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  1. Interesting info: there will be alternative version of the models that won't be plastic but metal. Bostria showed Maximus Thermopylae skin art work.
  2. Interruptor said that we won't see Aleph or Tohaa in the 2 players box, because they are considered as advanced factions, so I don't think we will see Vedic in potential operation box (unless CB changed mind of course). And last 2 factions from core book are CA and Ariadna which makes them the most possible adepts for operation box (Ariadna needs their new vanilla starter whichz can be also TAK starter like vanilla CA starter is also Onyx starter and CA only needs Shas resculpt).
  3. If we will see Icestorm/Red veil box than it will be released as Gencon release. Also Shasvastii was confirmed for the next year, so I think it is possible that they will take one of the slots (maybe they will end as one part of the new Icestorm/Red veil box with TAK (Bostria said he would want to see them in this type of box).
  4. I think he mean 1 combat group or something similar. In other words lists with only 10 regular orders in 1 group.
  5. These are best pictures available:
  6. Old model is on the 40 mm base, because when she was painted Infinity used only 25 and 40 mm bases.
  7. Model will be released pretty soon, because Koni said in speculation thread that Bit and Kiss will be released this winter. So we will see them probably in February (this is only month without CA release or isn't bloked by something else. In March we will see one of the 4 big releases, in December we will see Nexus and in January we will see new Charontid).
  8. Yeah February is better guess, because March is reserved for one of the 4 big releases (see the plan CB showed us) which will be available for Adepticon.
  9. Couldn't it be that they will only add new profiles with plasma carabine for Charontid? Because it would be very bad move to take away plasma rifle from him, when they gave it to that Aleph scum Hector.
  10. We also know other 2 releases. There is something for Caledonia (we saw sniper shot with Grey Rifle) and something for CA (we saw sniper shot with CA remote design which is probably Kiss!).
  11. You right it is Szalamadra.
  12. I don't think this is CA. It looks like some tactical rubble. You can see boot on the top and it isn't CA boot design.
  13. IJW already answered what I wanted to know. Hexa wasn't in Hidden deployment.