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  1. Well, i can't talk in the name of CB and their plans... But there was not that many changes between season 7 and 8 when it comes to needed objectives. Tic-Tac-Toe is the most hardcore scenario and from what i remember it was thrown in as a kind of probe. If the new season requires some completely new ammount of objectives we'll likely release a small "adjustment set" to make the old sets work properly.
  2. Some more stuff available at our webstore Food booths! Quad cargo crates! Some wrecked cars!
  3. Unfortunately no The creator of mosaic bases got overwhelmed by other projects... But the 70mm is still planned.
  4. Yup, it's here! ITS objectives scenery set It depends. They are higher than a S5 but they suffer from "MDF stairs syndrome" - which means there's a 3mm gap under them. Unless you and your opponent agree to ignore them before the game people will get shot in the ankles.
  5. That's a good point! I'll poke our graphic artist for some pics of alternative ways to set up the mat and to upload them to our shop. In the meantime maybe these will help - those are inside drafts used for our box art. There more possibilities once you mix the sets or add additional tiles
  6. We should release both of those products in the next order form for our retailers. That means that they should be up in out webstore in aabout a month or so. In the meantime, here's the missing 70mm Round base: Terminus Segments Maghariba base As well as: And: Some new water transfers
  7. I'll ask
  8. Finally! Our brand new, first ever modular mat bu MAS is here. In our store i mean... Terminus Segments Communal modular mat Along with some new, never seen before dedicated bases! TerSeg bases Round 25mm TerSeg bases Round 40mm TerSeg bases Round 55mm There should also be a 70mm base shortly And since we're on the topic of our KS stuff, you can also get the new, improved Catwalk! It's a lot more stable and modular modular than it's predecessor. It also comes with integrated barriers so you can get that cover without going prone It's also fully compatible with the HoloAds upgrades for the previous version. Check it here: District 5 Catwalk - your bread and butter catwalk, fits everyway you like as long as you're doing it straight and/or right angles; District 5 Catwalk Special - contains three way section and 60 degrees sections! For those of You still big on the prvious version - stay sharp for some bargain deals on our shop as we're going to phase it out.
  9. Hi there! We're slowly but surely releasing all of that stuff so some of it already should be available at our retailers. There should be some new releases/news this week or right at the start of the next one Stay tuned.
  10. I know Our IT guys have been at it since the very morning...
  11. Yes,we will. We already have files from the author and Corvus Belli permission. But i honestly can't say when we will do it Lots of other important stuff in the way...
  12. It's not on our webstore yet - i'll upload a link once it's available Just to clarify: i'm posting about the new releases about just the same time we're sending new order forms to our retailers. We have an gentleman's agreement with them that they have around a week or two of head start before we'll start selling it in our webstore. In other words, you can start bugging your local source of MAS stuff. If that fails, stay tuned for the update in our store. As for prepaints - no, we're not offering prepaints. Sorry
  13. Hey guys, our retailers just got access to some new stuff. This time it's the scenery version of our ITS tournament objective pack! It's compatible with both ITS seasons 7 and 8 and has enough objective markers to play every single mission there is. To make it more affordable we redid Human Consoles and Transmission Antennas into a MDF console-antennae combo Also, we have some sweet highway bases, while they're not particulary Infinity-like some of you fielding bike gangs and badland desperados might find them interesting
  14. hey! may be interested. 

    I have sent them this link

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      Allright, thanks a lot!

  15. Hey guys, Another topic where we're trying to have a bigger presence in a region. This time Australasia. We know that you guys play Infinity there, even if you do it while upside down But our contact with the local terrain and accesories suppliers is way below our expectations. While we're doing research on our own i would like to ask you if anyone knows any distributors or shops that would like to have our stuff in stock but are having trouble getting it. We'll happily drop them a line and do our best to establish a lasting cooperation If anyone has any leads please send me a PM or write it in this topic. Thanks!