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  1. This stuff is absolutely bonkers. I am super excited to see the photos of the finished table.
  2. Hey there, I'm in Providence. Are people here planning on hitting up CaptainCon?
  3. Great work, man!
  4. Sounds like you have quite a board shaping up. I got mine, looked at it, and decided I can't bite into it until it's the only thing I'm working on for a bit. Too many things I feel like I'm gonna lose!
  5. I really dig those dunes. Are those home-made buildings, or did you get them somewhere? They look simple but the little swoops to them really make them look great.
  6. We are traveling right now, visiting the in-laws, but my Caravansary was just delivered to my house, so it'll be waiting for me when I get back! I look forward to figuring out how to best to break it into assemblies and paint it in a way that makes sense.
  7. Thanks! In my head, it's awesome. I got all excited because I was thinking that the NeoCasa stuff from MC Studio would be the perfect base stuff for it, but literally while I was looking at it, they decided to close their store. So, that's a basic approximation of how my board building process has been going, so far. =]
  8. Hmm, I kind of like that explanation, too. I (hopefully eventually) want to build my terrain to be a more or less Moroccan market style board, so that makes sense that they'd be already milling around.
  9. I totally agree that the CSU's, HVT's, and RPG minis make great Odas for most situations. I guess I just don't love those as tactical teams. Maybe in a scenario where they need to hold out and protect their VIP until help can reach them, it works. Otherwise, it seems that if someone like Saladin was going to be personally leading a strike team, and he brought a few Odas with him, they wouldn't be in mini skirts carrying briefcases, they'd be loaded up for combat. Even if it was a last minute thing where an Oda on a security detail was seconded to the strike team as a favor, I still feel like they'd put on pants and someone would hand them a real weapon.
  10. I have been mulling over ideas for how I'd alter the Odalisque models so that I'd like them more. Primary was hoods, similar to the Moira box set, but this photo gives me even more ideas...
  11. Thanks!
  12. Well, I think I'm gonna stick a fork in this one! Not sure who's next. I may give some Morats a shot. I do love those Daturazi models....
  13. This whole thread is awesome and you are awesome. Your sparing use of the red really pulls all the models together, adds interest, and basically is just right. Plus, that Jade is just delicious.
  14. I just assembled her the other day, so I thought I would chime in again. She is definitely a pain in the ass. Like someone else said, I cut away at her left wrist a little bit to get the arm to fit, once the right arm/gun was in place. I also gave up on her scope being up against her eye. So, you're not wrong! She's a tough one!
  15. Well now, that's all awesome.