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  1. thanks, what about the cover threshold ? and what uses a S0 size?
  2. anyone has the exact measurements for the 8 of them?
  3. i support this request cathalog has too small thumbnails, can not be accessed via the front page thus you have to KNOW it exists, a major disadvantage for newcommers
  4. it was merged with the shop which, imho, is less browser freiendly due to its pure top-down arrangement, it should allow at least allow two-column mode for us widescreen guys
  5. they are of relatively low res
  6. Hi ppl, do you happen to have some nice higher resolution/vectorfile holo symbols, like they are used to display hacking and holographic displays ? in case noone knows what I mean:
  7. So now with the new sculpts, what will happen to the old one, especially the female 280502-0040. I hope it won't be discontinued.
  8. would you mind also sharing the skin recipe for the aleph faces?
  9. Hi, not long ago I saw some laser cut acrylic circles that fit around the old bases and extend that to the new one, unfortunately, they I can't find them any more, anyone happen to know what I mean?
  10. try using building insulation foam next time, this stuff is rather rigid and does not have those bubbles.
  11. Imho, NMM looks only good in still pictures. So, as pointed out before, shading metallics is the way to go for me as well. Also Infinity does not really have much bare metal. Bare metal suggests unprocessed or raw state, it does not really fit the highly processed and synthesized world of Infinity.
  12. pix or it didn't happen
  13. hmmmm.... 'never purchased a sin eater. Thx, I was already fearing I might have messed packages up. Your help is appreciated.
  14. So I went through my minis to trace them for transport accommodation. Opened all packages and closed them again, and now I'm left with one left arm that I can not link to any body. It is probably YuJing or Aleph, can someone help please? The squares on the left are one quarter inch per side.