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  1. Uh-oh... Well, if you like them that's the most important thing for us! But just FYI we generally replace products like that free of charge
  2. Hi! I'm glad you're considering our products as your choice Please take a look at our bundle: D5 Streets Bundle We tried to assemble it using exactly the "most bang for my buck" aproach - there's a list of the products shown on the photos so you can use it as a reference. You can cut back on the Apartament 1 building since they work pretty well as one storey buildings(so you can take 1 or 2 instead of 4). You can also replace the resin scatter terrain with hardfoam containers if you don't mind having them on the streets themselves I'm sure some of the other players will have some cool suggestions as well!
  3. You're welcome! We're glad you like the design and quality The "bag" is pretty flimsy, i know... But it was a bargain option to add for almost no extra cost so we went with it in favor of something more rugged(and pricy!). If youre carying the mat around a lot i'd recommend getting a plastic tube for carrying art and posters(the kind artists use). Also if the trip is short you can easily fold the mat - it won't wrinkle or damage it in any way.
  4. Yep, we will. It was part of our last Kickstarter campaign and will be released along with other products once we complete all of our KS Backer's orders. In the meantime you can check it out here(it's part of two main Pledges as well as a standalone Add-on): Terminus Segments
  5. Exactly! While they still don't have their category among Battle Bases here are some direct links: Round 25mm Round 40mm Round 55mm Also, Haqqislamites stay sharp! There's a Round 70mm incoming
  6. The soonest the mat can be sold in our shop is middle of february. And i'm not sure we'll make it this quick. Of course there's no chance of it being sold before the backers get it. As for the ship heading for the US, no... It's still here
  7. Yes, they are. Currently all of our bases are made of resin.
  8. Hey guys! In the near future you should be able to see a little bit more of our 55mm bases. Since they're used by so many troop types we've bumped the number of designs from 2 to 4 and we're slowly adding new ones to the already existing. Also, some tweaks of tle old ones are possible. Also, we've decided to do a 70mm for some sets. Because we really like the Maghariba guard and would like to support players who field it. We also secretly hope that in time guys at CB will add new units that use it! 55mm Tech bases 70mm Tech base, because of low demand that size will be available only in our webstore for the sime being(sorry!):
  9. Tech 55mm should see the light pretty soon. As for Mosaic bases - we're doing 70mm so i guess 55mm should be there too.
  10. Thanks Durian Yes, our D5 buildings work pretty well if you try to kitbash them with each other. As for the Objective Room roof - it's planned, but with everything else going on it's not really a priority...
  11. Exactly. Fiber board is dirt cheap when compared to it
  12. Uhm, i don't think so... We were captured by this creation of Nazroth as well, but the estimates we did showed that it would have to cost 4 times as our regular Objective Room Sorry!
  13. Yup, kinda like that. The modular playmat along with most of the KS stuff will be available after we finish shipping all of the KS Pledges to our backers. In what order and how soon? I can't say at the moment. There's a chance that the modular playmat will be available only at our webstore(or our stand on fairs).
  14. We should start shipping KS to our backer ba the end of november. How long will it take? I have no idea... But the ladders are not a part of KS, we'll try to squeeze their release before that.
  15. That's right