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  1. dude your fine, everyone is just blowing this out of proportion.
  2. i'm really tempted to just have my name changed
  3. what i actually like is their accesories, with a few of their storage room sets you can have a warhouse or a large storage area, it's just really cool
  4. i like it, it appears balanced. the only thing i have a problem with is if your hero is wounded you can't use him at all the next wo games or you have to spend clout points on him. i see players wounding him just to throw him out of comission, and the next thing you know both your Lt. and your captain or down for the count. i don't know if that was your plan or what. but i will be trying this out with a few friends.
  5. @founder shoota is what they call there orks that prefure to shoot guns shootas (shooters). my name just says my shoota is a midget. as i explained before it was a nickname that stuck
  6. weres the Haqqislam :'(
  7. so i plan on makeing a a 6x6 futuristic gaming city, i will be dueing 2x2 blocks with a theme to it. this will give me 9 blocks of terrain to mix up and rearrange into what ever i need wheather it be a 4x4 basic game or one of my clubs large city's of death (or just a large meatt grinder). what i have planed so for: - x2 residential corders: this will probable be just 4 of the infinity apartment connected by the walkways ain variouse ways - A Biodome: i wanted to have some kind of a nature feel to my city so i was watching a movie about two idiots that get locked in a biodome and nearly destroye it. well i figure why wouldn't a futuristic city have a biodome of their own - Large corporation skyscraper: this will most likely be the center peice of the intire city. i want ti to be pretty big but not so much that just makes thing more complicated then it really needs to be (if you have some advice let me know - A Hospital: every cityneeds a hospital, this will be as simple as it sounds; a futuristic hospital - A science facility: again pretty simple as it sounds -A Space Dock: i don't know how to explain how i'm going to be doing this one, but i do have an image in my head this is were i'm pretty stumped, i have two more blocks but i have run out of ideas of what to build, so if you have any ideas plz share. thx this will be my wip log so check it out every once in a while to see how far i have gotten.
  8. jeeze it really is a geek cave, AWSOME! all i got is my desk in my walking closet
  9. i like the dark grey one a lot, i'm going to steal that from you (just giving far warning) lol
  10. hey, don't worry i plan on useing Ghulam in all of my lists. i plan on always haveing at least 5 ghulam in my list, so they're the Offical team that sometimes gets partnered with specialists or another strike team. i just don't know enough of the Haqqislam Fluff to make my team fluff.
  11. my advice don't ask "is this list good" i would ask "how do i play x"
  12. @tevesh why don't you use Doctors??? was just curious
  13. lol no i didn't notice thx no i din't know the daylami was that specific so it's droped and i will probale use the Khawarij as a lasiq as the model is too awsome anyways.
  14. my worst experiance happened over several games, this one asshole play tryinids and i was playing necrons at the time. his genestealers came from behind my warriors and demolsihed enough for them to disapear(an ability that makes the rest of your force leave the battlefield if enough guys die. it was a fluff thing gone horribley wrong) this was a loss on me by turn 2. ok no big deal right i mean one bad game isn't a problem. well this was right in the middle of our club campaign so i faced him several times. every game i had for the rest of the campaign he would tell me "watch your back" or "comeing in from behind" (me and my friends would make fun of him and say i better wear protection or somthing). anyways out of some shear dumb luck me and him turned out to be in the campaigns final epic battle, it literally ment the tropy to one of the two teams. Well i knew what his plan was most likely to be and prepared for it, he fell for it and lost half of his army in a single round leaveing him with a bunch of out-of reach monster i could turn to mush. he knew it was basically the game end by then and he flipped the crazy switch on big time. i mean he took one of my monoliths and threw at at the wall and continued to jump up and down on it smashing it to peacies (unfortunatly it was the one i had finally finished painting and converting for the past month) after a few friends helped me make him pay me back a reasonable damage fees. after he was baned from the store he went out to the garbage cans in the front and threw away about 4000 points of his fully painted army his brother had given to him. i literally was so shocked i started feeling bad for the guy lol my friends quickly changed my mine
  15. x2 Ghulam w/ rifle + light shotgun 26pts Ghulam Doctor w/ rifle + light shotgun 17pts Ghulam Liuetenant w/ rifle + light shotgun 13pts x2 Naffatun w/ rifle + heavy flamethrower 24pts Hunzakut(deployable reapeter) w/ sniper rifle, antipersonnel mines 25pts Janissary w/ AP rifle + light shotgun 45pts this is exactly a 150pt list to start me for my Escalation League at this new store Battle Foam Gaming Saloon it is literally the Haqqislam starter set with an extra Naffatun and Ghulam Doctor so i now have 9 models (the Naffatun comes with two models so i have an extra one) i also plan on getting a Khawarij and Daylami(filler, basically extra order) for the next step of 200 pts