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  1. Yeah not fussed for the outrage guys, they nearly all died before they'd really been introduced properly so have absolutely zero bond to their characters. Might buy them if they're available for use in game and have cool profiles but meh otherwise
  2. Depends on your terrain but there's always an angle on a volunteer/grunt/112/dozer/mul/maverick whatever on the boards I play on. Even if the obvious board egdes are uncovered with terrain (they shouldn't be, you should always make boards with ad useable terrain loadouts) you can always paradrop somewhere uncomfortable and its not like ariadna are likely to be packing much defensive hacking to oppose it in most games. An ad trooper doesn't need to kill everything, it just needs to get in, kill a few guys, kite the impetuous towards him and be a pain in the arse for a turn. Ideally ending him somewhere awkward on suppressive fire with a sniper covering the approaches is nice
  3. They're also pretty vulnerable to AD rampages, their average DZ defender is usually a bs10 shotgun/template wielder of some flavour so they can be easily outranged and outclassed by your ad troopers. If they take a few impetuous units, t2 and t3 there's usually plenty of gaps to get in. Ariadna are an attacking army and fold quickly once you start putting pressure on their weak spots. Hit them hard with AD and TO and they tend to struggle to retaliate. Mine the midfield and deny them first turn wherever possible
  4. Give me my damn CG swc box, its waaaay overdue Yeah, she's one destined for the dusty shelf of "cool model, crap rules"
  5. Proxy mk2 in hidden deployment until turn 3 is a good one. Popping out when everything is dead and doing a last turn grab isn't a bad idea
  6. I'd be happy with an interventor equivalent with a pitcher or fast pandas. Our hackers are decent, but our repeater coverage is poor (named phalanx characters aside). Something to help in that regard would be great
  7. That three points is also a warcor flash pulse aro, three points goes a long way in ariadna!
  8. i love the HRL profile in vanilla but tend not to need the objective grabbing variants as its usually my chasseurs/foxtrots/SAS that are doing that kind of work. They're a better fire platform imho
  9. Its not a wasted skill, its just situational. But for me, the tournament scene is getting more and more savvy with terrain and sniper nests in DZs are now as rare as rocking horse shit lol. The ability to start in one just outside of your dz is great. Doesn't matter if someone gets into your deadzone in one order, you either force them to waste orders on discovering and shooting you or plink aros at them at the longest point of range, or start prone and use it for active turn ahooting
  10. Infiltrating snipers are brilliant. Can really get in some awkward spots and need some digging out!!
  11. Gotta be the sapper zuoaves for me. That sniper has caused multiple migraines for my regular opponents lol, tough to dig out and cheap enough to be disposable
  12. Yeah, I normally core the loup and take a briscards HRL in the list. Msv, rocket and assault pistol is such a steal for the points. Linked with bonuses its brutal!
  13. Briscards are extremely solid. If we didn't have loup garou, they'd be the link of choice. Its only the raw power of linked viral rifles and inability to Harris/duo the briscards that stops them hitting the table more
  14. And of course, have enough specialists for the mission (3-4 good ones or 4-5 crapper ones minimum) where you need them