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  1. Don't forget Daylami, either providing camo markers on the enemies doorstep or long range disposable panzerfaust fire threatening to at the very least land a lucky crit, all for 8 points. It's a huge part of what started this thread for me, I don't like a list if I don't feel I have options for going second and impeding my opponent these days, and I just feel like HB gives me so much of that whereas QK gives me nothing outside of link boosted AROs and TR bots.
  2. Solution, Give Asura hacker MULTI Rifle.
  3. It's not bad, it's just not THAT good, or rather, not THAT cheap. You're looking at 141 points for a link of: HMG, Missile, Shotgun, Hafza FO, Hafza Rifle+LSG For comparison, Bakunin can put together a Riot link for 156 with: Spitfire, Missile, Shotgun (with tinbot), Specialist, Combi For only 15 points extra they pick up MSV1 and Hyper Dynamics, plus they don't have to worry about having more vulnerable 1 wound link members to hide Most other factions that are doing HI links in a serious setting are doing it at around this 150 mark too, Hospitallers/Magisters, Wu Ming, Domaru/Haramaki, they are all pretty similar to Janissaries, only marginally more expensive, and often have their own compelling reasons to be taken (such as hospitaller BS 14 or Wu Ming mines) Janissaries are fine, but they aren't exactly a rewarding reason to choose QK over other factions. P.S: I know they get akbar doctor, and it's kinda cool, but I find their cubeless status generally means I only use doctor plus, and if you put an akbar doctor in the link instead of the shotgun Janissary what slim points advantage they muster basically evaporates in the 10 point bump.
  4. Accidental double post
  5. I can see this, I've never had much luck though, mostly because I feel compelled to use my core link in QK as an ARO piece due to the lack of minelayers and other options for clogging up the board or otherwise draining first turn orders. And I find Djan a bit too expensive for their lack of staying power in this regard. @Loricus Similarly, I certainly see your point, but I feel like QK's non link options are particularly limited, Hawwa don't get minelayers, they can't suppress, Shotgun specialists are nice but it's still a limitation. The AD is nice but it's all very direct and mostly short ranged. The TAGs are both what I'd consider light TAGs (the iguana's a peculiar case since it's lower arm but has an extra wound, still not my cup of tea). The HI is very straightforward and caps out at BS13 So I'd expect the links to be the thing that carry them in terms of interest, but I feel like for every QK link, there's another faction with a more compelling similar link and more interesting support profiles: I find Bagh Mari a more compelling core option than either KTS or Djanbazan personally Sekban are nice, they kinda feel to me like bolts who are better at objectives though, which I'm sure Pan O envies, but I'm not sure I wouldn't prefer the drop bears and E/M grenades, and I certainly prefer the support options in Neoterra (plus I'm comparing them to one of the most maligned links in the game so...) The Jannissary link seems inferior to the Riot Grrl link (but then plenty of things are) Odalisques are fairly unique, but as I said earlier, I feel compelled to let my link do some ARO work due to the inability to otherwise impede my opponent when going second, I guess Hafza HRL gives that option, maybe I should explore this more?
  6. There are a lot of beautiful QK models, don't get me wrong, and I like them thematically, but whenever it comes to the nitty gritty of actually playing a game, I find myself perpetually underwhelmed with them these days. I feel like access to 5 man ghulam links for HB was the final nail in the coffin for QK from my perspective. The obvious bonus is Yuan Yuans, but then, they are so staple for QK that they are predictable, and I often find the board far more heavily locked down against AD than if I run other factions, I could change it up and spend the 24 points on 2 ghulams instead to make the enemy waste their time locking the table down, but that's not exactly exciting. I'm very open to the idea that I'm missing something, or maybe it just doesn't suit me, or any range of options, but as it stands I can't see a compelling reason to play QK over HB. So please, those who are more loyal than me and have stuck it out with them, what do they do well that can't be done better by either another haqq faction or another sectorial somewhere else?
  7. I love their haqq line, don't think I'd ever do a full board of it though. Might be interesting to do a clash of Haqq's more traditional elements with standard cyberpunky stuff.
  8. The AP on the molotok is pretty forgettable, until you start taking on TAGs the mimetism of the tiger is better, and even then against ARM 6 tags the tiger has better odds of inflicting at least 1 wound. And access to a profile that's 11 points less, still has AP, can also use shock, and is a specialist kinda undermines the value of the molotok as an AP weapon. Really it's the CC and the fact 4-2 nets MI a slight discount.
  9. I would assume based on point cost that it's just meant to be a normal KHD with an Upgrade and someone made a typo. Certainly if the Killer Device Plus is to be a thing, we don't have the rules yet. Edit: Actually if you add it to a list and then print it with the hacking table it confirms it as a KHD
  10. Are they going to Adepticon? If so I'd expect the big reveal there. I'm surprised they didn't tease us with anything through the recent BoW videos.
  11. You don't find it problematic that she loses cover once she wounds something? I mean, he's a solid alternative to a guilang sniper, +2 BS makes up for lack of surprise shot, but it's not exactly revolutionizing their list, I'd almost prefer the option of a marker state for safety.
  12. Where did the heads come from for these? edit: Nevermind, found them on puppetswar
  13. Entirely understandable why you might think that, but there are in fact 2 slightly different bodies in the box, it's most obvious with the back foot. I'm not saying it's new, just that it's a manufacturing decision they have made at some point that reduces sculpting time (and presumably eases the casting/packing process). My point was just that, a full new sculpt added to a box isn't 25% more work per box, it's closer to 35% more work per box, and they decided a long time ago on a method to help them get boxes to market faster so it doesn't seem like something they would want to do.
  14. I can certainly see your argument with regards to consolidating to primarily a box only structure helping to avoid the peculiarities of one profile being abandoned on the shelf in the first place, and how a retailer might not be aware of the difference in stock levels he should have for say, a Spetsnaz shotgun and a Spetsnaz HMG, but when I talk about models not moving I don't mean Hellcat Y isn't selling compared to the similarly aged Hellcat X, I mean that nobody, and I mean nobody, is buying this: Instead of buying this: These stores end up floating completely out of date stock and it becomes an impediment to even ordering the new stuff that will sell on a scale that's appropriate, perhaps for fear of more of the same, it ends up hurting CB's image in the store too, they have some of the best sculpts in the world IMO, but if the wall is full of old stock, the game doesn't immediately excite. This isn't just a SKU problem, even if they consolidate blisters into larger boxes, overstocking is a reality of retail and you will still end up with stores carrying as a most recent example Bakunin starter sets nobody wants. While consolidating SKU numbers might help ease this slightly, I think it won't fix the problem and the drawbacks are greater than the benefits. If they really wanted to fix the issue of stores sitting around on old stock and understocking the new things because of it, they'd have to look at some sort of buyback scheme for when things get resculpted or something similar.
  15. You can already see though that they make compromises to streamline production of these boxes, see: always having only 2 cloned bodies. The reality is, to include that 5th person in a box release involves either cloning one of the bodies an extra time (which is awkward without the other) or investing the full time and effort it takes to develop an entirely standalone pose making a slower turnaround time from concept to release for all boxes. The latter is at least feasible, but when you look at the practicality, a sudden slowdown in the time to market of their boxes, combined with a sharp reduction in the number of blisters being released (because they are now in the boxes) leaves us with very little to be released while they adjust to the new timetable and potentially never catches up to what they are releasing now. Long term I think it's better for them to have that blister separate and to have an extra month with a Haqq release to keep those players excited. Besides, in terms of brick and mortar retailers, the biggest issue I've seen with stocking Infinity isn't so much SKU bloat (although that might be deterring people from getting on board) it's difficulty with moving older stock.