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  1. Wu Ming core links literally have the best Spec Shots in the game. edit: ignoring non-launched ones in this case.
  2. Technically, neither is BS Attack...
  3. I guess it's not exactly ground breaking to claim "these are models from the first expansion box" but I figured it was worth going back and taking a look at those silhouettes we saw at Gencon.
  4. I think it's interesting to also consider the broader implications of whether you take Face To Face as a very literal usage of the term or a more broad usage, they aren't entirely consistent with this in their writing, often referring to face to face rolls while meaning just general rolls. Examples would be things like, can you lay a mine when shot in the back using ssl2? Could you use your SSL2 to declare an Alert? I've generally seen it taken as just "pretend you had LOF to the guy attacking you and declare anything valid" but if the rule was to be interpreted with a stricter meaning for Face To Face it has broader implications than just template weapoins.
  5. I think it actually strikes a really interesting balance between first and second. Although inflated order pools I think want to go first more, the chance to nuke a bunch of consoles at the top of turn 2 is just too valuable. But I like that it's not just out and out "oh this is the better turn to have" like most missions.
  6. I definitely agree with Hecaton here in that, defining the "it" that the supplies go in base contact with is insufficient to answer the question of whether they are now carrying the supplies or not. Could you show this clarification I'd definitely be keen to see an answer from an authority on this because frankly I think the wording is insufficient to properly determine the intent
  7. Yeah, if you have them more swept back she looks a lot better.
  8. The answer that troopers that become irregular are unaffected suggests that perhaps it's not their current status which is considered, perhaps it's just what's on their profile, or something somewhere in between. I definitely think there's a valid cause to ask this question, not all the responses have been entirely consistent and if we can get the intent from the creator that's definitely preferable.
  9. I definitely think the RAW is clear here that a disconnected trooper can still secure HVT, interestingly they also don't count as killed for missions like Annihilation, even though you don't get them as surviving victory points. Not sure it's ever been game critical but I've definitely been in the habit of counting them as part of my dead models in the past.
  10. I don't buy that the options are "4 HI in the box and a tinbot blister" or "3 HI in the box with a tinbot and no blister ever comes". They don't seem equivalent, in a world where they would do a 4 man box and a tinbot blister, why wouldn't they also do a 3 man box and release the 4th model as a blister? I mean sure theoretically because there's an expectation that blisters won't use cloned torsos from boxes it's a little bit harder to do, but the payoff is more variation in poses, so seems worthwhile. I get the frustration about not having 5 new sculpts for your Core linkable HI, but I just don't think it's the tinbots in the boxes that are at the root of it, I think there's a decision behind it that CB are making for some reason. I'll concede that your pain would be lessened by that decision impacting the tinbot instead of an actual unit.
  11. you know there's an SMG in there right?
  12. That's not true, there are very few situations where a Cameronian would be materially benefitted in terms of closing the distance by declaring a long-skill superjump as opposed to two separate super jumps. He would almost never be forced to declare the long skill
  13. Here are all the yet to be posted ones
  14. you know where else they use model without capitalizing it? " At the end of the Deployment Phase, players must declare which troop from their Army List is the DataTracker. The trooper chosen must be always one of the models deployed on the game table." The logical extension of this being interpreted as nominating a model rather than the more general trooper is that anytime you start using another model for any reason including Holoprojector 1, Mechanical Transmutation (assuming alternate models are provided), Dismounting TAGs or Bikes, and other potential situations, you no longer are the nominated datatracker. The rules explicitly state via one of the examples (and we know by this point examples are rules in infinity, some things exist only in the example text): "The player must apply the replacement of the model and the Troop Profile to the whole Order. " Changing the model of your Su Jian is non optional because there is an appropriate alternate model.
  15. Right, and the G: Jumper trooper is represented by the proxy models it places on the table, I nominate the G: Jumper trooper, and thus I have a flexible DataTracker with multiple proxies