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  1. Baineblade, you should email us at [email protected] or [email protected] We can try to set some games up in either Tuscon or up Here in the valley. I have played Caledonia since 2011 and Tom has been playing Pan O for the same amount of time. We play many other factions but will be more than happy to help you get started.
  2. I am excited!! looks like fun. Although, ... I am a little sad I won't be playing Caledonia after seeing that poster on the wall.
  3. You guys are coming up with great suggestions. We are putting together the material now. It is convention season so the episodes are going to be closer to the 15th, we are looking to record on Thursday March 13th. It's just hard to schedule because we are out of town a lot. I am thinking we will cover Steel Phalanx in this next Episode since we have had more experience with them now. But we will be adding more of the suggested material as well.
  4. Lol !! That is awesome!! Well played friend, well played.
  5. Bass Hamster ... I am down for the challenge man!! I want to make sure you don't get Magno in round three, that way I can play him in round three so he can get redemtion from DuelCon XD Definition: - Bass - something fishy - Hamster - a small rodent that needs squishing used in a sentence - that thing that smells bad needs to be squished!!! XD Just playng man, all for kicks Let the talking begin!! I am a great loser ...... and an even better winner either way I have fun man!!!
  6. Just an update ... we are Recording on Saturday the 15th, hopefully posted on Monday. We were going to record on Friday, but it is Valentines day, wouldn't sit well with the Women in our lives LOL. The episode will cover Combined Army Sectorials. We would have recorded earlier but I was in Rhode Island for TempleCon for a week working. Thank you to all that participated in the tournament there!!! Such a great time.
  7. We are always aiming for the first week of each month. The last couple of months has been crazy though, and convention season is starting so that always puts a kink in the chain. I will do my best to let you all know the date ahead of time though.
  8. You might see me there if my ODD permits it sir
  9. Hey all, We have been posting all the entries from The O-12 Podcast on our website. If you all would like some good reads head over to to check them out, they are all really good. You will find a couple of battle reports from our Paradiso Campaign as well. We wil be posting a few entries every day until we get them all up.
  10. Hey all, I just wanted to give you a heads up on February's episode 24. Tom was on vacation reading his Paradiso book in Paradise, he gets back tomorrow. I am getting shipped off to TempleCon the day after he gets back, so we wont get to record until next week. I am hoping to have the episode up by Friday the 14th (yes Valentines day, so we can express our love for all of you!!). Thank you all for be great fans of the show, we will keep doing our best. If you are going to TempleCon please stop by and say hello, I will be working the Battle Foam booth.
  11. LOL, nice. Congrats on being top dog. I can't wait for Route 66, it should be a lot of fun man.
  12. If it doesn't coincide with any conventions I am working, I will be there to represent AZ.
  13. You guys are awesome!! Thank you for the praise, and I send my apologies for the reason for being late. Spiel was a blast, but took some recovering from. I landed and was at work the next day to finish the week. We will do our best to keep things on schedule from here on out. I will also get my army lists up on the site as well lol, Tom always keeps me in line. Thanks again to all of you for your continued support! -Kip-
  14. Thank you to all that made it, that was the best weekend of Infinity that I have participated in! There was zero arguments, and A whole lot of fun being had. Magno, Thanks for clearing up the cheating rumors , we really enjoyed your company. Team Warsenal, You guys are awesome, thanks for adding to the fun factor.
  15. I Agreee!!