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  1. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a primary intent of the rule, I'm pretty sure it was primarily to allow Peacemaker auxbots to get B2 AROs
  2. I think this is an underrated part of table building, it's not just that there's a magic uniform density where everything works, it's about giving people different "problems" and letting them choose how to solve them. Taken to extremes, if half the table is a wide open sniper paradise and half the table is a rat maze, you can predict the most likely routes the warbands will be coming and counter them with your answers but then they can choose to take the less ideal route at the cost of needing to maybe spend more orders on smoke. Obviously you don't quite want quite these extremes, but mixing it up definitely makes better tables.
  3. And it shows, look at that rubbish reputation ratio...
  4. 2014 brought early N3 information, both through reveals at the seminar and through Icestorm giving us insight into some rules changes that were on the way. I'd call that a bit of a "game changer" 2015 brought us a whole new sectorial which heralded the first expansion of Haris outside QK and would come to reflect an entirely changed dichotomy between vanilla and sectorials post HSN3. Admittedly Red Veil didn't shake up too much but it certainly meant months where the only thing I saw posted about on Infinity Australia was how hard it was to assemble the Taureg Sniper, so in that sense it had a big effect on my meta. edit: Delving into the archives because I couldn't remember, 2013 was Dire Foes which surely did shake up the game, particularly by being linkable in fairly basic link teams, and 2012 they were talking about Campaign Paradiso which meant Tohaa were just about to be released. So yeah, Gencon is kinda a big deal generally.
  5. I think it's very out of date but: http://n3index.bastian-dornauf.de/ragn3.html
  6. I think Dakinis and Garuda are meant to be our special REMs, which makes their lack of repeaters disappointing. I would like to see Vedic bring with it another REM for Aleph though.
  7. In that case I'd argue there's a similar burden on the player moving the marker to declare "I'm not using stealth" if they expect this result. It seems entirely reasonable to assume you can't ARO against a camo marker moving in your ZOC given stealth is built into the skill.
  8. The counter point would be, they are still a unit with a STR attribute, and thus, meet the requirements for treating Shock ammo as Normal ammo. And still leaves the issue of bikers who have 2 profiles with a cumulative wound total greater than 1 technically. You really just have to apply a little bit of real world logic to make dismount and shock make sense together, the RAW even on the FAQ isn't conducive to it.
  9. I'm certainly more inclined to listen to the opinion of those people than filthy nopaints peasants.
  10. I feel like 20 units is most of tohaa, like ignoring mercs they can't have that many more than 20 options can they?
  11. As long as he gets a new profile to go with it I'm on board.
  12. Actually a downvote system would only serve to obfuscate any attempts to objectively measure "how often do people find this poster's input valuable". You want to downvote him not because of the lack of value in his input, but because you find the way he presents it grating, this would negatively impact on our ability to measure people's agreement with him. Given you won't get upvotes just for being "not annoying" what we have currently is a really good measure of @n-sphere's claim.
  13. This is offensive to me, Islam is a religion of peace
  14. It's only in the phone app, it's a button that looks like an order token