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  1. Seminar will be streamed here:
  2. If mine info is correct than seminar will be streamed here:
  3. Like Krakots, these Cube Jagers will be available for every vanilla faction (this model is new prize for next ITS season).
  4. Good to know. It is hard to decipher what was used in the fireteams when there are more options for mixed teams like they are in Onyx. I would never expect to see Nexus used as 5th member of the Rodok fireteam in Onyx.
  5. I analysed all CA lists and looked and CA players performance in context of average performance on the Interplanetary. Avarege Tournament points for all players were 6,66 and average Objective points were 22,7 Average TP of all CA players were 6,77 and average OP 22,6. Vanilla CA had average TP 8 and average OP 27,81 MAF had average TP 6 and average OP 18,75 SEF had average TP 5,3 and average OP 18,3 Onyx had average TP 6,5 and average OP 20 Best players: Vanilla CA 7 place Logan MAF 12 place Reyzah SEF 43 place Masterofmelee Onyx 37 place Darkdoji Units that nobody used: Anyat, Gwailos, Hasht, Sogarat, Anathematic, T-Drone and LeMuet The most used units: 51 Ikadrons, 30 Daturazis, 29 Imetrons, 28 Unidrons (all unidrons were used in Onyx) Link teams in sectorials: MAF core fireteams: 2x Vanguard (both without Anyat), 3x Rodok (1 was only with 4 members), 2x Daturazi, 4x Oznat + Hungries (2x they included Gaki in this fireteam). 1 list had Vanguard and Oznat fireteam available. MAF haris: 2x Yaogats, 1x Kornak + 2 Suryats. SEF core fireteams: 1x Sheskiin + 2 Calibans (question is if they were used as fireteam, because Calibans were within Seed Embryo) Onyx core fireteams: 6x Unidron (many possible combinations) 2x Rodoks (both were 4 Rodoks + 1 Umbra) Onyx haris 1x Samaritan + 2 Xeodrons Interesting data: In vanilla CA there were more Krakots (11) used than Daturazis (9) Zerats were more used in vanilla (7) than in MAF (1), also Zerats were used more in vanilla (7) than Shrouded (6) The most used AD combat jump unit was Rasyat (6) and he was only used in MAF. There were only 2 Fraacta in all lists 1 in vanilla and 1 in Onyx. Vanilla players used rather Ko Dali as their AD unit (4). Only Umbra used in vanilla was Samaritan (1) Link to all these data:
  6. It is. I looked at CA list and collected data from them and it showed me some very interesting things and I plan to write about them in CA subforum. I look forward to see data from other factions too.
  7. Even more interesting is to look at performance of every army and sectorial and best performing army and on the top players of the faction and sectorial. Worst performing sectorial on the interplanetary was Japanese sectorial. Worst performing faction was Haqqislam and Yu Jing (difference in their performance was wery small. Best performing sectorial was USARF (only 1 player so it don't give us many data) and MO. Best performing faction was Ariadna. PanO as a whole performed above average. Only Neoterra players performed under the average. Note: These data aren't very good to make assumptions about faction and sectorial balance, because there isn't enought data.
  8. Look at theis article: It contains some statistics and also you can download there almost all lists
  9. Changed. Nobody can edit it and I edited it back to the original state.
  10. Here is that datafile: I hope it is working.
  11. I created datafile that sort players with TAG list and without TAG and it also contains which TAGs were used, how many Tournament points player has, how many objective points players has and his faction and sectorial. I can upload it if anybody wants it. And here is some small data from it Players with Tag list have in average 6,2 Tournament points and 21,6 Objective points. Players without Tag list have in average 7,2 Tournament points and 23,9 Objective points
  12. From ITS: Masterofmelle 43 Kennyisdead 78 Patton 105
  13. Out of Top 10 players 5 had list with a TAG. Also we don't have lists from one of the top 10 players, so there is possibility that also he had TAG, which would mean 6 players had TAG list