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  1. So long as they're not hurting release slots that's fine by me
  2. He brings a lot to mrrf, msv and a decent big game hunting gun. Well worth including
  3. Cool, thanks for those numbers, most enlightening! Worth it in niche cases then, if you've got spare orders and no dtws to take on links with
  4. Hi all, been playing a long time and never yet once chosen to use them, never seems a great use of orders. Anyone finding good uses and choosing them regularly?
  5. I'm a big fan, if I'm going first, he's a reserve and superior infil to assassinate a key target. I like the specialist version the most because it obviously has the flexibility of being able to grab objectives if you're going less aggressive. If I'm second, I'll either aim for prone on a rooftop somewhere awkward to reach in LOS of an intruder sniper or go conservative and hide amongst zeros dependent on mission requirements. He's truly an excellent attacking piece but flimsy, though he's got excellent mobility, a lot of his acrobatics are likely to trigger LOS across a wide area so make sure you check LOF well before you declare your orders!
  6. Seconded. Heads on swivel points and swappable weapons would be a mega bonus that would def see more units shifted. You could create a lot more variety out of a couple of boxes and it shouldn't put much extra work on the design element as they're already doing two single bodies with arm swaps in the four man boxes
  7. Yeah that would be pure win! Looking forward to these ladies, that is a stunning render
  8. As cool as the CoC skill is, I think the 1 swc for the skill is too high a price to pay in a tag list. The TR drone will go down and then you've got no backup big guns. I'd be very tempted to swap it out for the spitfire myrmidon or something equivalent like a deva spitfire as it gives you quite a bit more punch
  9. The phalanx character hacker with pitcher is a great pick near a cheap baggage rem. Stick a few repeaters into the midfield and watch those batroids and tags sweat. As mentioned before, you'll def want some visors. Their best infiltrator specialists are TO and that TO missile launcher they can bring is pretty brutal
  10. I get it, I'd rather have a Moran or szalamandra resculpt but at the same time, this is pure fan service and I really respect that
  11. Looks like you've got some of the old rules mixed in with the current rules. 4 is the old way. That only happens now when all available proxies are disabled, the mind will jump to another available proxy until they're all shot up, then will reside in a netrod. Naming an active proxy no longer reveals TO markers, that's the old n2 rule.
  12. Tbh you cant really go too far wrong with any of the loadouts. I'm a big fan of the mk2 sniper paired with double dasyu (fo and khd), usually with mk1 engy and mk5 FO as my other post human slots. Dasyu sniper is nice to shake things up a bit too if you go mk2 hacker. I'm a big fan of TO snipers in general and think they're pretty underrated. Given ours have nwi and excellent BS, we've got a cracking selection. The dasyu is so good it makes me sad when I have to make do with spectrs lol
  13. This is so awesome, at this rate we might even get a raaiiichoooo!
  14. I personally find that if I make up the terrain, printing and sticking a sliver of paper onto the base of the terrain piece to denote the terrain piece rules stops that argument dead. If there's a copse of trees on the board and it says on them jungle terrain + saturation zone then that's what it is. After a while people will include different units that bring those skills that get overlooked for standard urban infinity
  15. Interventor box is well worth having, an intruder with heavy weapon is well worth having too. Other than that, hold fire and get a few games under your belt before spending more The really difficult thing for infinity is that every model is useful in some way! I could reel off loads of "must haves" but I'd def advise playing first and then figuring out what you enjoy most