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  1. Just when you start man, then kick the crutch away. If you could read that, you can do it! I'm currently mangling the sh_t out of French sans dictionary etc., but it's the only way to cross the gap to being conversational. I'm actually really excited to get into the Spanish forums more, because French keeps over-writing my memory of Spanish.
  2. How so? Other than a high price for three premium minis and a scenario... but still well, well below that of three GW minis?
  3. Here's another voice added to this: Please, please preserve the old rules subforum in read-only for as long as N3 continues, @HellLois y compania. We need it as a reference. All the other forums could go, but we really need to be able to refer to the old threads from that one. Also, @sarf you are AWESOME for porting the conversion thread over into the new forum. That's some very valuable stuff you are saving. Thank you.
  4. Definitely into that, a Bolt hero would be really cool... not quite as cool as an HI grunt hero, but still pretty rad. Here's hoping a Bolt Haris happens at some point too, y'all deserve it.
  5. I like that the Spanish and English communities now see each other on the landing page, rather than going to totally different forums. I'm into it. And the company is Spanish, as are many of their longest-running players. Anglophones can deal with another 3 centimeters of scrolling. Y tambien, es una oportunidad por practicar su español. Si ustead no habla la lengua ahora, es facil por aprender y aya usted tiene accesso a la media-parte del mundo que hablalo.
  6. MRRF Metro (or Zouave, Briscard, whatever) SpecOp could single-handedly unscrew that faction while we wait (years) for the book. Somebody with Sensor would be badass, might fit well with Briscards. That or just a Metro who's basically the dude from District B-13 (mobility skills, CC). Really looking forward to an Invincible SpecOp. I hope it's an Engineer, mostly for flavor reasons. Nexus SpecOp would make sense and not be much more powerful than the Muyib or Thorakitai SpecOps we already have.
  7. Back on-topic: This really does seem like something that would be characterful and add a new dimension to play, rather than just fill in what other sectorials already have.
  8. Wow, Moderators just got a lot more interesting in my eyes.
  9. Those faces are so good! The eyes in particular are amazing. nice work. And thank you so much for taking the time to give the detailed info on the paints- that really, really helps. Being warned about the orange Brown over black in particular, because I probably would have tried that as a base. I'm actually shooting for more yellow, so will head straight for Scrofulous Brown. Much appreciated!
  10. Thanks and I will! What's your method/color recipe for your yellow and that nice bluish-black, may I ask? Did the black areas get that blue glaze too? My Nomads will be mostly yellow and black, with bits of blue-white for OSL etc.: much like your ninja, but with the amounts flipped around (a lot of yellow and black, only tiny bits of blue-white). Your yellow is less orange than standard YJ colors, so it interests me.
  11. The pod bay idea is AWESOME, as is having depth. If you keep them removable, a scenario where you have to get troops there and launch them (or escort a VIP into them) would be really cool. REmoving the pods one by one as they get launched would really make the mission seem crucial. Or even where the players are competing to get units into the pods and away from the ship before it blows up: highest points value saved wins. Maybe allow them to Casevac opponents' Unconscious units too, and drag them off to be interro... er, welcomed.
  12. Ah, missed that! Thanks for pointing it out. I bet we see a bit more holo in TUnguska though. I hope the playtesters are on top of the potential exploits coming from this FAQ.
  13. That is so, so good! Really excellent work, and I like the color choices and placement. The poster is great too: everyone loves Jerkilles! There must be some bloody battles over that crane: playing against JSA, Aleph, Pano O, or Nomads I would get a Sensor pulse off just underneath it as soon as possible, as it's TO sniper heaven. The terminus hall piece is really cool: I like it more than the other more-boxy MicroArts Studio stuff. I really hope to go to a tournament in Poland someday: do you play in (and bring your terrain to hopefully) tourneys in any of the major cities?
  14. Ah, so it's exiting the danger zone that's the imperative, not getting distance/cover from the point of origin as I had thought (maybe that was N2?). Good to know, thanks!
  15. Hmmm. How bad could that get? The max BS we're likely to see with a camo figure packing LGL (can't be linked because camo) is 13 or 14. I guess you could end up linking someone with Holo2: do we have any examples of that?