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  1. I think that's the best solution. The three Grunts in my Fireteam each could be 10/0 or 10/1 points and I'd be happy to say, but I'm under no obligation to say which is which.
  2. By far the most sensible approach. There are enough scenarios where each player need to have more points than their opponent in a particular zone or on a particular objective. Why waste time and make them look stuff up? Who would want to win because their opponent couldn't remember the exact points value of a unit?
  3. About three years ago I wrote a set of rules for N2 where a team of 2-5 skirmishers need to infiltrate a military/corporate facility and stealthily complete a number of objectives before extracting. Guards would have set patrol routes and there were rudimentary rules for light sources and the like. I'm occasionally working on creating an updated version for N3, but you can find my original write-up and rules here:
  4. Poor Asura, the direct nerf to MSV3 plus the indirect nerf of basically all other HI becoming 4-4 as well has meant that she's lost a lot of what made her special. I'd love to see her with 6-4 MOV (and maybe even Sensor!) to bring her back to her glory days!
  5. There is another thing I kind of miss - template weapons being able to hit hidden deployed troops! Every now and again you'd catch a Ninja or something accidentally in a light shotgun blast.
  6. I do genuinely miss fire vulnerability actually being, you know, a vulnerability for most Tohaa.
  7. How could I forget the Sepsitor Shuffle! Other things I don't miss include: Permanent mono-mine area of effect. Being able to hold back from detonating mines. Lieutenants counting as specialists for taking objectives in ITS. The old Suppressive Fire rules.
  8. I miss Achilles v1 having ARM 6... Totally agree with those above me that the old range bands are not missed. HMGs were way too good and Snipers barely outranged them!
  9. Would seriously consider playing him in Aleph as he's our only specialist AD with a proper gun. Not keen on the Ekdromoi Hacker and this guy is 8pts cheaper, not hackable and isn't reliant on a template weapon.
  10. Loads of TR bots had monomine options. It was totally sweet. With MSV3 you could shoot at camo markers without discovering them first, including in ARO. you could hide multiple troops under a single camo marker and reveal them all in one go. Fun with Antipiodes, especially as I *think* all camo markers were the same size back then?
  11. Hiding multiple things under single camo marker. Absolute nonsense, but occasionally funny. E/M hits shutting off 'high-tech' weapons too. Vector Operator nonsense. Super jumping, with cover, to fire HMGs through smoke with first strike and mimetism for return fire so your opponent is at -12 before range mods. No thank you. Hungries with mines and Caskudas won't be missed either.
  12. I'd settle for our HI not being immobilised by E/M ammo!
  13. You are definitely right, and if we could have a KHD Myrmidon Hacker for 29/0 I would be over the moon. Even so, an Assault Hacker with Stealth and Sixth Sense 2 is pretty unusual and it's a powerful combo!
  14. A lot of people picked Chain Rifle 2nd, and I see a fair few lists around with three Myrmidon Chain Rifles (which I think is a mistake). They are such good minesweepers though... People use Thamyris?! I miss Phoenix's Assault Pistol, that was a good time.
  15. Depending on how badly you think you want the Dactyl, I'd be tempted to replace it (and the Yudbot) with an Agema Mk12. Gives a bit of range and anti-camo punch at the expense of not making your Zayin as resilient.