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  1. AVA2 on transductor, and AVA2 on Slayut minesweepers. That is 4 cheering orders. Not that loud compared to alg/mod.
  2. for a long time bakunin had been without any HI at all. now we have a core link, a haris, and duo. Tunguska will be fine with only Duo. Of course, i'd prefer to have even more HI but I feel Vanilla Nomad already have plenty of HI.
  3. 1) you don't need to declare anything as long as you use the appropriate markers : Camo or TO Camo. If your Spektr deploy using a Camo marker, then that mean he's using the CH2 skill. 2) yes 3) i think modifiers for the Shoot action will be calculated on the revealed profile and therefore would be back the CH:3. I know that in the case of ODD in Impersonation state, against a discover+shoot, the discover use the IMP penalty (none because it is L2) and the Shoot does not use ODD because you cannot have both ODD and Imp(cybermask) count during 1 order. I'm not sure for CH vs CH. 4) yes, going from CH2 to CH3 would require to spend an Entire Order on this non-movement, thus revealing your model out of CH2, sharing the profile and the info that he does possess the declared TO Camo skill, then replacing it with a TO marker.
  4. i played EVO at first, because they are sooooo good amazing hyped! and then after a few game i stopped using them. Note, i play sectorial so its TeamPro is actually Number 2 on everyone (which i'm envious that some other sectorial do have one or more Number 2 in their link). TeamPro is good. Coordinate hack is sometime good. Starting with an active EVO Support when going second is good. But overall, i have a more important models to take for that cost. I don't think I'd use it in Vanilla (unless i was looking at specific EVO Supports, AD, or Sat-Lock playbooks).
  5. which is much more simple than calculating parabolic arc and shadow zone with a not so quite flexible ruler to see if the trajectory is more than maximum range. Even more cool is how you can get critical hits with your shoulder resting ML when your peaking foot around the corner see the enemy hand peaking around the opposite corner.
  6. other models, who only have 1 of those skill, pay full price for a skill only usable half the time (reactive only or active only). So i don't see a problem with paying full price for both skill where both of them are only usable half the time each. The problem would have been if two skill are exclusive or overlapping and you pay full price for each, say if you were paying full price sixth sense 2 and 360 visor. They have an overlap where either of them is enough to counter being shot in the back. Although they also have different application in other fields (360 allowing to react to a simple movement; and SS2 allowing a shoot/dodge through smoke/speculative).
  7. meh, Assault Pistol are cool, but regular pistol does the job. A whole combat group is only 60pts. Leaving you with 140pts for your normal link team and extras you want in your real combat group.
  8. I think a single account single handily won a theater for his faction winning 9 battles there. But there is still time to react as the phase is not over, so this is not really a last weekend splurge in itself I guess. We'll see who wins it. And then we'll see what the historian make out of it. Anyway, there is not much the system can do, or else the next time a single player will just spread it out on multiple accounts.
  9. I had the same question, the other way around. From Bakunin to Vanilla, what am I missing ? In addition to all bakunin, REM, vanilla mercs, I already have the interventor box, 1 tomcat, 1 iguana. i'm guessing that intruder, moran, and spektr are key pieces i'm missing.
  10. For now we know L1 is +1 Burst and L2 is -3BS to the opponent. What is not confirmed is 1) if they stack (likely they do) 2) if the -3BS is FtF only like a -3BS supp fire, or if it always on like a non-cancellable -3BS Mimetism. 3) if it is active turn only.
  11. actually, it does care. quote from the mine wiki : Once on the game table, Mines must trigger when an enemy figure or Marker declares or executes an Order or ARO inside their Trigger Area. They can trigger to a declared dodge aro, but not to a guts movement. A model that didn't even had an order/aro can still make guts movement (if shot from behind for example or if voluntarily not making an ARO). Also, if guts would trigger, then if you place a mine, then move+shoot, and the reactive player opt to not ARO, then if he pass his ARM and he goes Prone, wouldn't that trigger the mine to that guts movement ?
  12. Burst is king, B1 isn't good. I've actually had some small success with normal grenade thrown speculatively from camo. It is a tool that in few games might have his uses. At least it is much better than N2 where a miss could deviate on your own face.
  13. Nope, nothing else gives it outside of itself.
  14. You only lose the supportware if you go Disabled/Isolated/Null state or if you declare a new supportware that will replaces it. You can still use Claw/Sword/BS Attacks while having supportware. The risk, though, is that if you die the REM loses your support.
  15. was that me ? i didn't had anything to object to other posts after mine. I generally agree with what is being said. I don't think you can declare two different ARO, but you can declare the same one twice, or in other words, you should be allowed to pre-declared your ARO. So you think he's in ZoC ? you declare Gotcha. He keeps moving in and is only now giving your an ARO, you Gotcha. That you declare Gotcha at 8.1" when you were not suppose/not allowed to declare anything at all (not even Idle), and then the active model finally does move inside 8" and say, "well you auto-failed your first ARO, the one you were not suppose to have, so you cannot re-declare Gotcha again as that would be two ARO... " is just lame gameplay. Esp. more so when the active player often say "I'll move and shoot" no one tells him, "well, your second short auto-fail because you are only allowed to declare one short skill prior to ARO phase, and you cannot count it as a Shoot after ARO because that would mean you technically declared three short skill (Move + an illegal Shoot + a Shoot again)."