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  1. I totally do not agree. Fatality L2 is the thing that gives Tarik some edge. Take a look at him and at some similar heavy guys in different armies. He still shoots worse than many of them, he often has lower ARM and some other stats and the bigger chance to crit is something you're paying for. The only thing that I agree with is that you can't count on it completely - it's not predictable to be used as some sure thing, the plan for the game. BUT it's not just luck. You still have to use him wise. With Spitfire you have such big chance to crit that it is some kind of reliability. And if you crit - than you've paid for it, it's not some dumb luck like with Ghulam sniper in ARO. If you think that Fatality L2 is just pure luck, then maybe all our rolls are based on luck? Everybody can crit, so if Tarik can do it better, then maybe he's supposed to and you shouldn't be unsatisfied with him doing his job?... I've also used him many times since the changes and now he can be very deadly, but not just because of the Fatality L2. The 0,5 SWC lower cost also is very important, as it helps to make the army full and competetive. PozdRawiam / Greetings
  2. Well, I have to disagree about Daylamis - I use them more often in ITS missions than Ghazis and I find them very useful. Especially the 7pts version with Panzerfaust and LSG. They are my totally expendable yet irritating ARO pieces which work well with Shihab, some sniper et cetera. If I have some spare SWC pts I always take the Daylamis. Sometimes the Camo ones, but I like to have some with normal deployment. I only once used the 5pts guy and never used 10pts profile - for me they are the least exciting In your rooster I'd change one 10pts Daylami for 7pts with Panzerfaust and a Warcor PozdRawiam / Greetings
  3. Yeah, I agree. The painted Druzes look really nice. I especially like the Marksman and the Chain Colt. Still I think the old ones are better And the most interesting thing is what will happen to their stats. I hope for Shock Marksman Rifle and some buffs, but not sure if the Bayram guys are exactly what I'd like... PozdRawiam / Greetings
  4. No problem, here's some old photos with my Full Pro uBeR Saw Hope they help. PozdRawiam / Greetings
  5. Yeah, and there are also normal razor blades, that you can turn into very good little saws with a triangular file. It's easy and works well, helped me with many plastic and metal miniatures, like the Daylami here - Thanks to new rules of Photobucket I don't have a photo of my hand-made saw, but can make some photo later it you'd like. PozdRawiam / Greetings
  6. Hey, thanks for the feedback and comments This table is regularly used in our Pomeranian Tournaments and I also take it to some other bigger events, like last Team Championship of Poland. But I don't really have time to travel around the country for every tournament To big country, to little free time PozdRawiam / Greetings
  7. I just finished some more little terrain for my shipyard / industrial table, so I decided to show the whole thing to you :) The main colour in my monochromatic table is the big crane, which I had a pleasure to design with it's main author - Krzysiek, aka Zen Terrain. I also finished a great Terminus Hall from Micro Art Studio: I've add a balcony and some balustrade on the top. The table also contains some hand-made stuff, like this banner: Many more photos in this ALBUM. PozdRawiam / Greetings
  8. I played many battles with Yasbir. In N2 and N3. I see his potential, I was rather happy with results, he did a really good job for me few times and won me some battles in ITS and even one tournament in 20x20. He's a not bad Swiss Army Knife type unit Yet, I also prefer Djabel for killing. He's much better Alpha Striker. And not so easy to take out in enemies active turn. If you loose Initiative then Yasbir has to be positioned very defensively, Holoechos don't give any sort of protection for him, he can be shot in one order. While Djabel's Impersonation is rather hard to discover, needs few orders to see him and attack him. So for me Yasbir is an expensive, tricky killer capable of clicking stuff in ITS and similar. I don't use him in bigger, more competetive tournaments currently (there are better cheaper specialists for clicking and doing classifies, while also there are better killers for pure destroying enemies force IMO). While Djabel is a psychological and surgical weapon - and I definitely use him in my lists. PozdRawiam / Greetings
  9. Hunzakut is really good, but I have to mention THE Kasym Beg - he's cheap but extremely dangerous, with his Panzerfaust, EXP CCW, and other great stuff. He works great with Djanbazan and can hit hard almost every other unit. He has 2 orders himself and being (just) Impetuous isn't a big problem for him, as he can choose to not use it, if the situation is too risky. I almost physically can not make any Haqqislam list without him And if you don't like him, maybe think about Zuleyka. She's softer and can die more easily, mostly because being Extreme Impetuous, but with her double flamethrowers she can literally bring hell to her enemies PozdRawiam / Greetings
  10. I've lost few battles against enemies with Guided Missile Launchers, so I can't agree with it being too order hungry for competetive games. To be honest I'm not a fan of it, never used, but in Haqqislam we could make it work really good with our great WIP and many superb Forward Observers. I'd suggest to build the list around Shaytaniyah with few FOs (Hunza for example, Al Hawwa, as they both can use Forward Observer with Surprise Shot, maybe Tuareg Assault Hacker). PozdRawiam / Greetings
  11. I don't really feel this army I'm not sure why you didn't use all the SWC possible - now you're rather helpless on long ranges. You have only one HRL and one HMG. If you loose the initiative are you going to hide everything or to try aggressive positioning of those two? I'd definitely go for some more SWC weapons, like sniper, panzerfausts, HMG. Sure you have Ayyar, but SMR isn't a weapon for good ARO, especially at the start of the game. So I'd suggest to think more about how you're going to play this army. How you're going to hide your obvious LT (Ayyar will work as a 3 decoys? it can work, you always have Hafzas also or Farzan CoC)? How are you going to crush enemies defence - can Fasid/Shihab/Ayyar fight against link teams and win? Who's going to be your Dominant DataTracker - Fassy seems the rather obvious choice, but you shouldn't then risk with him too much. A unit that always work good with Saladin is Fiday or especially Djabel, so maybe think about some. They really can help you and make your enemies life harder PozdRawiam / Greetings
  12. First thing: AsawIrA Second thing: about TaRiK - as I've written before, we don't have a true Rambo in Haqq in our typical units. But TaRiK is IMHO the closest one to the definition. And he definitely CAN survive a battle. I played two tournaments with him and few other battles and lost him 2 times, once he sacrificed himself for a better score. We've just finished a big tournament this weekend - Team Championship of Poland with 60 players. My team ended at 12 place with 20 teams, so I wasn't satisfied with the whole score, but still I was really pleased with TaRiK himself. I used him as my LT in 3 of 5 battles (in the 2 others I used Saladin), he was my Datatracker in Looting and Sabotaging (10:1), Frontline (4:4) and Comms Center (9:1). He did really well, for example finishing off wounded Achilles, destroying Thrasymedes and his link, giving me points in L&S for destroying the AC2 and picking stuff from Panoplies. In Frontline I had a draw against PanOceania, but I should've won this battle, since there were only 4 enemies alive in the end and lost only 61VP, yet I had a bit of bad luck and we both had 104VP in the center of board, while my enemy showed me 2 hidden TOs in his last turn. And the best of TaRiK's show was in Comms Center against hard Tohaa army - when he killed few enemies, finished off the HVT, and even wounded Neema Satar. All in all he survived all the battles. I was using his Spitfire, his CC, his grenades. And I was usually hunting with him in Active turn and leaving him in some safe spot for Reactive Turn PozdRawiam / Greetings
  13. Yeah, for me now the Knauf is the best option for a Haqqislam sniper. It's still better to kill enemy sniper with a Djan HMG out of smoke, but when I started using Knauf I realized, that he's just a better version of my older favourite long range killer - Hassassin Lasiq. Deadly, better hitting, with MSV. We just finished two days big event, Team Championship of Poland with 60 players. And Knauf did very well, being one of the best shooters in my army. Enough said he wounded Achilles, killed Pheonix (shock!), both in ARO. Defended greatly against Buleteers et cetera. He's so good, that he hits better than an Acontencimento Sniper in Foxhole in full link - which I tested in the last battle I like my snipers to be positioned aggressively and that's in what he excels. So if I have few points more, I definitely take him instead of Lasiqs. From the rest of our snipers I only like and used Zhayedan (yet now outshined by Knauf) and Djanbazan (yet outshined by HMG). And Govad in Bahram. Tuareg, Hunza, Hawwa - for me they are too mediocre BS. And I don't find infiltration suiting for a sniper, I prefer them with close range weapons. PozdRawiam / Greetings P.S. Statwise LE Muet is the best. Yet too expensive for me. P.S.2. I use Jethro model as a Knauf, but to be honest I'd be happy to use Jethro's profile too With MS2, NWI, BTS3 and Cube.. Even the cost would be suiting Maybe we will get him one day ...
  14. To be honest I don't think that Haqq have the true RAMBOs. I understand Rambos as a units that can destroy almost everything and also withstand a punishment. Go for an open killing spread with no remorse (and rather not much of a tactic ). For me the true Rambos have armies like Aleph, PanOCeania, Yu Jing. Like some Achilles (can shoot or kill in CC almost everything), Cutter, Aquila, Hac Tao for example. In Haqqislam we have a bit tougher choice, more demanding, tactical. But maybe albo more rewarding The first unit, that comes to my mind, is Maghariba of course. She's the cheapest true TAG with it's strenghs and weaknesses. Second - the HI guys - Asawira, AzRa'il, Al Fassed, Ayyar . The A-Team All are good, especially Asawira because of HIS BS. But all of them aren't true devastating units. The lighter ones are fast, but have low ARM, the bigger ones are slower, with higher ARM. Still no one will win you a game with ease - we have to use them carefully. And my favourite and I think that now the best Rambo unit in Haqqislam - TaRiK. He's BS can be rather unconvincing, his CC is nice, but not the best, his ARM and BTS are rather low for his cost, and the forementioned cost is really BIG, but... TARIK still can use all his abilities and mediocre stats and make them shine more than anyone in Haqq - because he's incredibly mobile, can attack enemies from a flank, from top, from behind. Kill they guys that shoot much better in CC and shoot the guys that fight in CC better with his spit. Or, when he has to, he can always just throw a grenade, And when we're talking about him - I'm not saying that depending on Fatalisty L2 is good - NO, it's just a bonus. The crit is still a matter of luck, but TaRik can choose his fights in a way to maximize his chances. Having 2W is like a safety stock, so he can have a bad luck from time to time. But he's still rather soft, that's why in my previous games I was Ramboing him in active turn and then hide him in reactive - he's just too good to loose him. I have different guys for ARO - he's my active hunter. EDIT: And something more about TaRiK - he is THE DataTracker for some new missions in ITS, having hich maneuverability, decent skills and Anti-Materiel CCW And about some different units, that don't fulfill the Rambo criteria, but are funny hunters and can use their skills very good - I'd look at a Zhayedan for example. The Breaker Rifle guy is very dangerous for almost every unit, can take out heavy guys. My guy had rather weird battles with different luck, failing to hit with easy shots, while also almost alone destroying PanOceanian Fusiliers link and killing wounded Squalo in one burst (TAG out of cover). We also shouldn't forget about Djabel and all the other Fidays. They're fragile, but also very deadly. And forementioned by Megawaly Kasym is also interesting - he always pays off in my battles. Taking out much more expensive enemies, wrecking havoc and despair, and finally almost always sacrificing himself for higher goal His girls are also very good. In Haqqislam we have many interesting units, it's definitely a matter of taste which to use and how to use them PozdRawiam / Greetings
  15. To be honest I can't imagine true pain train with only 1 long range weapon in Janissary link. For me the lack of Missile Launcher, the great ARO threat, is a big flaw in this list. I'd rather go heavy into one full 10 orders combat group with true Janissary link and loose the Sekbans. Still I'm not saying that this list won't work - I just don't see the whole pain PozdRawiam / Greetings