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  1. honestly you could take the hacking device away from her and just give her specialist operative and a special rule that unlocks REMs for your list and I'd still consider her a solid 20 point investment, mostly because shock marksman rifle is such a good weapon, between it and the BS bump she really doesn't need to use her hacking device at all to justify herself. She definitely shines that little bit more when being run in a link so that another Ghulam/Muyib can cover up for her lack of a shotgun in tight conditions.
  2. Could also use a Raicho Pilot Cho, might be in for a Riot Grrl to so I'll hold off on getting them sent for now.
  3. I agree, these characters should trade their higher WIP values than Pan Oceanian average in for increased BS, surely that will make Pan O less one dimensional...
  4. http://infinitythewiki.com/en/List_of_Fireteams#Morat_Aggression_Force Haris*2 - Kornak or 1 Raktorak + up to 2 Suryats, OR Kornak + 1 Raktorak + 1 Suryat.
  5. It's definitely a hacker, she has the hacking backpack and the same armband as the tiger soldier and hac tao hackers off the top of my head. I always thought it was weird the renders just listed her as having the breaker combi. Also, for any significant repeater play SSL2 hacking device is pretty valuable so definitely not an inferior option compared to a CG, just one hacker with SSL2 in your list and suddenly all those MA HI troops can't walk past your repeaters without caring, and then when you hack them and they reset, every other hacker in your list gets to dog-pile on. ALSO, if a hackable model comes in ZOC of your zhanying, by delaying ARO using SSL1 you prevent the target from declaring a reset against your hack which is pretty major.
  6. Caveat: Expect arguments from people with total immunity models when this comes up. The fact that it's explicitly listed as treated as normal does cause headaches. I think it's worth players with T2 weapons who expect this interaction to go in their favour to know to call it out pre-game for discussion when facing dog-faces or sun-tze-faces to avoid gotcha moments mid game, it's not unreasonable to think a Yu Jing player using Sun Tze would be more familiar with the TI rule than the T2 one.
  7. I maintain that so long as they are listing flash grenades on their profile in Army, and Army is printing out flash grenade statlines, they have flash grenades. I've always felt that Army should be the ultimate source of truth given it verifies your list as legal and is the most regularly updated source of profile data.
  8. I personally prefer to play the proper mission in the proper zone and record that, but it's just not always what both players want and you can't always make time to play 2 different games in 2 different zones to satisfy both players. I don't see anything wrong with it, it's the most practical way to resolve things. I think if we don't want players to be forced into playing zones they don't want to play, the only other alternative would be just not linking the battles and each player reporting separately, and I definitely prefer "winner chooses" to that option.
  9. Take some terrain off the table because playing with that much sounds awful... In all seriousness there's no answer in the rules for it, you just have to chat to your opponent or a TO and ask whether it can go in a smaller space or if you just can't deploy it. Generally missions that have this restriction these days specify that AI Beacons deploy on the table edge for what it's worth.
  10. Any trooper who is the target of a BS Attack into or out of a Zero Visibility Zone, or whose LoF traverses a Zero Visibility Zone, may respond to the attacker even without LoF, provided the trooper is facing the attacker. However, without a clear LoF to his target, the trooper's ARO (or second Short Skill of his Order in Active Turn) options are reduced to BS Attack with a -6 MOD or Dodge without the MOD. This -6 BS MOD stacks with other MODs to BS from Special Skills, Equipment, Partial Cover, Range, etc., but never with other Visibility Zone MODs. If the trooper is not facing the attacker, but the Attack is performed inside his Zone of Control, then the ARO can be Change Facing. http://wiki.infinitythegame.com/en/Zero_Visibility_Zone
  11. My assumption would be that, given using full burst in ARO is such a departure from standard game systems, it would warrant a special mention, rather than simply being permitted through omission. I don't think this is intended to give B2 in ARO, I'd also argue Damage 16 with Breaker is a big enough improvement over Basilisk (it's closest comparison) that it doesn't really warrant the potency upgrade of being B2 in ARO. I think the problem is, because hacking got segmented off in the advanced rules, that core rule is written fairly explicitly with regards to BS Attacks. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is the only instance of that as a baseline rule I can think of.: http://infinitythewiki.com/en/Weapon_Profile
  12. Teardrop Impact Template example. Main target reacts by shooting. In his Active Turn, a Hellcat wielding a Boarding Shotgun, a weapon capable of using the Small Teardrop Impact Template, declares a BS Attack against three Fusiliers in a straight line before him. Since the Boarding Shotgun has B2, the Hellcat can make two BS Attacks, each of which, if the BS Roll is successful, places a Small Teardrop Template. The players check the Area of Effect of the Boarding Shotgun by placing the narrow end of the Template (Blast Focus) on the first Fusilier, and confirm that the Teardrop Template covers the other two Fusiliers as well. The first Fusilier, the only one with LoF to the Hellcat, declares a BS Attack as his ARO. It will be a Face to Face Roll with his BS against the Hellcat's two BS Rolls—for the Boarding Shotgun's B2. The other two Fusiliers do not have LoF to the Hellcat because the first Fusilier is blocking him. But, since they are affected by an Attack with a Template Weapon, they have the option declare a Dodge ARO. Each Fusilier can avoid the Damage by winning a Face to Face PH-3 Roll (the MOD is for dodging an Attack coming from outside their LoF against the Hellcat's two BS Rolls[[.]] Should the first Fusilier win his Face to Face Roll against the Hellcat, he would avoid the Damage from the Attack with the Impact Template Weapon. However, each of the other two Fusiliers would have to win his own Face to Face Roll using PH-3 against the Hellcat's Rolls to avoid the weapon's Damage *emphasis mine*
  13. Scenario 1 is correct. Scenario 2 is incorrect, you cannot declare a BS attack if an enemy enters base to base in your rear arc and you don't have sixth sense. You did not have LOF prior to being engaged so only engaged state actions or ZOC based actions before being engaged, are eligible AROs, also, nearby models would get the option of declaring change facing since there was an enemy acting within their ZOC without stealth, they would get this at the end of the move order, but you are correct that if they didn't declare it then, they would lose the ability to. Scenario 3 is correct
  14. I've never really found engaging hardened targets to be a great idea with Diomedes, generally I've found they fail to die in a single volley since 25% of your shots miss and even with AP they are often 50/50 to pass their ARM before making a free turn-to-face and hosing you in your follow up. Even if you are really set on hardened targets, against a lot of HI Mk12 and AP Multi Rifle are just as good as one another due to the 2 point damage bump, and the Assault Pistol actually means the Mk12 wins the rangeband argument. They are definitely both valid choices, but I don't think it's as clear cut as you make out, and honestly, I'd prioritize trying to use the Assault Pistol's B4 over either of his primary weapons in most cases.
  15. I'd assume it's based on the fact that the suppression rules don't say it does, and the Warning! rules don't say it does.