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  1. Some more new stuff from our Kickstarter! District5 Staircase Corner HoloAds Large Corner HoloAds Small Small HoloAds Orange Small HoloAds Green
  2. That looks like a really handy gadget to have! But i'm a little surprised that you put it on our subforum Is that a colaboration offer?
  3. Thank you, that's what we were trying to achieve
  4. For now it seems like too much hustle, we're planning to sell single tiles so you can pick exactly what you want
  5. Hiding miniatures in Food Booths and Dumpsters with openable doors has been a major flashpoint among Studio's powergamers... Next time we're assembling averything closed down and glued shut And Now for Something Completely Different! Our second modular matt - Terminus Segments Industrial Also, you can expect some single tiles compatible with our Terminus Segments range next week! Those will be unavailable anywhere else but our webstore.
  6. That's a very valid question! Yes, the sides of the roof were meant to fit 25mm bases - unlike the foodbooths where the thought haven't occured to anyone. Open food boths: none at all or all of them Depends on what's more difficult from your point of view Line of Fire True, but products shoul work well on their own That said, as a player myself i find it super important to talk through with my opponent all of the terrain features on the table before the deployment starts.
  7. As well as two 70mm bases for al the Maghariba drivers!
  8. Aaand finally, the D5 Warehouse
  9. Oh yes, absolutely! They will be out next month. The TerSeg Industrial modular mat at both the distributors and our webstore and the solo tiles at our webstore(only).
  10. Well, i can't talk in the name of CB and their plans... But there was not that many changes between season 7 and 8 when it comes to needed objectives. Tic-Tac-Toe is the most hardcore scenario and from what i remember it was thrown in as a kind of probe. If the new season requires some completely new ammount of objectives we'll likely release a small "adjustment set" to make the old sets work properly.
  11. Some more stuff available at our webstore Food booths! Quad cargo crates! Some wrecked cars!
  12. Unfortunately no The creator of mosaic bases got overwhelmed by other projects... But the 70mm is still planned.
  13. Yup, it's here! ITS objectives scenery set It depends. They are higher than a S5 but they suffer from "MDF stairs syndrome" - which means there's a 3mm gap under them. Unless you and your opponent agree to ignore them before the game people will get shot in the ankles.
  14. That's a good point! I'll poke our graphic artist for some pics of alternative ways to set up the mat and to upload them to our shop. In the meantime maybe these will help - those are inside drafts used for our box art. There more possibilities once you mix the sets or add additional tiles
  15. We should release both of those products in the next order form for our retailers. That means that they should be up in out webstore in aabout a month or so. In the meantime, here's the missing 70mm Round base: Terminus Segments Maghariba base As well as: And: Some new water transfers