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  1. I'd prefer less cheesecake miniatures because I don't think it meshes well with the feel of Infinity.
  2. Thanks to SpicyIrish for running a great event. I managed to get 7th, which was a huge step up from last place at Adepticon!
  3. Don't get me wrong, it's still a great idea and I like it a lot. I just wanted to make sure that the tradeoffs were understood and that there might be situations where you benefit from doing things differently. Ale aren't you moving your models 8" instead of 4" since they're 4-4?
  4. You take take De Fersen and just want cheap order generators you can also take an 8 point Dronbot and Mulebot. That's two orders for 16 points, plus you get two repeaters that can move extremely quickly. And mind you the whole impetuous first / link team later maneuver doesn't give you a "free" order, as you're still using the Lt. order to activate the link team. Still it's a valid (and awesome) tactic.
  5. Well I got the MO starter set. Any suggestions on how to best utilize them?
  6. I love the new model. I just bought the old HMG Hellcat to finish off my Corregidor list, and I'm actually looking forward to replacing every model I have (Alguacils, Intruders, Hellcat, maybe even Kowalsky) if the new sculpts look like that Hellcat.
  7. Missions were 200 pts. The scenarios can be found on Adepticon's website here
  8. So let me see if I can get a general idea of what people think about the units. Maybe if I collate enough info I can put together a Tactica or something that you guys can help me make worth reading. Fusilier Taking Fusiliers in MO is heresy. Order Sergeant The "core" of the MO order pool. Order Sergeants can form link teams, Specialist Sergeants cannot. A typical MO force will have a least a few OS to provide orders. In a link team they can be useful with a spitfire or sniper rifle. Specialist Sergeants provide extremely rare capabilities that are hard to find elsewhere. The MSV2 Specialist Sergeant is one of the few MO units that can reliably pierce through camo. The TO Camo Infiltrating specialists allow infiltration and along with the Montesa Knights can provide mid-board deployment. One of only two hacker options. Knights Hospitallers ARM 4 and BTS -6 make them tough nuts to crack, but 4-2 means they're fairly slow. Can be linked along with Father-Officer Gabriele. Weapon options are limited to Multi Rifles, but they're the only Knights that can get HMGs. WIP 13 makes for a decent doctor, but it's a 52 point model and if you Frenzy your options are limited. Points cost is slightly above average. Knights of Santiago Cheap way to get Spitfires. ARM 4 and BTS -3 means they're relatively weak to hackers. Rare source of E/M grenades. 360 Visor makes them very effective against flankers and AD troops. Slow at 4-2. Points cost is slightly above average. Knights of Montesa Mechanized Deployment gives you mid-board deployment options. Not a lot of weapon options although the light grenade launcher does provide a rare speculative fire option. Standard ARM 4 and BTS -3. One of only two Knights that are Not Impetuous or Frenzy. Slightly above average points cost. Knights of the Holy Sepulchre The other Not Impetuous Knight, these guys have some interesting capabilities. ARM 4 and BTS -3, but they also have Holoprojector L2 which gives you a chance to pull off some interesting shenanigans by disguising them as an Order Sergeant or something equally diabolical. Spitefire Lt. offers an efficient way to have an Lt. and a heavy weapon. Only other option is the combi rifle, which does get the D.E.P. for when you get in close range. One of the more expensive Knights. Teutonic Knights Very solid units that are below average cost and 4-4 movement. ARM 3 and BTS -6 means they're slightly weaker against regular fire but resist hacking better. No Cube means they ignore Sepsistor. Very nasty in close combat. Options are limited to combi rifles and spitfires (no spitfire Lt. option), but combi rifle guys also get Panzerfausts which can be very effective. Can be linked. Magister Knights Cheapest Knight you can get. ARM 3 and BTS -3, but at 27 points each who cares? Hyper-Dynamics L1 means they're dodging on 17s. Impetuous unless they're in a link team. They do not carry ranged weapons beyond Panzerfausts, but have access to EXP CCW. You can also get a light shotgun MK. Missile Launcher MK offers a rare long range threat, but with only BS 12 it's hard to capitalize. Fast for a HI with 4-4 movement. Seraph Relatively cheap for a TAG. ARM 7 and BTS -6, and you can take two if you're feeling frisky. Only 85 points and 2 SWC. Also comes with an AUXBOT that totes a heavy flamer and makes for a good sacrificial lamb against CrazyKoalas. Father-Officer Gabriele De Fersen Very effective hacker with ARM 4 and BTS -6 and a Spitfire. Most expensive Knight you can buy. Makes for a great (if obvious) Lt. Can be linked with the Knights Hospitaller. Can be a source of cheap orders if you take De Fersen and also grab a Fugazi Dronbot and Minesweeper Mulebot for 8 points each. Joan of Arc Second most expensive Knight with amazing stats. If taken as a Lt. will provide +1 SWC. Can be linked to Knights of Hospitaller and Santiago. Has Inspiring Leadership which provides a means of controlling Frenzied or Impetuous troops by keeping her in a link team. Weapon options limited to MULTI Rifle and Nanopulser. Joan of Arc 2.0 (Mobility Armor) Same effects as Joan of Arc but with 4-4 move and a Spitfire instead of a Nanopulser. Can provide a 1 SWC Lt that also includes a spitfire. Less armored and weaker PH, but still has BS 15. Still expensive but can provide a large amount of value to a team.
  9. Right, so fluff reasons. Got it.
  10. So what about Fusiliers? I mean the 3 point difference between a Fusilier and an OS may not be much but it can add up to an upgraded Knight. Why don't a lot of MO people use them?
  11. I'm confused. If the Teutonic is a bad Lt. because of the risk of Impetuous, why is the Santiago better? I mean I agree that the extra ARM, spare SWC, and other benefits are totally worth the 5 point difference and loss of PH over a Teutonic Spitfire, but you still have the issue with the Impetuous Lt. The Sepulchre Knight also looks like a great option. Ahh! Too much of a good thing!
  12. At the Adepticon tournament I had the misfortune of coming in last. I got swept off the board twice, and in the third game managed to keep 2 models alive in the end. I had a less than ideal Corregidor sectorial list (yes I know it's not the list, it's me...), and at the end of the tournament I wanted to do something different. Nomads are a great army, but they require finesse and subtlety. I decided I wanted something else. If Nomads were a precisely placed dagger in the back, I wanted a mailed fist to the face. I wanted Military Orders. So I read the various threads and bought the starter set. I plan on getting those models painted up and establish a good foundation with those models before I do too many other things, but I wanted to think about what I would eventually do at the 250 level. So I put together this: MILITARY ORDERS ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 1 (Regs: 8/Irrs: 0): 3x ORDER SERGEANT Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife (13) MOV:4-4 CC:15 BS:12 PH:10 WIP:13 ARM:1 BTS:0 W:1 TEUTONIC KNIGHT Combi Rifle, Panzerfaust / Pistol, AP CCW (42) MOV:4-4 CC:18 BS:14 PH:14 WIP:13 ARM:3 BTS:-6 W:2 TEUTONIC KNIGHT Spitfire / Pistol, AP CCW (46 | 2) MOV:4-4 CC:18 BS:14 PH:14 WIP:13 ARM:3 BTS:-6 W:2 TEUTONIC KNIGHT Lieutenant Combi Rifle, Panzerfaust / Pistol, AP CCW (42 | 1) MOV:4-4 CC:18 BS:14 PH:14 WIP:13 ARM:3 BTS:-6 W:2 2x MAGISTER KNIGHT Panzerfaust / Pistol, DA CCW (27) MOV:4-4 CC:18 BS:12 PH:14 WIP:12 ARM:3 BTS:-3 W:2 223 Points | SWC: 3 ARMY CODE: eNozMlY1UjNQM6xBJs2hpBGYNAaSFmA2mAQAFZALCw== Army Infinity v.3.0. The problem, of course, is that I still have 27 points and up to 2 SWC left to play with. As I see it I have several options: Option 1: Take a third Magister Knight, and use them to form a link team. This option gives me three potential link teams to utilize as required. I could theoretically link the team in the first turn, use their combined orders to get them up close and personal to the enemy, and then swap the link team to the Teutonic Knights so that the Magisters rampage around with their Impetuous orders. Option 2: Take an Order Sergeant with a sniper rifle. This would give me a 4 man Order Sergeant link team, and with a burst 2 sniper rifle I have a long range threat in both active and reactive turns. Option 3: Take a Specialist Sergeant with a Spitfire and MSV 2. MO have little in the way of defense against camo, so a MSV 2 model with a spitfire would prove a nasty force in the active turn. There are plenty of other options as well. I could give a second TK the spitfire and buy a Specialist Sergeant with an auxbot. Or I could buy two Order Sergeants and have a ton more orders. Or I could drop the Order Sergeants to Fusiliers and have a bunch of other points to play around with. Obviously I'll need to get a LOT more experience with these guys before I make a real decision, but do you guys have any suggestions?
  13. One thing that works really well for setting up terrain is to put the square pieces on the table diagonally relative to the table edges. That way LOF between the two table edges is even more blocked and you avoid the risk of alleyways turning into murder lanes.
  14. Barring some major incident I'll be there, although I'll be bringing 250 of painted Nomads and an unpainted Pan-O MO starter set. Unfortunately my Corregidor sectorial doesn't really expand well to 300, so hopefully someone will be willing to play me. I think it might be a good idea to suggest that people bring a variety of lists for different point levels so newer players still have someone to play again. As for June I think a tournament would be fun. The one at Adepticon was a blast. Maybe something at the 200 - 250 point level so that newer players can still join in? Maybe you can combine it with the NOVA Open guys who want to get some practice games in for the tournament they'll be running in August. Scenario tables would also be a lot of fun. The more we can do to encourage the hobby and get involved with different and interesting missions the better!
  15. Hopefully the next one will be May 19?