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  1. I've got pictures of all the Interplanetary tables for 2017, 2016 and 2015. You can't necessarily make out exactly how they would play, but it should be enough to get a general idea of densities. This year some of the tables had table-wide terrain rules including, I believe, Poor Visibility, Mountainous and Saturation. I would estimate that this was somewhere between 15-25% of the tables, although exactly which effect applied to each table I didn't manage to record.
  2. Hi all, Now that the game has been officially 'spoiled' at the Interplanetary, I've found the time to write up a rules summary for Aristeia! I'll be covering all the characters in detail tomorrow, but for this article I've covered the basic rules and mechanics. Please do let me know if there's something you'd like to know more about!
  3. Knights of Santiago are missing Fireteam: Duo from their profile. According to the list of Fireteams on the rules Wiki and the profiles PDF they should all have this skill.
  4. Great work, one question is how are you defining auto-includes? Thorakitai are listed for Steel Phalanx but I definitely didn't have any in one of my lists (the only list I actually used!).
  5. Hi all, I'm still working on finishing up the Human Sphere wiki and recently I've started adding troop profiles. PanOceania have been done now and I'm looking for feedback on the format/content to make sure that it is being done in the best way. Please do take a look at the PanOceania units, go over the profiles and let me know if anything could be done in a better way. In particular I'm looking for feedback on whether Auxbot stats should appear alongside each unit that takes them, or whether they should have their own page entirely. Also happy to take suggestions on where on the page the troop profiles should be located, whether their current position or elsewhere. I've also replaced the faction navbox at the bottom of the PanO page with the unit navbox, let me know if this is better?
  6. I guess that would be more useful than the faction nav? I should be able to do that. The search box is probably always going to be the easiest way of tracking down a known model though.
  7. We discussed going further than that even - As I expected a fair amount of TAGs, I also expected a lot of Assault Hackers to attack them and Killer Hackers to defend them. One of my lists completely ignored this Rock/Paper/Scissors fight by taking no TAGs or anything else that was Hackable at all!
  8. Time for a somewhat overdue update. All troops now have categories (troop type and sectorials/factions they fight for) as well as navboxes giving quick links to other troops of the same factions. Note that 'common' mercenaries such as Le Muet, Knauf, Warcors and so on are not categorised as being part of a faction, only those that are fairly unique to particular factions (McMurrough, Miyamoto etc.) All pages have also been bought up to date with news from the Interplanetary. Now onto troop profiles!
  9. Equally importantly, when do we get a suitably flamboyant, Ruby Rhod style Warcor to match GoGo?
  10. One more thing I've found (sorry!). It seems to be freaking out about Eclipse grenades and gives the following error: ERROR: P2 AMMO type '' unknown. Must be one of 1, 2, 3, F, - /usr/local/bin/inf-dice-n3 5 3 1 8 NONE 13 1 0 NONE
  11. It's not possible to use Suppressive Fire whilst climbing, even with Climbing Plus. I didn't realise this at the time.
  12. As far as I know I-Kohl should be applied to any FtF rolls if the user declares Dodge/Engage/CC. This should stack with things like ODD (e.g. on Penthesilea). Testing this out on the dice calc the I-Kohl modifier only seems to apply if the other troop declares CC Attack as well.
  13. Thanks! I just need to work on making those wins bigger now.
  14. Thanks for the writeup! Your first list scares and confuses me. Whilst I like the Patroclus/Switch synergy, I'm just not sure how it actually, well, kills things. How did the game against Qapu Khalqi go down? I like the second list a lot. To b honest, I like any list that has two Zayins and a Marut! You definitely did well to have her survive all three games.
  15. Agema Missile Launchers can do unpleasant things to unsuspecting players, otherwise just try to make favourable trades by catching multiple troops under direct/impact templates.