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  1. I'll vouch for Hirst Arts too; I've used some of the castle moulds, and the results were stellar. Seconded on high-quality plasters too. I bought some Hydrocal from a local dental supply shop; a 50 lb bag for $50. Not a great deal, but that much will practically last forever, haha.
  2. Wouldn't *now* release a male model in that pose, I guess you meant then? Fair enough; that might be
  3. That ninja is female, FYI, but good counterpoints otherwise, haha.
  4. I'd take the first point to be talking about the case where the base isn't fully supported: the model falls (EDIT: after transforming). The second point, I'd take to mean the case where the volume doesn't fit in the available space; in that case the trooper does enter the Transmuted state (which you can indicate with a marker), but also enters the Imm-2 state. I'm not sure there's a case where the skill just *fails*, is there? Especially with an Obligatory skill like Transmutation. Am I mistaken?
  5. Tbh, I always volunteer this information while I'm deploying, but don't expect my opponent to volunteer it in return. I admittedly mostly play Infinity for the aesthetic, not to win, though so ymmv.
  6. This isn't a terrible idea, but the intent for Camouflage is just like any other skill or equipment that the model has: the players are expected to refer to the unit profiles. Since the unit's profile is public information, the opponent can just ask: "hey, what level of Camouflage does this unit have?" if they forget, and you're obligated to tell them anyway. I'd just be worried about developing a habit of playing this way, since it could disorient other players as well.
  7. Yep, that's the conclusion I came to in the end; it's a logical, but unintuitive one though. Oh, that has another implication though. If a model in Impersonation faces multiple Discover AROs, and more than one is successful, does the same apply? The Impersonating model only drops one level? Logically, that has to be the case.
  8. Huh. I'd interpret it slightly differently: Two successes = down two IMP levels (revealed) One success = down one level and can't discover again Zero successes = can't discover again. Is there a reason to assume a maximum of 1 level dropped? You're not increasing Discover's "burst" to two; you're using the skill twice, right? Oh. The argument is that since everything resolves at once, the two discover rolls both cause the target to enter the same level; that they don't each resolve in sequence, maybe?
  9. Interesting that with ODD, we make a note when it stops working, rather than expecting an on-table reminder that it is working.
  10. Look at it this way: your trooper isn't just standing there, with his opponent on the ground, as if he wasn't just struggling for his life. More likely, this was a vicious brawl, and he's either still tangled up with his opponent on the ground, or he's still got a knife buried in their gut. The fight's technically "over", in that he's no longer threatened, but he might still need a moment to physically separate himself from his opponent, regain his bearings, and get back into the firefight. During that time, he's vulnerable.
  11. There's our solution for N4: Spherical silhouettes! No more geometric confusion, right? Right?
  12. Or trying to re-camo when the opponent actually had a TO model with LOF, and he opts to reveal it to disrupt you, yeah. Bummer. Seems like the reasonable way for it to work. Guess I'll stick to the near-useless way, until it gets FAQ'd otherwise. EDIT: Not that it applies to JSA anyway, haha.
  13. I think you're welcome to declare the use of something like Breakwater here, but when it comes time to resolve the order, if your Hacker isn't the target of a Hacking attack, then his ARO is lost. At least, that's what this bit from the Order Expenditure Sequence section of the wiki sounds like: If the Player declares a Skill and, when he applies its Effects, he realizes the Requirements are not met, then the Skill is considered null.
  14. I'm curious to know which podcast.
  15. What Todd said. 25% of 320 is 80, so your retreat threshold is 5 points higher.... but the REM iteself is worth an extra 20, so it only becomes a liability if it dies. Until then, it's artifically inflating your "surviving" total to keep you above the retreat threshold. You're starting the game at 320, and need to lose 240 points to go into retreat. Without the REM, you'd only need to lose 225. By taking Baggage REMs, you're in a worse position only if you lose all of them. As long as at least one is alive, you're still at the advantage.