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  1. Scylla KHD and her Cybermasked Devabot(s) also springs to mind for this tactic. Great observation @Teslarod
  2. As a mainly Shas player with a faction full of AutoMediKits I don´t consider them over expensive. Rather a fantastic tool. While I laud the concept presented by the to, self healers are also well used either covering by walls or popping out from corners and back to maximise the use of the ability, Incidently this matches Perimeter weapons very well as this saves the model from going into SF at awkward places to solidify position, thus nullifying the point of the ability. The main point of self healing is that the enemy cannot be sure the "issue" is handled and the "dead" model coming back. This creates more risk assessment at worst or a fool of them at best when they consider the Taquel/Malignos/Shrouded/Caliban dead and it comes back, effectively creating a new attack vector from nowhere at the cost of a single order. I find it quite effective.
  3. This is the only interesting part of a possible sectorial imo. Tohaa sort of is already one, so shifting around who-can-dance-with-who wouldn´t make a noticable difference. Space Elven Beastmasters otoh, would be something different. Oh, and the Phackers. Wizards and "summoned" Beasts is a vibe that fits the concept. Totally agree on Impersonators too.
  4. This is an excellent example of redundant weapon profiles...
  5. The rules set is clunky and overburdened with redundant information. In a nutshell it´s the ARO system and the impressive overall balance that holds the game up The system is mired in uneccesary complicated interactions and minutiae. The most glaring example is the endless lengthy lists of various weapons and equipment that essentially are variations of each other. But the bigger problem is the core system being reduced to a plethora of specific cases due to slight variations of the same thing. The various shooting mods and special cases are examples of this. They all come in specific scenarios which could be streamlined into something more transparent and intuitive. Tied to this are the various skills that support the same overbearing mod system, complicating it even more. Given the choice I´d toss out 4/5s of the guns and ammo, reduce variations of visors to one, simplyfying reaction skills to one, remove all corner case shooting/discovering/moving rules (when was the last time you Triangulated Fire?). Bottom line Infinity still is a RPG system played on a tabletop it orginated as, over a true skirmish game it depicts itself to be. It needs to start acting like it.
  6. I´ve started to use a Fireteam of this guy, MULTI-rifle Lt and Corax Hasht. It´s purpose is to anchor a flank and expose the HRL for B2 ARO. When he goes down the other two part ways as they are great solo actors. A bonus is that no one expects the rifle Gwailo to be the Lt, but instead the Camo marker in your dz as Aswang is the majority Lt in Shas armies. This further gives you the option to shift the Aswang into a Spitfire one and get another capable offensive piece no one expects to see. Another thing hasn't been mentioned: AutoMediKits. Shas is the "undead" faction of Infinity with a great many troopers with the ability to rise again. This is something worth learning to take advantage with e.g. "dead" infiltrators that spring back up and shoots advancing enemies in the back. Parts of that is to pick horisontal (e.g. walls) cover, differing from vertical (e.g. corners) when possible, and moving out of Total Cover and back again when shooting as this allows the possibly unconscious model to be in Total Cover and thus have a chance to return.
  7. I wouldn't agree that Vanilla Combined is particulary better at Alpha striking than Shas would be. My usual lists run 12-13 orders in Shas. When I started the sectorial I used the Spitfire Noc as a counter attack piece round 2 after the opponent had commited and I could counter his move(s). What I found interesting with Peters approach was the shift in ideology from reacting and responding to weighing in heavily to remove their choices. In hindsight I can see that quite often did the Spitfire Noc achieve this purpose simply by exploiting the right moment, but not by intention. Going from there I notice that Shas has an exceedingly large amount of model fitting this strategy. The Speculo is a piece I most envision fitting for this due to the mix of being as close to the enemy as possible and freedom of action through Smoke grenades. Yet I have done similar things with Cadmus, Sphinx and Noctifers. Only not so dedicated. That I find interesting and quite fitting for the Sectorial.
  8. Maybe a tad to agressive and low on button pushing as already commented. An omission of note to me is a Palbot with the Machinist. You hamper the Tik if you cannot cannot trail it out into the killing grounds without exposing the tech guy. On a strategic level there´s one hammer to much. Either the Bagh-Mari link advances or, more likely, the Tik starts the offensive. One will follow the other depending on the actual tactical situation. What will more likely not do much on the offensive part is the Peacemaker. It´ll be a reserve piece to exploit on the enemys advance at best imo. Better then to have a KHD Naga upfield, letting Scylla cloak and act reserve instead.
  9. Sphinx surely got an upgrade with the unmountable-specialist-pilot rules. It´s another good contender for Alpha striking indeed. One more I forgot to put forward is the Aswangs. Troops that advance into the teeth of the enemy while gaining wounds from stuff they kill is a sure match for this scenario
  10. I read an article on Alpha Striking with Caledonia here on Peters excellent blog: Straight Outta Caledonia The term means (as per the blog) to deliver a heavy damage toll on the opponent turn 1, crippling them going forward. Translated: sink alot of orders into a model that rampages through enemy lines! Positioning is later. It made me think about my favourite frog aliens and their uncomparable ability to infiltrate enemy lines. Not to mention our superb alpha striker: Speculo Killer. Peter basically sums it up with this: prioritize what to aim for, dedicate some assets to the job and build your Combat Groups to support it. His first priority is to find out who their Lt is and calculate if it´s possible to reach it. Going from there looking for Specialists or Heavy weaponry or simply check for clusters of cheerleaders. The novel thing with this is the down-prioritizing of positioning turn 1. Normally (I at least) advance and position while killing stuff that sticks it head out or is in the way to where I want to go. Peter says the opposite, kill the enemy to hamper his ability to position. We sacrifice mission development for setting back the opponent enough to capitalize on later. I think we are well supported for such a strategy. Speculo, Malignos and Noctifers are quick and hard hitting units that can be dedicated to such a role. Myself I often deploy a Spitfire Noctifer and Speculo, but seldom put that much order investment into them to attempt a crippling strike. As we have an excellent skirmish screen available with Shrouded and Malignos, plus the all present AutoMediKits, I believe we can more easily weather the opponents counter strike better than Caledonia. This has all made me interested in pursuing the strategy further. What do you fellow Shas players think? Anyone have experience on similar strategies to share? Thoughts?
  11. Since Kaeltar are "Wizard Apprentices" I´d like to see a "Wizard", i.e. Corathaar Lvl 2 something. A supportive linkable MI without Symbiont Armor, but a variation of T:Pherowar choices a'la wizard schools, and light weaponry. Pistol, Combi, Arm 2 and some various load outs of Pherowar stuff to make them feel like Tohaa "hackers" .
  12. You are so right. Apologies for mixing it up with the Palbot.
  13. To me the answer to the Kumotails role is twofold; Chaksa Servant and ITS. There are 5 of 10 missions where a solo specialist with a servant thrives; Test Run, Retroengineering, Inoculation, Experimental Drug and Sabotage. The servant allows for at least twice the board coverage, is faster than all but the Kotail, enables the Kumotail to work without exposing herself, and can solve the first four Missions. Whereas the last can be completed by a Kossuil or Sukeul, it strays them and their Triad away from their true mission, fighting. The solo Kumotail is a single model with a small footprint whose job basic description puts it in the backline to keep those cheerleaders and ARO pieces upright (completing missions at the same time). Chaksa servants are her tool to reach the HVT that the Triads/Rasails/Kotails/etc. clear the path to. If she joins a Triad she's not much more than a exposed, due to the Triads larger footprint and coherency, jumped up Kamael while losing her best tool, again the servants. My modus operandi with her is to cover my defensive Triad while the Chaksa hovers at the other dz end nearer the enemy HVT if Retroengineering or Inoculation showed. Offensive assets do their thing and when they´ve cleared the path, having the enemys attention she can start to impact the game. She´s the Queen of the Doctor, Engineer and Sabotage style Mission while the FO Clipsos are the Kings of the observer style ones (and button pushing).
  14. The LGL is there to pick off a few orders or key model and entrench as a dug in HI in Supressive Fire with mates covering his back is a great zone deterrant (with a Naga KHD deployed in support). That the odds of killing stuff with Spec fire aren´t awesome isn´t the point as much as the action economy and control features of his arsenal. Assault, Chain Colt, Combi and LGL gives him good options up to 24" with a guy (or gal) that both shoots and fences like a pro. That is quite the threat bubble. Per 2-4 orders it creates a dilemma that will cost more resources to solve than ASA's investment. I deploy him together with a Tik. These two are the forward firebases and offensive tools while the LI covers their backs and Nagas push buttons.
  15. I´ve started to use the Nikoul, not for the reason he´s a good sniper, but because I´ve really started to appreciate Sapper/Foxhole. That free Mimetism + Partial Cover is just amazing. With Minelayer he also covers his own back, meaning he has few drawbacks.