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  1. Soon, CB said that most of the stuff they showed us this weekend will be released before Gencon and Gencon is in the August.
  2. Nope, her tactical ruble is slightly diferent and she also has a tactical heel, which foot on the picture doesn't have.
  3. Bostria said that the most of the new stuff should be out before gencon (and gencon is in the August).
  4. Some news from Data-Sphere Knauf will be also available in MRRF and Major Luhan will be in Imperial Service. Source:
  5. Big news about Knauf. Bostria said in video that was published on Data sphere facebook that Kanuf will be in Merovigia sectorial.
  6. Yep, Nexus is lovely. I really like how they combined elements of Unidrons/Ikadrons design with elements of Umbra design. It is shame that he is only thing he show us for CA. I hope he hide something CA for Adepticon seminar (for example Nexus render).
  7. Bostria said on the Spanish forum that there will be delay and seminar will start at 18:30 So we have some time.
  8. Why? Zhanying are imperial agents, so it doesn't make sence to add them to White Banner.
  9. I would also like to see some Shasvastii concept arts. It would help me to decide if I need to buy current sculpt or if I should wait for new Shas. And of course it is time to show us our Killer hacker.
  10. Friday 17:00
  11. Koni confirmed on spanish forum, that Manga and fat yuan yuan are only releases for april, so it is time to move to next month.
  12. There is already profile. He is available to all generic human factions.
  13. Remote assistant is interesting skill and probably it will be PanO exclusive skill, because right now only other armies that could use this skill to it's maximum effect are CA and Aleph and both these armies don't need it.