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  1. Several more people from my meta upgraded with no issues. Dunno their set up.
  2. App is crushing while in app update is going on . Me and another warcor have same issue. UPD - reinstalling the app solved the issue
  3. Here is a combo wombo. Get him double plasma sniper rifles on full auto l2............ kidding. But if Kriza somehow will get a Haris option... wow, that will be very dangerous Haris.
  4. You forgot total reaction
  5. Nice batrep. I wish PanO player could push with cutter more aggressive . and saturation zone rules were messed up a little bit.
  6. I didnt find that in this particular topic. Thx a lot IJW!
  7. Hm, got a nice question from my community. Does this paragraph Moreover, all those troopers possessing the Veteran Troop, Elite Troop or Headquarters Troop Troop Characteristic have available also an Adhesive Launcher with no additional Cost Provide and extra ADHL to troops, that already has that? (Aswang, Hellcats ETC), or its just 1 ADHL no matter what?
  8. And if it goes sideways (AC2 made it saves from 3 D charges), you have DA CCW......
  9. Yep, they are. I am on a path making my best Nomad roster whatsoever right now. Here it is. I've tried smth similar, but without tsyklon and smth else but with a SWAST red fury. Nomads - Best Roster 0.2 (300/300 | 6/6) Group #1 | 10 Models | 10 0 1 Interventor Boarding Shotgun | Hacking Device Plus, Boarding Shotgun, Pistol / Knife (24) Kriza Borac HMG Lieutenant | Lieutenant, HMG, Heavy Pistol / CCW (54) Transductor Zond Repeater | Flash Pulse / Electric Pulse (8) Salyut Minesweeper | Minesweeper, Repeater, Electric Pulse (8) Zero Observer | Forward Observer, Combi Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines, Pistol / Knife (19) Krakot Dual Chain Rifle | Chain Rifle (2), Grenades, Pistol / DA CCW (14) Clockmaker Engineer | Combi Rifle, D-Charges, Pistol / Knife (18) Zondbot Servant | Electric Pulse (3) Tsyklon Spitfire | Spitfire, Pitcher / Electric Pulse (31) Moderator Combi | Combi Rifle, Pistol / Electric Pulse (9) Salyut Minesweeper | Minesweeper, Repeater, Electric Pulse (8) Group #2 | 6 Models | 4 2 2 Intruder HMG | HMG, Grenades, Pistol / CCW (42) Reaktion Zond HMG | HMG / Electric Pulse (26) Daktari Doctor | Combi Rifle, Pistol / Knife (14) Morlock E/M CCW | Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades, Pistol / E/M CCW (6) Jaguar Chain Rifle | Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades, Pistol / DA CCW (10) Morlock E/M CCW | Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades, Pistol / E/M CCW (6) Open in MayaNet
  10. Gentleman, if you want to continue shock/w/str discussion- please go to corresponding topic. I know how to push the durability of Aspects to very high level. Give them STR (so engineer can reroll their repair attempts) and give them some kind of remote presence . And Avatar just need a 4th wound if that will happened - all aspects (except skiavaro) can take missile to the face, fail all ARM saves and still be alive.
  11. I honestly didn't like new charontid concept. It's very top heavy especially for the huge cumbersome arms (gorilla style arms on a shooting death machine.... what?????)
  12. What about Dr. Worm instead of haiduk? also what am I thinking about all that Shasvastii Expeditionary Force - Untitled Roster (200/200 | 3.5/4) Group #1 | 9 Models | 9 0 0 Sheskiin Red Fury Lieutenant | Lieutenant, Red Fury, Pulzar, D-Charges, Pistol / DA CCW (51) Slave Drone Servant | Electric Pulse (3) Slave Drone Servant | Electric Pulse (3) Treitak Spec-Ops | (Climbing Plus, Doctor, Engineer, EI Hacking Device, Minelayer, EXP CCW) Combi Rifle, Pistol / Knife (14 | 12 XP) Shrouded Observer | Forward Observer, Combi Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines, Pistol / Knife (25) Ikadron Baggage | Baggage, Repeater, Light Flamethrower (2), Flash Pulse, Pistol / Electric Pulse (9) Ikadron Baggage | Baggage, Repeater, Light Flamethrower (2), Flash Pulse, Pistol / Electric Pulse (9) R-Drone Repeater | Flash Pulse / Electric Pulse (8) Q-Drone Plasma | Plasma Rifle / Electric Pulse (25) Bit Hacker | Deployable Repeater, Submachine Gun, Pitcher, Pistol / Knife (19) Kiss! | Adhesive Launcher / Electric Pulse Speculo Killer Boarding Shotgun | Smoke Grenades, Boarding Shotgun, Pistol / Monofilament CCW, Knife (34) Open in MayaNet you can use servants to clear minefields instead of your regular order. Bit and kiss can provide some nice defense + they can safely get to console by using cybermask. there is no CoC so you have to have some balls to play that. if you want to you can change speculo for ML Noctifer But i agree that L&S for SEF is Hardmode^2. In any format.
  13. I personally don't like hackers in a link. They are too vulnerable to KHDs. Cheap zero KHD can reduce your 5 man team to 4 man with like 2-3 orders, negating their great BS and shootout durability. i more fan of riot grrls instead of MB, cause Girls have most awesome HI specialists in link.
  14. About your list. I would change the combat groups so you have 1 with 10 orders and other ad a support group (put hmg drone, Noctifer and med tech there for sure ), cause right now, all your active turn guns are in group 2. speculo in front of Achilles is a bad idea. Her targets are HI without MA, links and TAGs . If you go second - deploy your speculo smwhere, where it will take your opponent 3-4 orders to get there and cover her with Noctifer (use speculo as a bait), or Hmg drone. Speculo is a threat and can suck a lot of orders to be removed. if opponent goes for her - wait until they will drop first IMP state from her and only react after that. Missile boarding shotgun ARO combo is no joke
  15. Here is a thing. We have all that discussion etc. But when it's written that's STR models treat shock like normal ammo - you go to normal ammo page, right? And there is (at the normal ammo page) no red box saying that's it cancels NWI/Dogged. So how it can came up As an issue??????????? I just can't understand.... Thats strange that somebody got confused by that, honestly. but recent FAQ really had broken the game in some things, and this is not one of them.