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  1. Simple. You reduce the required roll by -3. Then roll 0 dice. Causality violation averted.
  2. The reason Nomads defended La Forja was basically sheer stubbornness and outrage at being stabbed in the back by our supposed Ariadnan allies. Sure, it was all fluff, and a faction is a faction but it got a lot of batreps flowing in. We didn't care that the shipyard would be blown up.
  3. Fuyu nailed it. It would be better if we had a set of scaling objectives: 1 point for getting 100 points down, 2 for 200 and 4 for the wildly unrealistic goal of 300.
  4. All a campaign really does is get people out there and playing. This weekend we had a braai and played a bunch of games and had some great laughs. It was way more relaxed and fun than a tournament but there was still something to be gained: honour for your faction! Besides the gaming, there's the creative juices. @Nazroth's godawful Dong Peyote miniature for a start. Crazy videos. IC smack talk. By the way @AdmiralJCJF deserves a Bell's for making all the other factions hate PanO like they should instead of congralutory back-slapping them for being shining heroes.
  5. Yup, TV series that debut are exactly the same. Massive interest at first, which peters out then it picks up for the finale. Then the second season struggles to pick up steam. That's why so many anime series are only 13 episodes and end with barely any plot resolution. Mostly it is the format, but the Mass Effect 3 feel will affect activity for the rest of the campaign. People will continue to play their own games but rather stick to their own narratives. One of our players was complaining that he wanted to "rescue" his Lieutenant after he lost in a Hunting Party game. So in that sense, it's good.
  6. I'll tell you what part of the reason is. Phase 1 was characterised by a 3-way betrayal involving Nomads, Ariadna and ALEPH. A heroic defence of Sygtir-1 by PanO. Then in the fluff we get something about everyone's mad at Yu Jing, who basically did nothing but try to hold onto their territory. Nothing we did counted. Not even a line of text. People (including me) were sour at that, but it's not a video game. Now, this is 10-20% of the reason. The remainder is that people are simply exhausted. It takes a lot of effort to do these things, and a lot of gamers are making up a lot of time to a lot of annoyed partners. People had not planned for games past Phase 1, and were waiting on secret objectives to figure out what to do next. Initial enthusiasm and novelty has worn off. So, 50% exhaustion and 30% novelty.
  7. Helllo? Is this PanO Command? @Luisjoey yes please I would like to defect.
  8. Holy cow - yes. Deadpool can Assault up a ladder and totally stab someone in the butt on the roof!
  9. You're not the only one. At some point, people simply get tired of spamming games. Trying to hold and take locations exhausts people, especially when there is a grudge match like between Ariadna and Nomads. The result is a pyrrhic victory. The losing side gets to make some noises about containing the sepsitorisation (like they would anyway) and the winners... uh, keep their turf. And then the location blows up so WTF. When you think about it, to get one game in you need: 1 hour set-up and travel 2 hours on average for a short game, our can drag on for over 3. Writing up batreps: 2 hours for a decent one. Adding in photoshop will double that. I was up til 1am doing a decent batrep for my Baijing consulate game. And all we get are vague assurances from @Beasts of War - Warren that "it counts." Meanwhile it was a draw, 1 measly point towards 300 points and as of this morning at best Haqqislam is only 1/3 of the way to their goal. 5 more weeks of this? Frack that.
  10. Indeed they should... though a Maggie catapulting McMurrough behind it is hilarious. Nope. You Idle and remain where you are, eating bullets/chain/flame. It's circumstantial... but canny players are very effective at exploiting flanks and high PH Kinematika is an excellent counter. Much of the time it's better to simply ARO with a Grenade from these guys. Another point to make is that you can stack your ARO with guys in front of you. So you have an Alguacil in front, this allows Massacre to vault over him and Engage at the same time thanks to simultaneous activation. Bizarrely, Engage also works up ladders. Not that I ever think I will see it in a game but I can just picture Deadpool climbing up a ladder to stab a ninja in the butt.
  11. Normally for Engage ARO you measure 2" in any direction. Now, these two have Kinematika L2, which boosts that to 4". BUT it's not a MOV, it's more like a teleport the way a CrazyKoala charge is. Most of the time it doesn't make much difference, but you measure base to base and don't do the "bend the ruler" for a MOV-type Order. So you can use this to very effectively guard a building that's a bit less than 8" across. FURTHERMORE, Engage lets you pop up BEHIND the attacker because you place the Engage trooper anywhere in B2B contact. With their high CC, these guys can nip a rampage in the bud. Nobody else in Nomads gets Kinematika L2, so I don't think many people are aware of the uses of this.
  12. I think I need to update the entries on Sr. Massacre and McMurrough. That 4" Engage distance is a radius, which means it's hellishly effective around corners when an attacker is visible.
  13. Whatever, man. And FYI I'm a Nomad and we stick up for our friends.
  14. Your words will be remembered, Admiral. Remember where your Silk comes from. No amount of Hyperpower arrogance has yet managed to replicate it.