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  1. yes you pick a model. you are not allowed to hit an inactive model standing by while missing the active model who was too far away. you must pick a model, and that model must be hit by the template; and then any others can be hit also if they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  2. I played again against YuJing this time. We didn't had a bagh-mari/jethro in non-narrative mode, so we picked a designated target the same way you pick a designated datatracker in ITS9. ### Medical Bay update ### Prowler Edvard Darbinyan is recovering well. Rev. Moira Lídia Oriol is recovering well. ### Reinforcements ### Rev. Moira Senka Bogdanović has received a new l-host. A new Chimera unit has been assigned to your command. The launch of the reinforcement dropship has been delayed. ### Mission report ### ### Mission: Run-in on Paradiso ### ### Result: Major Success ### ### Dominated all Sectors ### ### Killed the Designated Target ### ### INTELCOM used in the farthest Sector ### We arrived on the scene, tracking down the designated Zanshi which later appeared to be the one in command.We placed the vortex on the left. I was prone on a high central building. The rest of the force - Riots, daktari, and EVO - on the right in a building. The YuJing had a Celestial guard hacker and an O-Yoroi on our left; the Zanshi in center; the rest on our right and everyone either prone on rooftop or hiding behind the building. I deployed the Lizard near the Vortex to face off the TAG and he deployed a Camo in that sector too. The EVO quickly setup Reboot Supportware. The Lizard took out the O-Yoroi. Everyone moved in coordination and the fireteam moved up in good position. The Lizard used the HGL killing the Celestial Guard. Another shot on the zanshi target missed. He finished in Supp Fire behind a tree. The Lizard missed the guilang deploying a repeater and the reset against the aragoto, getting immobilized. The Su-Jian killed the Riot Grrl Spitfire and the EVO. Our Riot MULTI knocked out the aragoto. Several YuJing went in suppressive fire and we took back initiative. The Riot MULTI killed the SuJian and the Lizard killed the Guilang. The Riot MULTI destroyed a helper bot which didn't prevent the doctor who was moving on the other side of the building to get to the aragoto. With the aragoto back up it charged at my Riots with his shotgun. The Riot MULTI blew up the aragoto and the Riot Combi's armor stood the shots. It was time for my doctor to come into play in an effort to reduce my units downtime in this campaign. She healed the Riot spitfire and the fireteam was reformed. While doing that she sent the helper bot open the building in which the Lt was hiding; which gave LoF for the Lizard. With their Lt dead, the YuJing retreated. The four Riot Grrls on Supp Fire gunned down the Zanshi Forward Observer without mercy. The Rui Shi was still trying to hold their line but with the Intelcom used on the helperbot we dominated that sector too. <<<Army Reserve>>> (for the next mission) Available mercenaries: Avicenna Additionnal mercenaries: Miranda, Lunah, ABH, Armand, Yuan, Bashi, Druze, KTS Available troops: Daktari, 6 Moderators, 1 Vortex, 5 Rev. Moira and Rev. Superior Kusanagi, 3 Sin-Eaters, 1 Prowler, 5 Riot Grrls, Lizard, 1 Salyuts, 1 Morlock, 1 Chimera. Delayed troops (ie. Not yet painted): Clockmaker, 7 Moderators, 1 Prowler, 2 Zeros, Rev. Custodier, Taskmaster, Meteor Zond and two more Zonds, 2 Tsyklon, Chimera, 9 Morlocks. Troops in repair station: Salyut EVO Troops awaiting Cube resurrection: Rev. Healer BSg, Zero KHD. Permanent losses in this campaign: Chimera Sanne Hjort. pictures of the table:
  3. i agree with musterkrux, just make sure you left a spare unused SWC, and make sure that you add up the Pts of the merc models to verify you are not over 75.
  4. Reset is only FTF against hacking/jammer attack and Normal roll against anything else.
  5. none of them moved first unless the first Move showed one, at which point you detonate, and a second Move brought the other in range. the order in which he decide to move his model has no impact on which target you can choose or against which model a weapon (mine or koala or madtrap) will activate.
  6. that is how i was thinking it. he takes two hit, fails two, is now unconscious, a null state, state in which he'll remain there indefinitely. if he take one hit and fail one, then he will not be remaining indefinitely in a null state, and will make a Guts roll. For me, to remain only refer to the permanent/persistent aspect of the state in which you entered; not that you had to be in that state prior to the Order. Only that you started being Null with that order and will stay null after the end of the Order is enough for "remaining in" to be True.
  7. i'd rather have 1 of each than both of the same. Slightly cheaper, crazy koala, free agent makes it better than taking a second copy of kriza.
  8. Imm and Iso requires the use of token marker, which are impossible to place on the table next to a removed dead model. For Unconscious I agree, being in a null state and later revived (or even if never revived) doesn't clear you from your IMM/ISO statuses.
  9. When you play old style with allowing Merc to be taken freely with player agreements, Army will allows you to take 7. They will also have different color. nevermind, they now remove duplicates on KTS/YY/etc. keeping the yellowish background Veteran Troops and hiding the greenish background Mercenary Troops version. So i guess when you take Merc you are not allowed to take any merc which are already presents as non-merc in your sectorial.
  10. iirc the previous season mission had a confusing language about dominate more at the end of the game meaning to have had dominated more often throughout the game (so 1-0; 3-2; etc.). Or it was confusing but the opposite which is as you say : dominate more assigned Q each round, but then since you both only have 1 assigned Q it is always 0-0, 1-0, or 1-1; each round. And having more means having 1-0. anyway, i do recall it was confusing so i'm surprised if they didn't revised the language.
  11. you are correct, you only have to do the full first move. Others were suggesting you have to move as fast as possible and therefore do move+move or long skill super-jump. But moving as fast as possible is only for counting how many order it take to reach a target. Once that is determine, you can move a single full (it must be full) first value move and idle after. Or idle first, which could be useful if that idle forces a change facing ARO before your mandatory move.
  12. it isn't compulsory if you can make a legal Move (legal means you must move your full 4" when performing an impetuous Order). If you cannot make a legal Move then it is compulsory to do the entire order if it makes it possible to do the required 4" displacement. edit : if you need to jump/climb upward 6" to reach an enemy on top, in that case, you can move 2" to the bottom edge of the building and you are thus moving less. Also if that 2" make you reach a Very Difficult area where you must slow down, then you only move 2" (and because of infinite height, a Jump would also stop at the zone edge and accomplish the same 2" movement). you can declare move second because that is how infinity works, you can always move+shoot or shoot+move to the same effects. if you must jump; you can't jump+shoot which is the same effect as you cannot shoot+jump. You could shoot first when you know that you'll be able to also Move. it is true the rule say to figure it out only when you declare the Move/Jump/other movement. But it is trivial to see it in advance and make a proper declaration; that is, pick an option from the list that will give you your mandatory 4" movement. And if none exist then sure you'll move only 2" to the VDiff terrain and stop there.
  13. this ain't my opinion. the rule is "piece of scenery". so we can close this thread. you already got the rules, you found them in the rulebook/wiki already. The opinion is about how you go for considering when a scenery is a different part or if it is the same part. any other player can only give their opinion on that topic which you don't want to hear. "For a piece of scenery to be considered " this line adds-on to the previously mentioned, one bullet line above, piece of scenery that you are touching. There is no way the rule is suppose to meant If you are touching any piece of scenery, then any other unrelated scenery visually concealing the target is Partial Cover. Else you can touch a building on the side, and a building in the middle of the table is suppose to give you partial cover from a sniper in the other deployment zone ? Is that what you are saying the rule are ? there is no example showing that. All the examples we have are in-line with the piece blocking LoF is the same piece that you are touching.
  14. we usually break down the scenery into individual shorter "piece of scenery". in red right, if it was a rooftop parapet, we'd consider it 5 different parapet with the one in base contact NOT the same as the one blocking LoF. in the case of centre red, if we are talking of mid-height walls. we would consider it two different wall. the wall piece to the left which is he touching but doesn't provide much cover, and the wall piece to the bottom which is intervening in LoF but he is not touching it.
  15. yep counter intuitive as we got used to other missions saying we can blow up the mission objective with d-charge but not place them during first turn. oh well. we'll get used to it.