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  1. We already know when Nexus will be released, because Bostria gave this information to us. Nexus is sheduled for the last months of this year and in general miniatures showed via sniper shot are released within 2 or 3 months so even release timeline doesn't match very good, because model from this sniper shot should be released in September - October and Nexus is most likely released in November-December. And yes Nexus is anticipated, but that doesn't mean CB shouldn't release another Umbra and with Nexus there should be at least another new mini for CA. What if this sniper shot belong to completely new Umbra unit and this unit has our long time missing EI KHD?
  2. It is possible, but as I said I don't think we need special model for spitfire Legate, when we have universal model from starter. I slightly hope that it is new Umbra unit from the next book, but who knows. Well, we already knew that Nexus will be released at the end of the year (Bostria said that Nexus is planed for one of the last months of th year. Hacker already has a model. This one:
  3. Nexus has Samaritans gauntlets. So I think it is unlikely (unless CB changed concept art of course). See: I hope it is model that use Legate's gautlets and that it is not 3rd Legate, because we don't need another one.
  4. No, you can only make fireteams with models from same unit. Of course there are some exceptions and special options. Shasvastii have access to these options up to 4 Calibans + Sheskiin or Hasht or up to 3 Calibans + Sheskiin and Hasht (you cannot have Calibans only fireteam right now) up to 5 Gwailos or up 4 Gwailos + Sheskiin or Hasht or up to 3 Gwailos + Sheskiin and Hasht
  5. I don't think so. Nexus concept art has different gauntlet design (he has Samaritans gauntlets and snipershot has Legate's gauntlets). Of course it is possible that they slightly changed Nexus design, but I don't think it is very likely.
  6. New sniper shot and it is very likely Umbra, because it is his Gauntlet (Umbra Legate).
  7. Gencon will be after Interplanetary. Date is from 17 to 20 August 2017.
  8. It depends if all of the playable Aristeia! chars are showed in the video, but you are right none of them looked like it would fit them.
  9. IMHO it is either one of the Outrage characters, Aristeia! character or something that will be released on the Gencon.
  10. Well T2 has only anti-materiel trait in this table: It is somehow weird with this weapon. @IJW Wartrader can you help us with this? Has T2 CC weapon anti-materiel trait or is this error in this table and T2 don't have anti-materiel trait?
  11. Answer is pretty easy. Look at wiki D-Charges has anti-materiel trait on the both profiles. See: There is probably error in the ARMY. McMurrought has this templar weapon. And you can also damage AC2 with T2 CC weapon (only Unknown Ranger has it)
  12. Well, I still hope that CB will return Exrah as playable species. We know from one of the interview that Carlos Torrez still wants to make some Bug like aliens and Interruptor said that with 3D sculpting it is possible to make them in the future. Of course it won't be now, but after Shasvastii redesign they can try\ to make Exrah as one of their special project. If they do that they can return Cascuda to us as Exrah unit
  13. That is good idea, but I think it should be done carefully or Sygmaa units will be better picks for the same role than units of any other species in the CA.
  14. It wouldn't be bad, but sadly I don't expect to see Warband in Onyx. What is more real to see is Nexus Dire Foe character and Umbra character. S4. S5 is for big HI like Sogarat, Charontid and so. And personally I have been calling for them for the long time. CB should make them and I will give them bonus points for any interesting weapon on CA combat REMs. Yes, please. We need more Sygmaa and they should bring some atypical options for CA. Another unit with transmutation or some cool biotech (for example Symbiobugs). Also I would like to see new HI for CA (something interesting and affordable) or I wouldn't be against CA motorbike unit (bonus points if it is Morat unit). And I cannot forget another Doctor option (and maybe even another Engineer option for Onyx), because having only 1 doctor with AVA 1 in every sectorial is very limiting. I wouldn't be against special doctor options for Morats and Shas and even for Onyx (can be Morat or Shas doctor or another different option).