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  1. If you go to the about me section from the ebay post they have the same hotline number as the warstore does.
  2. You guys should definitely come. Redcaps has most of the Infinity Line. Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  3. There is they haven't been active in ITS or the forums, but they meet regularly. They are currently in the middle of a homebrew narrative campaign. I just updated the times it will actually be starting later. We are also planning on running a bigger tournament on the 27th of July.
  4. Lets get Philly ITS going! Date: Sunday, 22 June 2014 Time: Registration will begin at 12, tournament will begin at 1 and will probably run till 9. Location: Redcaps's Corner 3617 Lancaster Ave Philladephia, PA Entry Fee: $5 registration Contact: michaelflygare (at) Format: 300 pt ITS 2014, 2 lists allowed, Dire Foes Characters allowed, please bring a printed copy of your list that you can give to the TO. Also please email lists before the day of, so that they can be checked. Rounds: 3; Supplies, Seize the Antenna, Annihilation Time Limit: 2 hours Prize Support: Prize support will be given to the first and second players.
  5. This ruling would be pretty important for English Speaking ITS because every mission has these secondary objectives.
  6. So for the secondary objectives it says: » To kill more Army Points than the adversary (1 Objective Point). » To kill 150 Army Points or more than the adversary (1 Objective Point). On the second point I have been taking it as you must kill more than or equal to 150 points more than you opponent kills of you. As in if player one has 200 points on the table he must kill 250 points or more to get the point. But another player had the understanding that it meant you only had to bring player two below 150 points and have player one have more points left on the field than player two. Thanks in advance.
  7. We usually play ambient stuff like God is an Astronaut or OSTs as in Tron or Oblivion.
  8. Just in response to the Templar weapon debate the English wiki lists both types.
  9. I did one as well. Although I left the "pump action" on from the adhl. Sorry for the bad picture.
  10. If you want you could switch out my name to my forum tag. I'm John F.
  11. I have tried a few. One was team a had to kill team b's lt while team b had to kill team c's lt and team c' had to kill team a's lt. It didn't really work though. The only one that's been ok was a "king of the hill" where there was a big building in the middle and whoever had the most models inside would win. But even that mission tended to have alliances.
  12. Hey I'm going to be in Charlotte for the next month or so an would love to get some games in. Where do any of the locals here play and when? Sunday would be the best for me but I may be able to play morning/early afternoon any other day.
  13. I'm down for a game right now if anyone here is let me know.
  14. I'm down for some beers Saturday or Sunday night. I'll also be around Saturday for games.