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  1. The EI is a chick?
  2. And don't try and learn rules from YouTube videos. While often pretty, they often get things wrong here, there, or everywhere. Just watch them for enjoyment.
  3. I play Pan O and Nomads so I would gladly tell him that seeing that it has nothing to do with any models I am playing or have on the table.
  4. Maybe he shouldn't be that WAAC guy in the first place.
  5. Also, don't be Wil Wheaton. That dude is a colossal asshat.
  6. I find it absolutely against the spirit of the game and hope CB will better spell it out. If someone tried that in a tournament I was running, I'd tell them to put it away and play Infinity. If they did it again I'd tell them to leave. I have terrible points cost memory. Fuck it. I deserve nothing. Some of my friends know all kinds of points off their heads. I don't care.
  7. I like the things I can shoot at. Tin bot doesn't need to exist as a model.
  8. Yes. Read the example in the rules and follow that.