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  1. That's... Wow. I really have nothing to say to you.
  2. That was me. What he said was, they were rarer than female Order Sergeants but that they certainly existed. The only exception was Father-Knights, due to the name. Yup, honestly I am tired of PanO's most recent female HI being: Joan of Arc Joan of Arc Joan of Arc Joan of Arc
  3. Some excellent suggestions here, and I really hope @Beasts of War - Warren gives them due consideration. My one suggestion is the same as I made in @AdmiralJCJF's Wotan Experience thread, and I'll just expand on it a little. Make missions an objective rather than a location. This black ops war Infinity fights is not about territory, it's strategic influence. Here's an example I thought of, using the notion of multiple objectives or missions. EXO Orbase: Defend Mission: Evacuate civilians. Must use the mission in the PDF. Assault Mission: Kidnap VIPs. Must use the mission in the PDF. Default Mission: Straight battle or your own mission choice, eg D20. Worth less points than the other two. So in effect you are not conveying the impression that you are "occupying" PanO's EXO Orbase by playing a string of games of Ariadna vs. Yu Jing and thereby somehow militarily occupying the base, you are seeking an objective whilst you are maintaining the anti-CA alliance, if in name only. Setting reasonable goals also works well. Instead of one large goal, there can be smaller goals. Say 50 points on Baijing Consulate Assault Missions for 1 CP, 100 point for Haqqislam Defend Missions for 2 CP. These point goals are public. Except for the CA, and maybe they get a points boost somehow to represent the ginormous powerful army they have. There will be issues of balance, but also there is no way to tell beforehand how many real players there are going to be in each faction, nor can you really penalise factions just for being unpopular.
  4. Also, the Mobile Brigada is a regular Hacker not an Assault... so she can Fairy Dust herself and then go pick a Hacking fight... Also, the Mobile Brigada is a regular Hacker not an Assault... so she can Fairy Dust herself and then go pick a Hacking fight...
  5. A solid suggestion. With regard to the "fighting over territories," people still tend to think of it like that. Nomads really doubled down to defend La Forja and the Dong Peyote, partly because such locations are regarded as our actual homes, not just some installation. I think Ariadna's own narrative had the right idea: each location was a set of objectives towards getting a goal. Of course, it remains to be seen whether CB will tear up Gutier's vision for Ariadna and let them have their own shipyard spacefleet. Instead of calling it "Light Frigate CIC" rather describe the objectives as the goal. It's also a bit weird to talk about the Shanjiang Frigate CIC and yet you're fighting through jungle terrain. Objectives also add something else, like a reason for Ariadna (or anyone else) to attack the Tohaa: "Steal viral weapons data." ECHO Commodule would be, say: "Intercept fleet communications." I think we need an Odalisque character codenamed @Danger Rose. I loved reading his batreps and he's been nothing but credit to team.
  6. We all knew it was going to happen, because the Infinity story has to progress (unlike 40k which has until recently been doing donuts for the past 10 000 years). So Nomads didn't get a mention, but we don't need a gold star sticker and a well done pat on the head. And frankly I'm glad I pitched in for Nomads than PanO, it was way more fun that the DUES VULT train.
  7. He has, frankly. You may disagree with the system, the campaign or countless other things but with the evidence of his lengthy replies you can't deny that Warren has been extremely patient and engaged meaningfully with participants (even non-participants). That he eventually ran out of patience is down to him not being a Deva Functionary.
  8. Tried to edit the LI entry to include Warcors and how Aerocam is a 360 Visor, but the topic's now too old (>5 years) to edit. I think I'll have to ask for this to be unpinned and start afresh.
  9. Gains +1B, pseudo-Mimetism. Can Dodge at full PH, can go Prone. Smaller Silhouette. Cannot be Possessed or Ejected, can take Fairy Dust. CC is decent-ish and can use the Heavy Pistol for it. It's different, to be sure.
  10. As mentioned both the MK12 and SMG are in Suppressive Fire mode. So you can choose between DAM13 AP/Shock or straight up DAM15. With the 360 option, it becomes a viable counterpart to an HMG. Whilst the MR is cheaper, I think the flexibility of the Mk-S-360 option is the better option alone or as an HMG complement - but that discussion will only come about when we see the sectorial. So right now, it's a case of which option is best solo, and that's the Mk-S-360 at the moment. I somehow doubt that Full Auto will confer its bonus on B2 weapons.
  11. Those are awesome. Kudos for just throwing down on the paper Aleph terrain! What font do you use for these batrep images?
  12. More like: How can we re-use this sculpt?
  13. That's when they realised their jump packs were sized for Ko Dali, and they realised they could sell a bunch of sculpts and save a bunch of sculpting time by making them all laydeez. Besides, CA has a distinct lack of alien bewbs.
  14. Oh really, did Kuang Shi become Linkable with any unit, Not Impetuous and not require a Kuang Shi Control Device overnight? You should read people's posts before quoting to them. And no, a 5 point Hafza-like is not a serious suggestion.
  15. It's never good enough. I think they should have Symbiont Armour too. But seriously, our negative reaction was justified after seeing that 4-2 and they still cost what they did. However, if it's 4-4 that changes everything.