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  1. Just a quick appereance to say how much I enjoyed my assistance to NOVA Open Many thanks to organization for invite me ans specially to Certs and Andrew for all their great efforts, they both were highly supportive. Kudos to you! I'm afraid my seminars lasted too much than expected, they supposedly must be 1,5 hours each one but the 1st one was 2,5 hours (and finished because the organization needed the laptop and projector) and the other two were 2 hours. It seems I lost my sense of time while talking about Infinity Hope to have not been to much boring for the attendees, specially for all those who watched the GenCon videos. Special note: Sorry again for my bad English, that's something we have to improve ... Congrats again to the winners of the tournaments and to SirNicholas for his really impressive Iguana and the award he got in the Capital Palette painting contest, finally it was worth that hectic last day of painting And thanks to all the attendees for their kindness and warmth, it was great to talk with you guys! Next time I hope to have more time to talk and to sign books!
  2. I... Have... To... Stop... This... Nonsense... You... Must...Stop...To... Do... This... And... Go... Running... To... Buy... More... Infinity... Models...
  3. OKs, guys. Now, it is official, I'm going to assit to the International Tournament in Rome (how can I miss this?) but don't get too much happy with this, I'm not going to participate, so not easy victories for you! Anycase, don't forget to bring you Infinity books if you'd like to have them signed! Also, if you want to see Infinity models painted by Ángel directly and discover that photographies are not fair with his talent, don't miss this tournament! See you there in a month!
  4. Everything looks great and well organized! I really wish to be able to go! But if not, you all attendees are morally forced to post a lot of pics!
  5. Personally I spent a great time at Feast of Blades. It was nice to meet so much Infinity fans and awesome people that make feel better than home I only hope the assistants were not disappointed with my humble contribution to the event. And sorry again for my poor English, it seems it's necessary we go more often to the US to improve our dominion of the English language
  6. I think you have spotted the problem here, it's a translation issue due the different meanings of the word "distance" and "range" which seems to be synonims but not at all ... Meanwhile this text has consistence in Spanish, it opens a door to confusion in English. Kudos for the collective effort to point it! Not applying any modifiers to the BS roll (cover, camo, ODD etc.) seems the most logical if it doesn't need LoF, but still requires guessing at Gutier's intent rather it being stated in the rules. Yes, Jammer doesn't apply Modifiers to the WIP Roll. The next issue is what are the implications for Dodge v. Jammer if not needing LoF means no BS modifiers? Can you Dodge something that doesn't need to see where you are? Here, normal ARO rules are applied, if the reactive figure has LoF with the active figure it can react declaring its ARO, so a Face to Face Roll is required (To Dodge, BS Attack...). The cover bonus to ARM/BTS rolls is the next issue - again there are no precedents so it needs to be spelled out for the Jammer. The closest we have is E/M ammo (E/M ammo and the Jammer both use forms of E/M radiation), which applies a BTS bonus for models behind partial or total cover. No Cover Modifiers are applied. No worries, this will be uploaded to the Wiki! Thanks to you all!
  7. Hi everybody. Collecting typos will be greatly appreciated so we can improve any future re-print of the book. Apart what Cegorach said, to point the number of the page will be also useful to us for a quick check. Thanks, you all rock!
  8. A single scenario (not played in a campaign) can be played in Narrative Mode, this means the players have specified which armies must play it and which points size is each army list. The same scenario, played in a different way. Narrative Mode playing a campaign. Here, the story told is so important as the mere game. More realism is required so Narrative rules are applied (mercenary restrictions due background, the special characters who dies in a scenario cannot be added in the next army lists, etc.). This provides to the campaign a higher level of difficulty. Again, a different way to play. These Narrative Mode rules are general, this means they can be applied when playing the Paradiso Campaign but also when playing any other campaign you have created. And if you're playing the Paradiso Campaign in the Narrative Mode and you and your adversary reach a scenario with the same armies the Narrative Mode states, then you have to play in the way the Narrative Mode says. For example, a Haqqislamite and a PanOceanian player reach a scenario which states the Haqqislamite plays with a 300 points army + 1 Hassassin Fiday that must be the army list of the Haqqislamite player. Meanwhile, if the scenario says in the Narrative Mode the PanOceanian has to play with a 250 points army + 1 Teuton Knight Lieutenant, that must be the army list of the PanOceanian player.
  9. I want to thank everybody your care for my public image and congrat all users for their quotes and their funny photo retouchings About what was said about me, some sentences are true and other not, but as Wild Bill (Aristeia! top-ten champion) said once: "There is no man greater than his reputation"
  10. You're right, the only AROs allowed in the example to Red are Discover and Change Facing (Which is useless here, and better not to mention to avoid more mistakes). As I was more focused in to explain the game mechanics I misunderstood both game terms (I was not thinking in English) my apologies for that. I have edited the post to avoid confusions. Thanks again!
  11. Oks, after some controversial declarations and comments, we have decided to take the classic way, and explain this situation in the way in which Infinity has been played until now. It is said that ,in an Order, everything happens at the same time and that’s true. However, as Camouflage and Hiding is a Special Skill, it provides an exception to the general rule, as Special Skills usually do. So, when using Camouflage, the point in which the troop is revealed is quite important, as the Short Skill that reveals the troop is not necessarily simultaneous with the other Short Skill of the Order. I’m going to use the nice graphic made by Necra-Chi (Thanks and kudos, my friend! ), as it works as a good resume of this. Blue is a camo marker. Please note in all scenarios the end of blue's movement is out of red's LOF, but blue always begins in LOF. Scenario A - Blue declares move into base contact with its 1st Short Skill of the Order. Its whole movement is made camouflaged, until the point it reaches base contact where it is revealed. As Red has not LOF with that point, its only ARO could be Discover. Green can delay his ARO declaration until know what will be the 2nd Short Skill of the active Order. Blue then declares CC. Now, Green can declare to CC or Dodge, but not a BS attack because when Blue be revealed, it will be in base contact with it. Scenario B - Blue declares move into base contact with its 1st Short Skill of the Order. As before, Red has not LOF with that point, its only ARO could be Discover. Green delays its ARO declaration. Blue then declares BS attack against Green from just before it reaches base contact. Thanks to Combat Camouflage, the BS attack will be a Normal Roll, and Green could only perform its ARO if it survives to the attack. As Blue is revealed before to be in base contact, Green can now declare a BS attack, a CC attack, or a Dodge, which could be performed only if it survives Blue’s attack. Scenario C - Blue declares move to a point in where it is not in base contact, but outside LOF of Red. Again, Red has not LOF with that point, its only ARO could be Discover. Green delays its ARO. Blue then declares a BS attack at Green, from its current position. Green can now declare a BS attack or a Dodge, which could be only performed if it survives Blue’s attack. Scenario D - Blue declares move to a point in where it is not in base contact, but, again, outside LOF of Red. As in the previous scenarios, Red has not LOF with that point, its only ARO could be Discover. Green delays its ARO. Blue then declares to lay a Mine (Orange circle), a Short Skill that reveals it. Now, Green could declare a BS attack if desired. Hope this has been useful, and I regret any inconvenience caused. Thanks to all of you. I will place this in the Wiki.
  12. Hi everybody, First I would like to point that Palanka is a CB staff member, perfectly able to reply rules questions, maybe that is not his main task, but yes it's something he can do, after all he is the Community manager. Anycase, it's true that right now by rule text you can fire 2 Direct Template weapons as one with B2, this would include the Chain Rifle and the Nanopulser. In the upcoming book the question of shooting several BS weapons is more developed with specific rules, integrating some aspects seeing in the "Notes about the +1 to the Burst of Fireteams" like the text about Long Skills, adding new notes and some things will change with this new rule. But you'll have to wait until the release of the book Until that, as said in the previously mentioned Notes to the +1 to Burst, when using a Long Skill like Intuitive Attack it is not allowed to apply that extra shot. Thanks, as usual
  13. That's part of the core of the game mechanics, as players can check in the Wiki: I was waiting to do so Thunderpup, but someone cheated me Thanks for that Bluedagger!
  14. Hi everybody, I will start from the resume of different options made by Blcknght (Thanks for do that! ) The correct one is the number 3: 3- The reactive model can intercept anywhere. It says the dodge can be specified to stop the active model at any point in the the declared movement, so long as distance to the intercept spot is less than half of the reactive model's MOV. I have added this reply to the Wiki FAQ So, how is that convoluted example of jumping+shooting against a dodge from out of LOF? Let's see the example again: Fusilier Angus is on the edge of a roof. He declares his first short skill to jump to another building, over a gap of about an inch. Domaru Sakura is very close to Angus on the rooftop at the start of the order, but she is hidden from his LoF around the end of a wall. Angus' jump takes him into her view though and she declares an ARO to dodge, intercepting the jump before Angus leaves the ground. Angus declares the second half of his order to Shoot at Sakura with his Combi Rifle. Since he needs a LoF to his target, he must shoot from the building he lands on after his jump, rather than from his starting position. Well, this is a sofa-example rather than a game example, I'm meaning this situation could happen, but it is not usual, neither frequent, after a lot of years playing Infinity never had seen this... Here, a Face to Face Roll is needed between the BS of Angus and the PH of Sakura. The game sequence is: 1- Face to Face Roll between the BS of Angus and the PH of Sakura. 2- If Sakura wins, both models are engaged in CC, end of the Order. 3- If Angus wins, a PH Roll is needed for the jump. Before that, the ARM Rolls are made (Remember, ARM Rolls always at the end of the Order, this is not Combat Camo neither Martial Arts L3). Sakura must make her ARM Roll and also Angus if he failed his PH roll. So the Order could end with both models in Unconscius state. Please, don't forget an Order is an abstraction where the 2 parts of it happens at the same time (which reflects the movement+fire military maneuver) This abstraction implies the miniatures shoot always in the best place for them, facing shots even when one is shooting in the closest point of a movement and the other is shooting in the farest point of that movement. It is frequent players divide both actions of an Order, but that's a mistake. For example, if you declare Discover and Shoot against a Camo and you fail the Discover Roll (the Camo doesn't declare any ARO), this implies the subsequent shot is automatically missing (Due the Camouflage Special Rule), but it happens. As it is an automatic fail, the BS Roll is not required but, for example, disposable weapons (D.E.P. Panzerfaust...) are wasted. In this example happens the same, Angus declare to jump and shoot when landing, this is one Order . Only failing the Face to Face roll would prevent he shoots when landing (and jump too), and he could die when doing that, both Short Skills of the Order happens at the same time. However, failing the PH Roll for the jump doesn't prevent the shot be made, as here is not any Special Rule as Camo involved. Thanks to you all!
  15. FAQ update: The question about Grenades and airburst has been deleted for not be accurate.