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  1. I'll get a batrep up once mine arrives!
  2. Yeah, its pretty low-key tbh
  3. When I do use a three man team, its usually 2 characters and a chain rifle though
  4. It is a weakness, but the flexilibilty of covering all those classifieds in one model is really useful and its not like the hacker is defenseless. Against an aro, she will have higher burst and as an AROs, she's got ssl2 and decent enough wip. If something reveals, the rest of the team can then go shank it or shoot it. Its very useful but counterable like any other hacker in the game. I often use three man teams yeah, normally dactyls or thorakitai though.
  5. If you're getting smashed that early, its likely that you're not deploying well. They're likely to have more infiltrators, fast movers and orders than you so TR bots, naga minelayers and marker state troopers are great for bleeding him orders and slowing him down. Not putting guys up on rooftops is a good call, place more conservatively and have overlapping AROs over objectives or choke points where possible
  6. The AHD is good because it allows telemetry and data scan as well as the hvt variants. If you've got machaon in there, that's the majority of the classifieds covered with that one team.
  7. Usually chain rifle first, hacker second to put a specialist in the link. Sometimes use the spitfire though depending on how I'm doing for swc and which officer I've taken to lead the link
  8. Yeah, a lot less competition in phalanx and she's a reasonable all rounder, should be able to contribute usefully in a lot of games
  9. I've committed myself to trying her out. The model is too good not to use and I persevered with penny and she's now in my regular rotation. Might be better on the table, dunno.
  10. But damn... That model though...
  11. That Andromeda model is brilliant. I am now going to commit time to making her work on the table cos that is too cool not to use
  12. He's got a pistol? Lol. Probably to keep cost down I'd imagine. Could really do with something more punchy though! In lieu of an ekdromoi, the cube Jaeger will be useful once he's released (supposed to be fairly cheap and has a medikit so likely a paramedic)
  13. Don't discount the hmg, it has a role, but its skillset lends itself much better to close up work so the shotgun and rifle sync with it much better IMHO. Of the two, I prefer the rifle as it has longer reach but shotguns are brutal in their niche
  14. Yeah I'm really lucky I guess, very little em or adhl in my small meta