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  1. blog

    In Soviet Russia, Pride of Rodina criticize YOU.
  2. Old Nisse Sniper was gold
  3. You want to rebuild an opponents list to find out hidden info?
  4. I don't listen to podcasts (I really can't stand them), but how is that kosher to single you out? I have no horse in this race and couldn't give two tugs of a dead dog's cock about Adepticon or GENCON or any -con. But this just seems "off" like in the way that old take out Chinese food "could" be good, but will likely give you violent diarrhea and have you praying for rain on the shitter. The best should represent. Did Johnny sweep the leg? You bet your sweet ass sensei he did.
  5. Meh to that
  6. Original Poster: You don't lose the -3 modifier of camoflage just because you aren't hidden in a marker state.
  7. You obviously haven't used warcors enough then. Those bastards are clutch to me and also the very bane of my existence.
  8. Your pictures make me think of the old Atari game "Missile Command" Shit....now I feel old. Gonna get my curmudgeon on. Get off my lawn
  9. Your solution is to ignore the rules with a clear example and to play with an invention? Hey, it's your group, do what it takes to have fun.
  10. Everyone who doesn't give two tugs of a dead dog's cock about ITS.
  11. For Corregidor: 5 man link team of Wildcats. QK: 5 man link team of Kaplan Tactical Services
  12. It's just a game of metal dudesmen. Just move them and see what happens. Some stuff is gonna die. No big deal.