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  1. Is the Infinity Army Mobile App down? Seeing a white screen and then a cannot connect to server error...
  2. So the rules for Booty seems to have change, or not, in N3. Pls clarify the following: 1. Does booty still allow scavenging an item off an unconscious unit with 1 order? (can't find it in the rules or the wiki) 2. If the trooper with booty decides to roll for the loot during deployment, can the trooper still scavenge from an unconscious unit? Its confusing now as the FAQ states that the Aerocam being an equipment can be looted, and its not in the Booty charts, but the rules are missing (or hidden?) thanks
  3. why not both?
  4. I was looking at this and wished there was a Riot Grrl Bike version for Nomads... Pls Consider this CB https://www.etsy.com/sg-en/listing/467247180/tenkafubu-kurenai-puppeteer-lee-art?ref=shop_home_active_22
  5. Infinity Campaign Day (Singapore): The Yu-Jing Shadow War at The Card Geeks Saturday at 12:30 PM - 8 PM The Card Geeks ( 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace #03-72 Singapore 168976, Near Chinatown ) $8 event fee. 150 pt, narrative campaign games, beginners friendly. https://www.facebook.com/events/1049119985192022/ 4//6.2193Encrypted:Protocol Ghost AlphaAudio Only: Message Transcript Initiate 久仰, 師父. I have received your messages, but I first have grave news. What I am about to tell you is known to but a handful of people in the State Empire. No one else knows, or can know for now.The Jade Emperor is dead. I saw his body myself, shot like chattel in sub-basement 14d in Delta wing of the Palace, //sub14d.png attached// They came at us after two a.m. in the Amethyst Wing, silenced weapons, TO, and mono-edge. We had been notified of training operations but when Zhang Wude took a Contender round between the eyes all hell broke loose. <pause> I'm sorry, Shifu. Köke was slain in the fracas, his cube scrambled by mono through the back of his head. I feel his loss deeply as you must now, and swear vengeance for his restless ghost. He was always the most favoured of your disciples. The Imperial family had been evacuated from their chambers as protocol dictated by their security detail, only to be ambushed and apprehended en route. We traced the evacuation route and found evidence of a firefight, and managed to follow the trail to the sub-basement. My unit surrounded and apprehended the regicides, but we were too late to prevent the killings. The murderers were <garbled>.. For their crimes an immediate summary execution would have been righteous and just, but we <expletive> needed them. They did not have the clearance or the resources to have acted alone. We needed their testimony and confession, and we need to know who perpetrated this atrocity. They have been remanded in <information encrypted//access with biometric key> for... further questioning. <do you want to know more? Visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/1049119985192022/ >
  6. Just a status update on my attempt to paint 18 Tohaa models in Mar 2017. I'm about 40% through and since work is getting more intense, I've been struggling to get more painting done. Sometimes when I'm really tired, all i can do is to paint the base coat on the model or add more details to the bases. I'm trying to paint them slightly above tabletop standard and its already become a challenge. Hope I can complete this before a campaign game on 25th. yay.
  7. It does doesn't it? The logo is coincidence as I'm using the P3 wet palette. Thanks!
  8. First 6 of my Tohaa painted... That's 6/18 of my March pledge
  9. My new batch of Tohaa has been sitting around in blisters for over a year. Finally got them assembled, primed and ready for this March 2017 pledge! Let's do this!!!
  10. 12.30PM (CET) is the official timing.
  11. And for that he's getting all these complaints. I don't see any slander or contempt in the feedback given other than a lot of people being frustrated in the event that they can't get hold of something wonderful from him. That's why I hope everyone gets what they want. No more, no less...
  12. Because when people say control in such a context, it usually means "creative control" and not the number of copies to sell. Limiting the number of copies is a common marketing tool call "limited edition" which a lot of infinity fans frown upon. The only respectable reason Angel could have for limiting runs is that he's not confident in selling them all. If for any reason all 5500 copies do sell out, he's going to face a raging mob of fans, at which he will have to decide on a 2nd run (that will piss off those who spent extra on shipping and paying scalpers on ebay) or stick to the limited edition status of 1st run (which will piss off the fans who can't get a book) A lose lose situation. For Angel's sake, I hope he has exactly 5500 fans.
  13. I guess this was Angel's first foray into "business" and all the distribution hiccups can be credited to "teething problems". Good thing he's got all this goodwill accumulated all these years 'cos this could very well be the first Kickstarter-related incident that does not involve kickstarter... Sorry for the rant but there is a very high chance I would not end up with a copy due to this pre-order disaster. (by kickstart I mean crowdfunding)
  14. Big Sigh... Why didn't Angel do a Kickstarter to see how many copies he needs to print? Now some of us have to pay extra shipping cost to get it direct from CB store... upset
  15. Awesome artwork! Just shared some of your work on the Infinity SG FB grp...