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  1. I'm not sure if the format would be right, but maybe I could host the images on the Human Sphere wiki? Depends exactly on what issues you are having.
  2. Thank you for your feedback. For sure, feasibility of maintenance is a significant concern. I have to say that if (and it's a big if) the Wiki had tactics guides, then they would be written and maintained by people other than myself. Absolutely agree. In that sense, it might be better served from the Wiki though as I could open up the tactica pages to editing from multiple users. There would then be no demand on a single person to keep their particular thread updated and there would be less chance of otherwise excellent guides becoming gradually outdated.
  3. Got tons of time to procrastinate then!
  4. I genuinely can't remember - or find where I saw the announcement. :/ @Interplanetario?
  5. I think the list submission deadline is the end of this month, is that right?
  6. Cheers for the feedback, much appreciated! How would people feel about having faction tactics/guides on the Wiki too? I'm considering asking some of the guide authors if they'd like to migrate over or reproduce their work.
  7. Cheers, I'll be testing out some of the more complex profiles soon. The ones I've struggled most with are split profiles for things like TAG operators, Symbiont Armour and bikes because my code doesn't like them! Also, been wondering about whether Auxbots and the like should have their own pages or not.
  8. I've been working on the most requested feature so far - troop profiles! There's been a lot of behind the scenes prep work done, so it doesn't look like much has changed so far, but the first test page is ready. If people could go take a look at the Profile section of the Fusilier page (linked below) and give feedback on content, layout and so on then that would be great.
  9. MSV2 pairs up nicely with the Smoke grenades that your Myrmidons can throw out so I'd stick with that. One Yudbot is generally enough as you can only activate one at a time with your Doctor/Engi anyway. IT's these little optimisations where the game is really interesting though!
  10. You are very welcome. Any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask! Orders are like money - neither are important until you don't have any! 10-16 orders is typical at 300 points, but more than that in most factions means you are generally starting to sacrifice hitting power. Aleph is quite an 'elite' faction, so we don't get cheap orders (at least not ones that can carry guns!). I don't know where you are in the world, but check out Shae Konnit's Infinity Split Boxes ( He's got both up for sale at £3 each at the moment. I'm in England and use his services a lot to get odd models. If you wish to go for Steel Phalanx, the Greeks, predominantly then there is a Steel Phalanx army box coming out soon (already?) that has a lot of new units and is a perfect partner to the Steel Phalanx starter box, especially if you top it off with Machaon. Acmon is a solid investment too because he can proxy as any of the other Dactyls quite easily. I think you'll do much better with the new list.
  11. If the space which the Hidden Deployment troop is in is currently occupied, then when revealing your troop simply move them from their starting position as if they were not engaged and if they would remain overlapping at the end of the order then move them minimum distance from their starting position such that they are not in base contact with the enemy. I'm not sure this is technically 'official', but I think it is currently the best practice.
  12. For sure! I definitely want to have at least one. But if I swap the Hacker for a second officer then do I really want two with Boarding Shotguns or one of each? If my LT has the shotgun, then I think the CoC should have a Combi? Multiple light rocket launchers in a disposable link sounds evil, I like it! I've got to say, one of the best things about four-man links is that I can throw the Chain Rifle guy into Mines, Suppresive Fire, CrazyKoalas or whatever and it doesn't matter if he dies. He is basically an honorary 'Minesweeper'. In both my test games he was used to just soak up deployable weapons whilst delivering multiple Chain Rifle hits.
  13. Apologies if I have the wrong end of the stick here, but this seems a bit of a leading question. If you sincerely think that 200 points of any combination of miniature will have exactly the same battlefield effectiveness of 200 points of any other combination then you presumably would not have asked if we thought your list was any good. After all, all lists would have to be equally good by definition! You acknowledge that 'good army composition' is a thing, but this cannot go hand-in-hand with all 200pt compositions being equal to all others. I'm not sure such a feat would be feasible in any wargame or that it would even be desirable. Units having strengths and weaknesses is what makes them interesting and what forces difficult choices. Further, some units work together well, such as in the following examples: Smoke and MSV2/3 combines to be more than the sum of its parts. Hacking Devices can do more if you can put down a repeater network. A couple of camo markers are easy to deal with, but 10 can make life very difficult. A doctor/engineer can do much more work if they have a Servant remote. Guided Missile launchers need observers and hackers to mark targets. With only few Irregular troops you can make good use of their cheaper cost without inhibiting the rest of your army. With lots of Irregular troops you'll find that you can never spend enough orders exactly where you need to. There is the peculiarity of combat groups. In 10+ troop lists you will need to break your army up into two (or more) combat groups and the exact split you use can impact the effectiveness of your army. Needing variety in lists also effects the relative value of a troop. If I have tons of Smoke Grenades then having someone bring Eclipse is good because it increases my tactical options. If I'm building a fireteam then including a Heavy machine Gun (for example) provides more value than its points value might indicate, but having five would generally be a waste! If all my long ranged weapons have multispectral visors then I can get in trouble if my opponent brings White Noise. Whilst Infinity doesn't have the combo-centric gameplay of WarmaHordes, where list building is a puzzle and there are particular archetypes, it does definitely have the possibility of making objectively better or worse lists. Bad doesn't necessarily mean that a player can't or won't win games with it, just that they may struggle to do so more than they need to. Anyway, I will move on from the premise that all army lists are made equal. There are some fairly basic tenets of list building: Have some way of protecting your LT or have a plan for when they die. Have them be a colossal badass, hide them under a marker, play shell games by having multiple 'possible' Lieutenants, or have Chain of Command or G:Mnemonica. Have sufficient orders. Regular orders are the lifeblood of your army and this forms the quintessential quality vs quantity debate. At 300 points you want to have at least 10 orders, at least 9 of which should be Regular. At 200 points you likely want around 8 or more still. Below these amounts you'll start struggling to leverage your 'quality' units as you won't have the 'quantity' of orders to let them do their thing. Stacking on considerably more cheap troops, particularly in Ariadna, is also entirely feasible but then you have to start worrying about whether you have sufficient 'quality' to defeat your opponent's troops. Try not to split your army into two small, similarly sized combat groups - e.g. a 6-5 split. This just means that nobody has enough orders to do their thing, especially once casualties start coming in. A 10-1 split, typically with a reactive unit in the second group, is normally the preferred method. Spend your points. The number of times I've seen lists with 3pts spare when they could fit in a Servant Remote or Warcor is unreal. Spare SWC is less of an issue, but more often just a sign that you may wish to consider more big guns! There are also some addendums to the above: Build to the mission. You are playing as a team of professional soldiers who have been specially bought together from all walks of life for one important job. Keep in mind that certain mission rules might favour certain specialists, might favour or hinder deployment skills, might be based on just killing your opponent, grabbing objectives and so on. All-comers lists aren't really a thing, especially in ITS - although I realise this may not necessarily apply to you. Often you need to have specialists and a way to get them safely to where they need to be. Have a mix of weapons. If all you have is Rifles, then a Sniper can ruin your day. If all you have is Snipers then you are stuffed if anyone gets up close. Having some amount of impact template weapons (Rocket/Missile Launchers) is handy against clumps of troops, but against single targets they are often inferior to HMGs due their limited Burst value. Build to your meta. Does your group play on denser or more open tables? Do they tend to use a lot of terrain rules? Does everybody play non-hackable factions? Do they all love TAGs? Certain weapons and skills can fluctuate in value depending on your circle of friends. If you only wish to play with the miniatures you find aesthetically pleasing (and who can blame you!) and you have a circle of friends who are happy playing similarly casually then you'll have a great time of it. You may expect to struggle somewhat when meeting up with more 'competitive' groups however - particularly if all the units you like cost 30+ points or are Irregular! You might also like to consider converting up troops that you don't like the look of from the troops that you do. I know some people are particularly talented at this, although if you do go down this road then do try to make sure that your troops are properly armed and are relatively easy to identify as what they are.
  14. Got to say, seeing Hector and Achilles in the same list does start my pulse racing a bit. Got two test games in last night. Both games my opponent was using lists with E/Mauler Zeros, Morans/Koalas, some Hacking and two Intruders with Smoke support. Game 1, Show of Force vs Nomads using Achilles list. Went first and Achilles stomped around chopping up a TAG in CC and then proceeding to dismantle the rest of my opponent's army until I realised he was in Retreat and I really ought to get some objectives! 5-0 win after two rounds. There was a scary couple of moments with an E/Mauler that I fortunately dodged and a HFT that I didn't and lost two wounds to! On the one hand, it hammered home the fragility of Achilles when he doesn't have an Engineer. On the other, if he's stomping around the table would I really be able to spend the orders getting an Engineer over to him? Not much to say other than Achilles straight up won the game. Game 2, Decapitation vs Nomads using two Myrmidon links. Played a slight variation with the Hacker swapped out for a Myrmidon Officer Lieutenant with Combi. Opponent went first but couldn't penetrate through the Myrmidons. Smoked up Agema dealt with a Bounty Hunter and Intruder Sniper, as well as a servant remote. Phoenix cleared the mid-table so I could advance. Eventually pushed the Phoenix/Machaon/LT/Chain Rifle link into the middle of the table, cleaning up troops as I went, but couldn't penetrate the bunker that his impersonated Interventor LT was hiding in. 7-0 win due to lack of LT kill. List worked well and I liked the switch of Hacker for Officer, but not sure whether to have the Lieutenant with BS/Eclipse (safer) or Combi/Smoke (better use of LT order). Slightly concerned about the lack of classified ability due to loss of Hacker though. Also still unsure about Achilles v1 vs v2.
  15. I definitely agree with @Snozz, start small and work your way up! I'd also strongly recommend picking up the starter boxes as they give a good variety of troops to build up from. The use of non-sanctioned mercs is going to depend on your particular gaming group. Where I play people prefer to stick to the ITS rules and missions for the most part - with forays into Wotan, Tagline and so on - but that is purely a preference thing. Many groups prefer to not play ITS missions and instead opt for making their own or playing mission systems such as 20x20 or YAMS and they are often more lenient with mercs too. If you play others who you don't know, then I would generally side on assuming that ITS rules would be the default unless there is a prior agreement though.