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  1. inspired by @AlfonsoTheTraitor s video i will want to make my trees with spackle on the outside, formed by a wire brush. but i am also podering whether i will do it with paper towels. maybe i will use both bethods ? IMO those trees do give use a really interesting sort of cover, especially if placed near hills and buildings. here a photo with hot glue attached to break up the flat texture of the pringles can:
  2. that looks really interesting. you may also like to have a lokk at @Hydras Lizard, since he converted his one, too, with a tail and repositioning. btw, great to see you again posting Bakunin stuff !
  3. this board just progresses slow but steadily in a beautiful setup!
  4. that is exactly one of my thoughts - infinity is a game that is better the more interesting height compositions you can make without have íng an overpowered sniper nest. i use some big trees made out of pringles cans, at least am heading to use them - built them in the last few days. they give a lot of cover that is blocked against such big hills, so it could be enough of blocking for snipers on the hills i build. thank you ! your experience is worth a lot, and i am interested in seeing some more shots of your table.
  5. that looks great ! but the longer the thrain tracks get, the more interesting it will be to play on them ;).
  6. since i am building a natural terrain board myself at the moment - did you change the layout since then ? did you build some more terrain that mitigates the disadvantages you described earlier in the thread ? i am curious :3.
  7. i still prefer my old tokens in 25mm size, because of the same reasons. i do not see very bad, at least when i have my glasses on, but i just prefer the bigger marker size to have a better grip on them and to have them better recognizabke on the battlefield.
  8. thats what i wanted to say ... that i like the +1B of a three members fireteam, but i think the movement advantage of a two member fireteam is worth so much more because of the flexibility it provides, that i often prefer two-woman custodier Haris links. that also adds a lot of flexibility in list building - not having to spend 35 points on a unit that will be essentially in the same place as two others does not add a lot of flewxibility on the board. so yes, i understood the rules correctly: 2 members - movement bonus, 3+ members B+1, 4+ members ... and so on.
  9. IMO Moiras have an additional weakness - MSV2+. add the Überfallkommando to the equation - it is not as cheap, but comes with the pretty useful ZeroVSoke (or however this zero v vis effect now is called in HSN3 as soon as it hits fully). Custodiers do not have that much a vulnerability against visors, though, because of their use of White Noise and/or Cybermask.
  10. yesterday i tried three links in a game (2x Tasmasters, 5x Moderators, duo Haris link of a Custodier and a Healer) amongst an Überfallkommando, Morlock, Tsyklon Feuerbach - and it was awesome. i really like the duo links - the added flexibility and movement is awesome, and the one Burst is nice, but the added flexibility of having other units in the list that get you other options is often more worth than getting a link to its maximum capacity, i think.
  11. as soon as i have the opportunity to test my ideas about the Bakunin changes, i will edit them into this thread. if you have thoughts and ideas of how to use the new units - please post them here!
  12. HVT

    i like to use the Nomads Bootleg - the Lizard Pilot, halfway sitting on a crate instead of the TAG head. in future games i will also have the two RPG miniatures to go with.
  13. there was once a blog post on the antenocitis workshop blog/website which i cant seem to find now. it was about scaling of vehicles in comparison to tabletop models and in real life. even in real life you can not see the scale of a car or such without the human as a reference point against ist, and it is not that important whichever scale you use, as long as it is plausible and all vehicles have the same scale. as example there was a picture of a giant military truck, which at first sight, seen alone in terrain on a picture, seemed pretty normal. in comparison to a human being it was HUGE - at least three times as high as a normal jeep or such. the human was only as high as the tire of the thing. and of course, it looked plausible. also the base of the models warp the right scale - in theory a scaled model would be perfectly fine regarding the size of the seats and such things, but we also perceive size of cars as the height the head stands out above the car when a human stands near it. this perception is warped by the base, which adds a lot of relative height. so you can not do it all right, you have to get some compromises. the only time when it comes to problems is when you use different scales in vehicle models or another scenery - at that point our huan brain realises something is a bit "off", since not all parts of the whole picture do fit together. but as long as all stuff is coherent and of a similar scale, we percept it just as normal.
  14. i would love them to lose their cubes again, or that the fluff in this regard gets changed. personally i like how Bakunin is playable now, but i play almost only Bakunin for a long time now, so i wont say i can compare really well. but, i get along with all the units. i certainly am able to adapt whichever change CB makes to them.
  15. a, Berlin it is. i wondered where in Germany you live, since on one page of this threat we see a German newspaper in the picure :3. the next opportunity when i am in Berlin i want to play with you on that board ;).