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  1. December went by very fast, played a couple more games for my mini-campaign. It was fun. It made me paint a lot of models that otherwise would still be unpainted. I'll be tweaking it before playing again. Also looking forward to the next BoW campaign in a few months. ### Mission report ### ### Mission: The Grid ### ### Result: Failed (8-0) ### ### The enemy designated and destroyed more antennas ### ### The enemy killed the Designated Target ### Having received the Tsyklon and Zond, with the repaired Meteor, I sent them for a REM heavy force. The HMG Zond failed to discover+shoot the camo (later to be known as a Naga Sniper). The moderator link quickly moved into the building on the left, designating one antenna. I coordinated both tsyklon, Reaktion and Transductor to move them in better position, the Naga revealed and hit the HMG spearhead. The spitfire and flash also missed. The Feuerbach Sputnik moved up. The EVO added supportware on the Spitfire Sputnik. Between the TAG and Naga sniper I lost both Sputniks, the Transductor, and the TR Salyut. The TAG climbed a building where my moderator Dibra critted him with a Combi. He kept shooting as he tried to reach cover but the TAG knocked him out. This time from inside the building, the Spitfire opened the door and killed the TAG. The Meteor dropped in my own deployment zone to FO two Antenna. Another of his Naga designated more antennas, one which the Bagh-Mari team blew up with several D-Charges. Then Singh airdropped right next to my HVT killing him easily. The Meteor went after him but broke down. The moderator trio made a run for the enemy HVT but both naga only went Dogged. The medic retreated back to watch the antenna but the Acon Regular FO easily grabbed it again after gunning her down. ### Unit Status update ### Moderator Ozolinsh quickly recovered. <<<Army Reserve>>> (for the next mission) Available mercenaries: Avicenna Additional mercenaries: Miranda, Lunah, ABH, Armand, Yuan, Bashi, Druze, KTS Available troops: Clockmaker, 1 Moderators, Rev. Custodier, Rev. Healer, 3 Rev. Moira and Rev. Superior Kusanagi, 1 Sin-Eater, 3 Riot Grrls, Lizard, Salyut EVO, 1 Zero Delayed troops (ie. Not yet painted): 1 Prowler, Taskmaster, 2 Tsyklon, Chimera, 8 Morlocks. Troops in repair station: Meteor Zond, Reaktion Zond, Transductor Zond, 2 Tsyklon Sputnik, 1 Salyut TR Troops in medical bay: 3 Moderators, 1 Riot Grrls Troops awaiting Cube resurrection: Daktari, 8 Moderators, Rev. Moira HMG, Chimera, Prowler Spitfire, 2 Sin-Eater, 2 Zero. Resurrected troops waiting to join us: Rev. Moira Sniper, Rev. Moira Hacker, Riot Grrl SO, Vortex Permanent losses in this campaign: Chimera Sanne Hjort, Morlock Enyinnaya Ihejirika, Morlock Sanjeev Rao, Countless warcors.
  2. Painted Campaign/Personal Challenge: Everyone is Important The Challenge: The Challenge is that you need your full collection of painted units and make sure that all off them see action. They are all needed in this Campaign as deaths counts and reinforcements are scarce. (I was inspired by a recent post during Wotan.) Army Reserve: You start by listing all the units you have in your collection. This will be the army reserve. Staying as wysiwyg as possible. You select a loadout that that is compatible with the sculpt when adding it to the Army Reserve and you cannot modify them. Army Reserve can ignore AVA, Pts, SWC, and any other limits. Army Lists still need to be ITS legal. Alternative Option – You can push back selecting the loadout to once you take the model in an Army List. Rest of the rules in spoiler tag : I'll be posting my batrep here in this thread. Also feel free to comment I might tweak it as I go along. My goal is to run it during this school term (September-December) to encourage myself to paint all my models and use them all.
  3. ah true, that was only a special haris, in addition to doing normal haris. so valerya case is very new, to be able to count-as any model for fireteam composition purpose.
  4. wallace does cause the same upset. I always thought of model that could be added or joined as being elective models you could add while still needing to have the required parts. Haris : 1 3rd Grey Rifle and up to 2 Mormaers. William Wallace can take either the place of the Grey Rifle or of an unused Mormaers, going by the Valerya ruling. But I always thought for the haris to be valid you had to have that 1 3rd grey, also the mormaers haris loadout, and then if you want to fill it up you can add either the 2nd mormaers or add the WW.
  5. I recently played a single group list of Riot Grrl haris and a trio of Moira core. With avicenna, custodier, prowler and morlock (for the smoke). and it was nice A much older list, don't quite remember how the game went, was similar to Tristan : full Riot link, avicenna, custodier, zero, and TR. except I had a Sin instead of Prowler.
  6. I know BS can sometime go above 20, but they are rare and specific situations. I personally like Rev Healer BSg in a link (BS13 +6 range +3 linkteam = 22), but how many time did I manage that in an actual game ? How many time were you able to pull off Atanlanta shooting a coverless TARGETED enemy ? And was the Order spent on FO worth it ? Plus, they don't have and never will have FAT2. So we can say that as far as FAT is concerned, a natural 1 will always mean a result of 1. So the rule a Result of 1 is a Crit can be summarized as Natural 1s are Crits (which only works for BS, not if you make a CC variant by replacing "BS" with "CC").
  7. Well that is good news for me as when tunguska comes out we'll likely have fresh sculpt for these. The old securitate combi (in the old starter) and the old securitate HMG are still In Stock at a canadian store.
  8. I think he meant that you should crit on any die showing a 1. Which is not exactly how BS Fatality works, Fat-L2 crits on a natural 1 only because BS is never higher than 20 therefore natural 1 always give a result of 1. For CC a natural 1 give a higher die result. IMO, they already have a huge crit range, we don't need to add them a crit on a natural 1; and it would not have a huge impact (unlike current Fat L2 that makes crit odd double up from 5% to 10%).
  9. I thought you meant corner to corner on one side. I thought you specified corners in opposition to running DZ line to DZ line; which is my default running distance used in comparison since models (with a purpose, like objective achiever) usually starts near the DZ, not in the far back (which is where chearleader are), and objective could be on the enemy DZ line. When is the last time I had to run to the far back ? And I also noted that you chose to not say the more often heard "from one corner to the opposite one" (heard by me; YMMV) and I ask the same question : "why not ?" and i mentally answered you did not meant opposite corner that is why you decided to not add that adjective. Finally, I don't see why one would compare running corner to opposite corner. While it is possible to have a mostly straight line DZ to DZ, the odds are almost guaranteed you can't run anything near of a straight line going on the diagonal. If you need to go from one corner to the opposite one, your path will likely be closer to twice 48" rather than square root of (2x48"). edit to add : example of square city. even if you can cross a street in diagonal, would you ? no way to want to end up in the open so you likely always go straight, walking along side the wall. (but not single file to be flamed/shotgunned)
  10. you still need to draw LoF from the smoke origin point to where it is. so a template that land on the ground on one side of the wall doesn't give smoke to the other side of the wall.
  11. As the crow flies. A vertical column of infinite height in both direction (i mean the z axis - or the axis that goes directly away from the center of Earth) that goes through the template center (which coincidentally happen to also be the targeted point). Just to be clear, from a practical point of view, how do you work out the area of effect of a non-smoke grenade on a wall ? ex: a stun grenade shot directly at a chimera climbing the wall. A smoke grenade area of effect would practically be resolved the same way, but with a target point instead of a target model. And instead of a sphere, I would have a column (of the same radius as the sphere's radius) going directly up toward to sky and also in the opposite direction of the same axis. In before - true that I cannot lay a DVD template (or other acrylic template) horizontally centered on the point on the wall, but neither can you do so with a point on the ground that is very close to the wall or close to any other scenery that is in the way. edit to clarify : i'm only answering the practicality element of the question, not the how to apply the rule.
  12. you said, and i'll quote : " It’s not a bug, it’s the rules. The status of your orderpool is open information, aka. information you are REQUIRED to share, so handing over a list with fake orders that are never generated would be cheating." that is incorrect. you are required to share the courtesy list prior to the start of the turn. the correct order pool qty should be "0". Handing a list with fake orders such that it says 5 orders instead of 3 orders is not cheating. What would be cheating is to start your player turn and put 5 orders in your order pool. That is cheating, you cannot add fake orders to your order pool. But prior to the game start your order pool is 0. Since the list is showing open info and the order count is incorrect, then yes it is a bug. We cannot say the printed value is the initial order count because the very first order count is done near the start of your turn after you had the occasion to move models (with command token or with Free Agent skill). Also as TO can be either HD or as marker (in order to share his order to the pool or not) then we can say the printed open info Order is always potentially wrong/bugged. It is not even converting the irregular orders to regular in Joan of Arc lists.
  13. as you said, destroying them is very rare. I'd say you may as well forget the datatracker and at least grab a few points with a good camo model. also, datatracker bonus OP is only for the final blow, if you run him there, manage to survive and deal 3STR* then you get 3OP that is it that is all. so probably, i'd go with a camo model to deal the initial damage. and then on final turn, if my datatracker TAG or datatracker rev healer EXP CCW makes their way there, i can try to destroy it. *easy to miss (i know i missed it in the mission with 9 antennas) but dealing 3 STR point, brings it to 0, not below 0. It is knocked out (damage) not destroyed yet.
  14. same here, to me "any point on" is very broad and would include stuff like a point on the building which itself was on the table. or a point on a building which is on a building which is on the table. or a wall on a building on a table. that said, i know there are rules preventing placing any kind of marker on a vertical surface because the marker won't be stable there. you need a flat horizontal target or slightly sloped target.
  15. that is an opinion and is what i personally use (but never impose on others). i'd have a link of 5 moderator or riot and i'll say this one has that weapon that one has that weapon. For a long time I only had 1 sin-eater (the Mk12), sometime i would play him as HMG, sometime Spitfire, sometime Mk12. another popular opinion, is to replace with a miniature of same troop type and weapon. (LI hmg for LI hmg, HI ML for HI ML). either within same faction or not. I know having the exact weapon is not a strict requirement (based on models being produce with only secondary weapons). The rule themselves, taken from ITS pdf, are as follow : Each figure must represent faithfully the unit it stands for, including its equipment and weapon options. Should the appropriate miniature not be available on the Infinity range, you can use a different Corvus Belli miniature as a stand-in, but you must inform your opponent unequiv- ocally of what that figure represents.
  16. when using Soldier of Fortune, and you go higher than the 75Pts caps, the error message is not explaining very well why the list is not ITS legal with SoF.
  17. yep, which looks like it is the answer to OP as to why it appear anaconda is not allowed in ITS, it's not allowed when you add more mercs pushing them over the 75pts limit. But it would be green instead of purple if he used no other merc alongside anaconda. or else there is a glitch specific to his list.
  18. it should switch from green check to green exclamation point. I got a purple exclamation when I went over the Pts limit set by Soldier of Fortune (ie. anaconda + miyamoto)
  19. yes, when page 28, under Frontline it says "Table Configuration: A" what they really meant is "Table config: we don't give a ****" unlike it ITS8 page 29 under Frontline, when it said that same text "Table Configuration: A" it meant : go to page 69 (which was a section titled : A GUIDE TO ORGANIZING ITS TOURNAMENTS) where it was showing the various table configuration with a name and diagram, A was Free-form. B is Horizontal line. The two pages after that had a summary table with all the missions, their table configuration, and their special rules. and a summary with mission / table config / Qty & type of ITS objectives. and the text was saying how you can compare the various table config from your chosen mission to see if they make a good fit between each other. I don't know why ITS9 list a Table configuration and then no reference to what it means in the whole pdf. Actually, i do know, it is a copy-paste leftover from the previous version. edit to add: With the amount of prep for a tournament, i think you should invest some time in really looking into which missions you selected. The idea of a summary to me seem to imply you can quickly pick missions and check compatibility/table setup requirements, it is not a good idea. You should instead really check that the missions works well with each other. So many of them have specific rules, a quick glance is not enough when selecting the missions. Picking missions that re-use the same table config will help you setup the tables for the day, but if you don't look into the mission, it might be a nightmare for players to make proper lists (only 2 lists to be used for the 3-4 rounds).
  20. yep, our Lt options are getting old. I miss the Zero Lt option we used to have even though I never used it. At least we now have TM RF, but I haven't assembled mine yet.
  21. I agree with Mahtamori. I don't see why it would be open info to know in which combat group, if any, belongs a specific camo marker. What if the camo marker (one that doesn't provide any zone domination points) belongs to no group at all ? Or are they considered (supported by an exact rule) to belong to the same group as the related troop that deployed it ? I'm not sure a camo marker itself belong to a group, only the real trooper represented by it, if any, would have that property of being part of a combat group. The Orders in a group is Open Info but you don't know which one of the two marker (again, in case of minelayer or ambush) provided that Order. In fact, it was provided by the trooper being on the game table (not in HD), and not by the marker. You know a trooper gave the Order but you won't know he's hiding in which camo marker.
  22. there is not really a lot to recalculate though, for one there is no need to calculate surviving pts when you easily have half your pts alive. Then when you are low and count how many Pts alive, there is a handy charts in the summary for both 300, 320, and 340. So you check how many baggage you have alive and then see if you have the required pts alive. You don't ever need to calculate having, say 68 Pts alive, then divide by 320 (or 300) using a calculator, gets a result .2125 (or .22666) compare found number to see if it is above or below 0.25. Nothing of that. You just check the summary to read how many Pts you need alive and sum up your alive troops. that said, i still think the game is meant to be played that once you have 340 you have 340 for the whole game even after the baggage go unconscious. and that the +20 count for everything (alive, killed, zone control, retreat, tie-breaker). Last tournament I played a player wanted me to not count surviving baggage for tie-breaker but the rule for that one are clear that they do count.
  23. 7 orders at 300 ? I'd rather just go up to 400 and make a LI list. You still have a bit of AVA left in Grenzer and Securitate (ah the old days of all my bakunin hackers are also repeater for each other).
  24. The KHD and the Contender are specific to the Pilot. You cannot use them as long as the active profile used is the TAG. Once the pilot gets out, then as he is active profile you can use the KHD and Contender and you can even go prone; but you cannot do anything that is limited to the TAG profile (such as HRMC, HFT, and ECM).
  25. Faq v1.3 already answer that becoming irregular (for example because of isolation) you don't lose datapack or anything like that. Another answer in that faq 1.3 is that if you become REM (for example because you are a Remote Presence TAG and you dismount) then in this circumstance, the REM is allowed to be the datatracker (same as how a pilot who dismount keeps the datapack). So with those 2 restriction covered that only leaves what happen if you become marker state ? Well, for that, the rule is clear you cannot voluntarily become marker state, but what if the enemy posses my TAG and spend an order on him to reactivate TO ? His own datatracker is still a model. So far, probably nothing. My datatracker is Null, and there is no problem having your Datatracker not on the board because he's dead. Well then next turn, i recover my TAG, I guess he lose TO marker ? or not ? But that is wayyyy to specific of a case unlike Isolation (EM or Jammer).