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  1. Hello There are no restrictions in number of AROs to consequent orders - each order can generate a different ARO for the reactive unit. But - if you coordinate two or more troopers, using Command Token, and they all move in LoF of some AROing unit, he can only ARO once that time, for example shooting one of those soldiers. PozdRawiam / Greetings
  2. I played only one tournament with Hassassins, but I used Ayyar few times and if I had one thing to add about the last army list - I'd put Ayyar in the second group, to mess with the enemy a bit more Hide him as a three soft units, covering the deployment zone, like Daylami light shotgun. Then you have 9 units in first group and the enemy can think that you have some Ragik. And if enemy has the first turn, you can use the Ayyar/Daylami to really cover your deployment, having the real one in a good position to ARO in nice ranges. And if you start, then you can take him into the first group thanks to his Free Agent rule. It;s too nice to waste it PozdRawiam / Greetings
  3. Oh my, I feel sorry for all the new players reading this infernal topic ( What about Al Djabel and his Rifle + Light Shotgun +Viral CCW? Does it have burst 3 with impact template and viral ammo? ) PozdRawiam / Greetings
  4. All of those units are rather expensive in an army that don't depend on expensive units The best one gamewise is Tuareg - but as a specialist, not necessarilly as a sniper. He's one of the best option to take objectives in the middle of board, he's a fantastic hacker and also a superb doctor. While as a sniper he's BS 11 and normal gun just don't work for me, not getting much from infiltration, because of the sniper gun ranges. IMHIO there are better options - Lasiq, Knauf, Djanbazan. And also Zhayedan - with sniper rifle he's interesting. While the starter set's Breaker Rifle has a big potential, but on a soft platform. He's mine HunteR KilleR His Marksmanship gives him the edge to fight even against the best enemy units, definitely getting out Missile Launchers, HMGs, Snipers et cetera in his preferable range. The mix of Breaker Rifle + Marksmanship means that each hit forces enemy to make two rolls - one on the half of BTS and one on ARM with shock rule. Great killing potential. I played him few times and usually he's really unlucky, but it's just dices. For example yesterday I played two ITS 200pts battles and once he died in active turn, while trying to shoot Nisse HMG from short range. Yet I have to admit that it wasn't easy But in the next game, against Neoterra, he did great job, killing many enemy units. Firstly he came closer to a link of Fusiliers, took out rifle guy, and then engaded Missile Launcher in 8-16 range at killed it too. Then put down Auxilia. But best thing came out in next turn - enemy had Squalo and I had few options of fighting against it - Djanbazan, Shihab, Kasym. But I chose Zhayedan to test him better, used Kasym to smoke-screen the advance, came against the TAG without cover in 8-16 range and destroyed it in one shot. It was surprising, since he only had 1 STR damaged earlier. Zhayedan got crit on 15 and 2 hits, while Squalo missed totally. So Squalo had to take 2 half-BTS (needing 11 and more to pass) rolls and 3 ARM rolls (needing 6 and more to pass), and he failed 3 of them and was destroyed without the option to recover. So yes, Zhayedan can be a true destroyer. And about Khawarij - they're also a hunters, flankers et cetera, yet I played with them few times and wasb;t happy with the results. I think they're a bit too expensive with what they can do. BS 13 is nice, Super Jump and BioImmunity also, but they just don't fit into most of my roosters. PozdRawiam / Greetings
  5. It's just an effect of using D-Charges close to an Odalisque. Premature detonation PozdRawiam / Greetings
  6. First thing - it's AyyAr, not ayyer. You don't want to mess with such a hassassin, so don't start the topic with misspelling his name Second thing - we wrote about him earlier few times, for example here: Third thing - great unit, definitely worth playing. He's really nice and takes great advantage of his skills and equipement. My favourite profile - Shock Marksman Rifle - can outrange almost every other weapon. You just have to pick the favourable range. It's quite obvious, yet a funny thing - if you want to take out some nasty Total Reaction HMG REM then you can use Ayyar to do it with his Viral Pistols without any chance of HMG hitting - in short range it will have -12 to BS (-3 for HMG range, -3 cover, -6 SSL2). So if it's not buffed with MArksmanship then you risk nothing. Even though pistols don't have high DAM, you have 73,29% of damaging REM. Of course it means that you have to take Ayyar close to enemy and use many orders for this, yet he's fast, his Holos help him run from one place to another and - it's just fun I'm not in 100% happy with the miniature, yet I'll get it and use him more often PozdRawiam / Greetings
  7. Greetings from the last Sunday's tournament - the local test before upcoming Championship PozdRawiam / Greetings
  8. Yeah, but you know that statistic is a bitch? It will work with work with a milion trails. I'm not arguing with the dry mathemathic, as I wrote earlier ("statistics aside") but I'm saying that I've seen many people using Trinity more often than Redrum for example. To be honest Trinity is the most usually used KHD program in my experience - so there are definitely players that woudn't agree with the argument that I quoted earlier. PozdRawiam / Greetings
  9. It's not entirely true and a bit too harsh. Sometimes the Killer Hacker will have a normal roll vs enemy hacker and then using Skullbuster may be better - in ARO for example. Better chance of hitting using one dice is good thing. Also, statistics aside, there's something called the luck. Or the gods of dice And many people like to have more dices in hand - Trinity gives the advantave of having burst 3, and it's less possible to have 3 very bad rolls, than 2. So I don't agree with the statement that only Redrum makes sense. It all depends on the situation and the style of play. Let people decide what to use - just like with units in Infinity - some players use soldiers treated as poor units but still get good results. To paraphrase the saying - it's not your KHD programs, it's you PozdRawiam / Greetings P.S. About the forementioned Lightning - for me it looks like the best ARO option for Barid. In active turn I'm not so sure it it's better than Trinity or Redrum, it depend partly on the BTS of the target.
  10. Independently of army, sectorial et cetera - Leila Sharif is nice and definitely worth having. She can link with Ghulams in both sectorials or even Muyibs in Bahram, giving them specialist Killer Hacker with D-Charges and good weapon - Shock Marksman Rifle. She's also good in Vanilla, for 4pts more than Barid she has few benefits (the forementioned D-Charges and SMR for example). IMHO very nice unit and also very fine model - I've used her in few tournaments since she came out and I highly recommend PozdRawiam / Greetings
  11. No one mentioned yet my basic method - smoke + Djan. I prefer Djan with HMG, yet a sniper in nice position is also good. Smoke means that you can take out members of link team one by one, starting with the weakest guy (for example a guy with Spitfire with worse ranges than HMG). This method is still rather risky, but which isn't? In N2 Holoprojectors were good against links, now they're much worse. About impersonators - Al Djabel is great for killing link teams, my dismantled many, for example Fisiliers, Thorakitai, enemy's Djanbazans. His great CC and MAL4 gives him nice options to fight even against enemy with all those fireteam bonuses. It's still much better to have 2dices hitting with Viral on 23 than two shots with pistol hitting on 18 And he can start with hiding in smoke, so then he can fight against one enemy at a time. Coordinated Daylami with Panzerfaust also can kill almost every enemy (while still most of them will die trying ). Even a bumped Shihab is interesting, especially that with an engineer it's really easy to fix it. About our great motorcyclists - I prefer Kasym over Zuleyka, yet they both can wreak havoc. Still you have to remember, that it's much harder to use the trick mentioned by Orthas against FireTeams, because having 4 or 5 link members gives them Sixth Sense L2, while L1 lets them delay reaction. While you don't have to remind your enemy that he can do this, finally they will just know PozdRawiam / Greetings
  12. I like Maggie, she looks good, but the base ruins the nice work. Especially the grass. Just don't work in Infinity IMO. Looks like from some GW stuff PozdRawiam / Greetings
  13. The only options are Dodge or Close Combat. He can't use his BS weapons, because he has no LoS to the attacker. So he's in difficult position and without a big amount of luck he's going to get hit with a stick. At least a stick PozdRawiam / Greetings
  14. Here you go He looks fine IMO. And the Hunza girl is just great. PozdRawiam / Greetings
  15. If you cancel extreme impetuous orders, the typical of guys with smoke, then you'll have to loose some regular orders. Which is a good thing for the defending army. If you risk of using those impetuous orders, you risk getting killed by Djan, because they usually dodge worse than throw smoke, which won;t work against MSV2. So it's maybe not a big deal, but still not a an easy choice. Without Djan or anything else with MSV2 it's much harder to defend against Smoke and stop some fast units like Desperadoes. And still, the lone AROing model won't do much, so IMHO the most important thing is to use few of them covering the same firelanes and each other too. And if you're writing about 14 orders, then I assume you mean and 300pts army - and then there should be at least few nice AROing options in the rooster. ...Or you can convert something else to use it as Knauf (just as I'm slowly doing). PozdRawiam / Greetings