will release Varuna sectorial, so it will take some time to see them
  10. I don't think CB will resculpt them any time soon, because they share design parts with Oznat and there are things that have higher priority for CB (Shas for example). Probably because they don't have new concept art and that right now they are working on releases for Onyx.
  11. I have no problem to select Chain of Command from the list of the skills available to spec-ops. Did you try to scroll down? Chain of command is in the second half of the list and without scrolling down you won't see it in the list.
  12. No info about resculpts. Only thing we know is that we shouldn't expect Zerat resculpt, because existing 2 models will be repacked next month and CB will be selling them as 2 model blister.
  13. I disagree. Samaritan with spitfire is very deadly if he is used right, because he can attack from unexpected angles and easily negate cover of the opposing model. Just because he doesn't have mimetism, any other BS mod skill or high BS doesn't make him bad gunfighter.