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  1. Kempeitai. Chain of Command loadout is only available in JSA.
  2. Comparison of the old and new model
  3. Bostria said that Charontid will have same design and I remember that CB said Anathematic won't be resculpted, because he already share design with other Ur constructs (you can see similarities in design with Unidrons - head and also with others).
  4. One small nitpicking she is Masai, but that doesn't mean she is Moran. Not every Masai on the Corregisor works as Moran.
  5. Info from spanish forum. Her name is Laxmee and she is Masai from Corregidor and she is also somewhat self-taught hacker.
  6. Spanish forum. There were some presentation and demos in Spain.
  7. New characters from first expansion
  8. The most interresting thing is that addition of Bit and Kiss open possibility for future units with G: Synchrozed and even for other units with repeaters or pitchers, because Bit and Kiss showed us that CB don't mind to add these tools to us.
  9. Before addition of Bit and Kiss. Interruptor said on one interview that they will add more sepsitorised human units to CA. So I think we will see more of them and I personally like it, because its add interresting options to CA as faction. There are even players who would like to see a CA sectorial army based on the human traitors, collaborators and sepsitorised units.
  10. That is not true. Voodoo Tech is also plasma ammo and vorpal cc weapon and both these things works against units without cube. Morpho scan is also Voodoo Tech and before rework even protheion was voodoo tech (it is not clear if it is still Voodoo tech from fluff description in HSN3).
  11. I don't expect to see anything for Combined army, but I hope for Bit and Kiss or for new Charontid sculpt.
  12. Sorry. I forget to reply to you back then. You can send me anything and I will add it to the guide.