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  1. Thanks a lot! I was quite happy with it.
  2. Yeah, I love that car! I want one more but they are hard to find!
  3. Painted a bunch of things. Still working on getting all my JSA painted but some things distracted me. Tips and critisism welcome.
  4. Gui Feng Xi Zhuang was missing from my Dire Foes 6. Sent an email with pic yesterday. Are replies usually speedy?
  5. Cheers!
  6. The doctor/engineer and the servant have to perform the same order if able. Is it possible to perform a short or long move skill and have either the doctor/engineer or Servant move 0"?
  7. Been a while but I have been getting painting done. Both the spec opses and a lot of the JSA I have so far has been painted up, along with chunks of terrain. Other than that Nioh has been eating a lot of my free time so in the spirit of things here comes a weeby update.
  8. Wonderful minis and lovely little diorama photos. I have a secret soft spot for Neoterra.
  9. Love the new Wu Ming, looking forward to seeing your results, which will no doubt be gorgeous.
  10. Things to get cracking down on, primed misfits both old and new and the bare sad pewter of the JSA, recently aquired. Torn on whether to prioritize painting the JSA first, having a playable sectorial list with paint or finally getting the spec ops and remote painted.
  11. Haven't really done anything hobby related since Paradiso came out, interest in my group fizzled, podcast drama happened blah blah, but now interest has been renewed, a whole new edition has come out and the Red Veil starter set was the perfect way to come back, split in half by me and my brother who played Haqqislam back then. (And well, still does obviously) Painted the starter up and bought a bunch of minis soon after, even dabbling into the JSA this time around. First up the Zúyǒng Invincible, which is a gorgeous sculpt, but man is the scale creep real. Makes me reluctant to use my old HI. I've mostly stuck to the color scheme I already have established on my old troops, yellow armor, grey fatigues but with the addition of jade green instead of grey for the Imperial service. I think being away from the hobby a bit has actually helped my painting some (but just some mind), as I've tried to approach with a new technique, successive washes over light primer. Any tips or critisisms is very appreciated.
  12. Got a Deep cut studios cityscape mat in that thick mousemat material.
  13. I think it looks very nice, certainly a few pieces of big terrain can make a nice centerpiece, I don't think it will be a problem at all.