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  1. Nice work!
  2. Awesome JSA! Very clean painting, your style captures the Infinity aesthetic very nicely!
  3. Well, been out of the forum for quite a while and I had to say one of the first things I wanted to check when I got back was this thread to see if it had been updated! Well... I've not been let down that's for sure! Lots more for me to see! Really awesome updates! Love the TAG. The aesthetics for this whole force are just next level man! Boooooom!
  4. Nice and smooth painting. They look very nice all together!
  5. Good stuff! Decent level of paitning throughout the whole collection and I like that you're painting your mates too haha Nice!
  6. Nice collection of minis! Making me want to get my paint brushes out again! Keep em coming!
  7. Thanks Yasbir you legend!
  8. Are there any here?! I didn't see any on that map. I want to find a gaming group in Paris that plays Infinity... anyone able to help? Would be much appreciated!
  9. Some of you lot may remember me, if not, hello! I've rejuvenating my interest in Infinity a bit of late, and haven't even played the game since the Paradiso campaign was released. A bit of an update... So I've been pretty hectic doing band related stuff and as a result I had zero time to do anything hobby related. The results of this intensive work period can be heard here: If you like alternative-rock you might want to give it a listen! I've been spending half my time in Paris of late, SO I'm also putting out a tentative request to meet people in France who play/paint etc. I'm learning the language and as I'm there often, it would seem as good a way as any to socialise and have fun at the same time, away from music, and away from the gf who thinks I'm a total nerd when I do this kinda stuff (and she's totally right). So. Parisians, HIT ME UP! I'm still collecting Yu Jing/Military Orders/Combined Army/Ariadna forces and have had a bit of a desire to go with Nomads of late... hacking gits.
  10. If I'm back living in London by then you'd be welcome to stay at mine IJW, but I can't guarantee I will have moved by then. Moving is my current priority though, so it's possible. Failing that, I've been staying in hostels in Kings Cross quite cheap and reasonable standard: Though I'm guessing you'd be driving over? Might not be so useful, there are probably others a lot closer to the venue.
  11. Really nice painting. Smooth colours, good contrast and the base is nicely done too.
  12. I've put it in my diary. Hopefully I can make this one if I'm not too busy! Will try drill up support from the club. It would be a good incentive to re-establish our campaigns. Everything died down a bit over the olympics and everyone seemed to be mentally busy. I don't think I've played Infinity for about 2 months!
  13. MILITARY ORDERS ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 1 (Regs: 10/Irrs: 0): DE FERSEN Hacker (Hacking Device) Lieutenant Spitfire / Pistol, Templar CCW (AP + Shock) (65 | 2) MOV:4-2 CC:17 BS:14 PH:14 WIP:14 ARM:4 BTS:-6 W:2 KNIGHT OF SANTIAGO Boarding Shotgun, E/M Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW (44) MOV:4-2 CC:18 BS:14 PH:13 WIP:13 ARM:4 BTS:-3 W:2 SERAPH Spitfire + AUXBOT_1 / EXP CCW (85 | 2) MOV:6-4 CC:19 BS:14 PH:16 WIP:12 ARM:7 BTS:-6 STR:3 AUXBOT_1 Heavy Flamethrower / Electric Pulse MOV:6-4 CC:8 BS:10 PH:8 WIP:11 ARM:0 BTS:-3 STR:1 MULEBOT (EVO Repeater) Electric Pulse (13 | 0.5) MOV:4-4 CC:8 BS:11 PH:8 WIP:13 ARM:2 BTS:-3 STR:1 ORDER SERGEANT Spitfire / Pistol, Knife (20 | 1) MOV:4-4 CC:15 BS:12 PH:10 WIP:13 ARM:1 BTS:0 W:1 4x ORDER SERGEANT Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife (13) MOV:4-4 CC:15 BS:12 PH:10 WIP:13 ARM:1 BTS:0 W:1 MACHINIST Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, Knife (15) MOV:4-4 CC:13 BS:12 PH:10 WIP:12 ARM:1 BTS:-3 W:1 2x PALBOT Electric Pulse (3) MOV:6-4 CC:8 BS:8 PH:8 WIP:13 ARM:0 BTS:-3 STR:1 300 Points | SWC: 5.5 ARMY CODE: eNozMlY1NFAzVDOsMQGTlmpAXo0RRMhIzQhMGmAnIZShJRIFALOIEWI= Army Infinity v.3.0. Or swap the Santiago for this: MILITARY ORDERS ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── GROUP 1 (Regs: 1/Irrs: 0): TEUTONIC KNIGHT Combi Rifle, Panzerfaust / Pistol, EXP CCW (44) MOV:4-4 CC:18 BS:14 PH:14 WIP:13 ARM:3 BTS:-6 W:2 44 Points | SWC: 0 ARMY CODE: eNozMlY1VzNUMwQABpYBcA== Army Infinity v.3.0.
  14. The MO list could be really good if you just dropped one seraph and added an evo repeater and maybe a link team of sergeants led by a spitfire. I'm sure you could fit it all in for 300 points.
  15. RDG Tools: Top feed Airbrush is exact same build spec as an Iwata for half the price. Comes with a compressor, and another bottom feed airbrush for larger projects (which you can attach a bottle to for larger amounts of paint). It's awesome, I have one, and so do many of my friends who are either professional painters or paint ridiculous amounts to a high standard using this. "COMPLETE AIRBRUSH KIT (2 AIRBRUSHES + COMPRESSOR + HOSE) Ref: 45643" this is the one you want - 2nd down on the site.