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  1. After several wiki search, I admit you are correct on this part. I see no indication that they cannot overlap, as long as they are not placed on a vertical surface and must follow Deployment phase rules (I guess this part only apply to deployable equipment/weapon that you deploy during Deployment phase!), there are no other restrictions.
  2. Kind of. The part about taking a ARM/BTS is preceded twice by "The Camouflaged trooper receives a successful hit" and "A trooper's Camouflaged state is canceled, and its Marker replaced by its model, whenever:" Taking a ARM roll is not enough, you also must be in camouflaged state. Since you are not yet in that state you wouldn't trigger the cancellation clauses. The same way that you also don't have the effects of Camo during that order (ie. the enemy hacker still attacked you). You'll only become camouflaged, applying the Effects and Cancellation clauses of being Camouflaged after the order in which you re-camo. Furthermore, the ARM/BTS roll sentence finishes with "that forces him to make an ARM/BTS Roll, or a Critical hit, without previous Discovery (by means of an Intuitive Attack, a Template Weapon whose target was a nearby model, etc.) ". The hacking attack was not made without previous Discovery. You were not in camouflaged state when the attack occurred, you were already discovered.
  3. The doctor forgot his nasmat behind in group #2
  4. In that case they could also team up with the hafza on demand. I'm not sure about using a Core team that only have 3 members. I guess it could also be a meta thing. (like table setup that unfavor large link team. everyone locally using effective tactic to rip linkteam so you want to invest in non-link team too.) There are few missions where you actually need each specialist as you can often swap the classified for Secure HVT or for mission specific abilities. If keeping the engineer, I don't think a nasmat is needed as there are only two 8-pts remotes to repair (actually, i guess you could repair the doctor's nasmat lol) and nasmat doesn't help with the mission objectives. Leila is awesome PS - I play QK as a secondary faction, I don't have much experience, and I probably have a bakunin playstyle bias.
  5. eMauler is excellent against some targets, but is still dangerous to normal models. Not as dangerous as a regular mine, but is only one option of your loadout. Precisely, it will stop a model that failed the BTS save from spending any more orders in that turn (like a regular mine also does in most case). Then on reactive turn it will still be able to ARO, but you should have a burst advantage to properly take the model out on your turn. If you don't then on his next active turn he'll be limited to spending only his 1 order. So for normal model, a mine is better, but the emauler also locks down an area by threatening HI and REM. I usually get more mileage out of combi rifle than either mine or emauler and the deployable repeater ties in to the overall plan so you are taking the zero not for the emauler but for the dep rep. assault pistol increase chance of survival when you are almost at destination as it gives a Burst 4 option instead of a just B1 smoke or worse : using DTW, failing your ARM roll and enemy passes his. If you can get close enough a CC engagement serves you better in active turn. You can rarely chose CC on your reactive turn though and if you'll die to an enemy B3 or B4 then you may as well use the Chain Riffle auto-hit. Riot Grrl is a better specialist than a moderator... but when losing her you'll lose both an important model and a specialist. Looking at the list as whole, I would put the riot as specialist instead of moderator. She's screened by the morlock and potentially safe from hacker because of your general anti-hacker abilities (dep rep + interventor) and the focus is split as you have other important models that will also get the enemy attentions. Moderator medic is only a specialist, I would not put orders on her to try to revive an unconscious model (a riot would have 50%/50% chance of reviving to a medic).
  6. You mean impetuous directly shoot smoke. Indirectly is an entire skill and cannot be made impetuously, but you can do it with his irregular order after you've done all impetuous orders.
  7. The only hard choice when facing a camo is Delay (to later shoot if the camo reveal itself) or discover ? If you revealed yourself on (or before) your first skill (be it a move or a shoot), then the choice is quite simple : shoot. No need to delay.
  8. They are activated simultaneously but also In this state, the carried trooper (who is in an Immobilized, Stunned, or Unconscious state) cannot declare Orders or ARO. Any Order or ARO will be always declared and performed by the carrying trooper. It seem like only the carrying trooper is the one declaring and performing the Move+Shoot (or Move+Move) order and MOV restriction would be part of declaring (intended path) and performing (measured path) the Move. While the carried trooper is moving itself to be always in base contact, I'm not sure it is limited by his MOV or half-MOV... but logically he should be limited to other General Move restriction (base being supported, etc.) So I'm not sure. Even in the context of the skill being used in specific scenario, knowing how fast the CasEvac pair can move per Order spent could be very important to know.
  9. Yep. While an impact template would hit both KS and yourself and be voided. The DTW would hit both the KS and yourself, which is 100% normal because you are always hitting yourself every time you place a DTW against an enemy target; and you are unaffected by your own DTW. So it would be possible to DTW your KS in order to not require to do a Intuitive Attack roll against the camo. Or spend an extra order to shotgun at it at +9 BS on a subsequent order.
  10. as you said above, the kuang shi is a model while being casevac, not a marker. The enemy can choose to shoot either the su jian or the kuang shi while in casevac. As the enemy can shoot the kuang shi, so can you. As I said previously, enemy shooting a template at one will hit both. It will be the same if you shoot a template at one, you'd hit both the kuang shi and yourself. So the trick would work when you do it as two orders like Rin replied to me. Short Move, ask for ARO (likely will be nothing), Short Skill Drop at any point during your movement. New order to shoot the kuang shi. But in the article he does mention doing it in one order which I'm not sure you can. But from previous ruling about model moving at the same time, i guess it could be possible : First short Move. ask for ARO. Shoot the kuang shi (as anyone are allowed to shoot a model being casevac; and we know that casevacuating someone doesn't prevent you from doing a Shoot skill) which will cancel the Casevac at the end of the order/movement. The Shoot action can still be taken at the start of your Movement. While logically the kuang shi would be with you at any and each point of your movement that you choose, it was already ruled in other circumstances that you are not allowed to declare any timing within the Move and that moving models occupy the whole path for the whole order.
  11. Got it! Thank you
  12. I was annoyed when they did that in the past for Nomad as I already had a daktaris. But I was pleased when I acquired other faction and they already had those Support Box.
  13. SpecOp XP uses their own XP limit agreed before the game between players in addition to the agreed Pts and SWC. They do not use Pts or SWC to level up. You could have a 300Pts army + 12XP to invest in leveling up a SpecOp (which you pay Pts/SWS of the base model), or 300Pts Army + 24XP SpecOp, it all depends on what the player wants. But you cannot in a 150Pts army list, invest 100XP in the SpecOp and add only 50Pts worth of troop. That is not how it works.
  14. Army never claimed Knife and Pistol were CCWs. If you want to know more about BS Weapon and CC Weapons headers you can click those headers and then the hyperlink which brings you to BS Attack skill and CC Attack skills. In other words, those headers lists weapons you can use to make BS Attacks and CC Attacks. Yet, D-Charges which have a weapon profile is listed under BS Weapon, I guess it was easier than creating a third header for other weapons.
  15. I could not find any "Don't reach base contact with cautious move" condition at all in the cautious move skill, so there is no need to remove it. The only reason you cannot reach base contact is because in order to do so you must be in ZoC which is not allowed (unless you had a higher than 8" MOV). Stealth user allowing to be in ZoC also allows to come into base contact.