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  1. Being a warcor is no measure of playing ability or rules knowledge or tactical acumen. It just takes application and acceptance.
  2. PsychoticStorm was supposed to check if people were allowed to circumvent the courtesy list and rebuild someone else's list using apps or whatever to discover points costs and other hidden information and existence of possible hidden troops. Shocked he never responded after the last thread got closed.
  3. LOL. Nope. It didn't work like that at all.
  4. Nope. That's not how it worked. I loved old EM though. So much better than now.
  5. I really like that art, but ugh, those models are awful to me.
  6. But they also could scatter for hilarious/glorious results. Sure as hell beats the teleporting speculative fire bullshit.
  7. We played YAMS back in second edition. Not sure what you were doing.
  8. I loved First Strike capabilities. Got hit with it a lot, but I never minded it. I loved those times I survived the hit and then shot the fuck out of the camo jerk. Good times.