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  1. Do not know where those specific vegetable tables are from but I've ordered these from Tabletop World and they are pretty nice. I use them around a MAS building to make it look like a marketplace.
  2. That first table gave me a double rainbow moment. Amazing stuff. Can't wait to see if CNC carries it in their usual line.
  3. I for one am pretty excited. More streamlined rules means the barrier for entry is lower hence easier for me to get friends and family into it. For me the larger player base is worth the price of admission.
  4. I just have it rolled up and sitting on a crate where I keep my terrain materials. It actually came folded in a box and like Ichipoxi said the wrinkles smooth out after laying it flat. When I get the time I'll likely head out to Office max or something for a mailing tube for a more permanent storage solution.
  5. Just got mines and I'll echo how awesome it is. How are people storing this thing. 4ft poster tubes?