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  1. Supplies mission typo in "Doctor and paramedic bonus" paragraph: the title says doctor AND paramedic, the text says ONLY doctor has a WIP bonus in this mission Only I see a mistake/typo here?
  2. Where is my Bit&KISS for Combined Army???
  3. Pretty neat!
  4. You'll meet balancing issues because both of the models have relatively high mass center. Their bodies are bulky and legs are thin. That's why they have rather wide legs stance. Not my business, but maybe it would be easier to introduce some kind of homerule about large and huge beings taking 2 and 4 spaces accordingly? Also why not to use Charontid with HMG? It is descent looking miniature and a little bit smaller than Anathematics. And its original design was made for 25 mm base despite now it is provided with 40 mm one (due to introduction it Silhouette mechanic in N3).
  5. Wow, great event! Wargaming is unpopular and often stigmatized as "childish" in postcommunistic countries (I'm from Kyiv, Ukraine ). My club twice took part in KyivComicCon with no success. We suffered from limited indoor space and aggressive kids that broke terrain and stole minis. Glad that you had such a success. Keep going!
  6. @Maru thanks a lot for advice! And as I promised yesterday, a very interesting photo for those still interested in my project: This is Samaritan, but I've cut its tentacles to match Legate's size and to balance on the base. Hands were magnetised with 3x1 mm magnets because I thought that pinning won't help if it falls on the floor. Magnetising took more time than usual pinning and it was a bit risky because I was not sure if there were enough space for magnets in the shoulders.
  7. Ps-st, hey! I very appreciate your likes, but I posted Legate asking for advice on color selection . If one cannot help, feel free to invite some experienced painters like @Maru And for those, who subscribed, a bit of sideproject done in two sessions few months ago. I'm happy how it went with only three colors. And tomorrow I'll post more interesting photos
  8. Hi, guys'n'gals! Long story short: I'm pushing through painting. Frequently selfforcing to take a brush. And now I'm stuck with color selection. Here is WIP photo: I'm planning to highlight naval blue into sky blue, ivory into white, purple into pinky red. And of course darkline the grooves. Necklace will be blue same as body armor. But I haven't decided what color to use for collar and armorplates on his ...ummm... buttock. I feel that there should be neutral warm light tone, but not the same ivory as on the cloak. I've played with color wheel with no result and decided to ask the community. Thanks in forward for your suggestions.
  9. Wotan report manager asks for armylists in PDF but I cannot find the button to export my lists in PDF. We is it? It should one use any external tools to emulate a PDF-printer?
  10. I was hunting for oldstyle Pretas and Gakis boxes for four years. Then they stay in a box for almost five. And only now I have some motivation to assemble and paint them.
  11. Quads suite Haqislamic desert (Bourak) theme much better than 'official' lowriding choppers.
  12. Let me be a NECROMANCER!! Finally I've found my personal style and approach.
  13. And finally it is DONE!
  14. Hi, @Koni I have a problem. Just bought an old model (Vector Operator blister) from local store sale. Blister was clearly unopened. And the model had two right arm pieces and no left one. The blister was from those oldschool years, when no complaint codes were packed with miniatures. I suppose that you don't even have casting molds for this miniature now. But I wish I'm wrong. Any advise from you?