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  1. The rules are all free online and books are never necessary for this game. If you want the fluff you will need the books, but it's not required or essential reading for playing the game. Spend your money on the models you like though. You can make your own tokens. I recommend just buying whichever starter you like the look of most. Have fun and take it slow.
  2. @RattlerNxt.
  3. The Riot Girls are a real low for me. I never liked their models in the first place, but these look awful to me. I'm not sure if it's the posing on the models or just a pure aesthetic dissatisfaction on my part, but they don't look as if they would even belong in the game. Tinbot models still seem like such a waste of space for something that can be achieved using a cardboard token at best. The Bagh Mari is a really great job for me. I was worried the model would be hanging out or at wise or something. CB really has stepped up their game in general on the SAA resculpts.
  4. Just demo the game and have fun!
  5. You forgot a Lieutenant.
  6. Face to face rolls can wind up with both rolls cancelling one another out. See: crit vs crit and other dice.
  7. You should totally play YAMS 1.1. It's a really great system.
  8. Current implementation? More like only implementation. DTW have always been this way. They were already dumbed down for some folks so they Dodge easier
  9. There are outcomes????
  10. Go for it! Anyone anywhere can demo the game. You don't have to be a WARCOR to do any of it. Have a great time!
  11. COMBO BREAKER! i loved Killer Instinct. Not so much warmahordes.
  12. Totally agree.
  13. You know the Swiss Guard comes with an HMG? I see that far more often than the Missile Launcher. If I bother with ITS I see the Hacker profile more.
  14. blog

    In Soviet Russia, Pride of Rodina criticize YOU.
  15. Old Nisse Sniper was gold