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  1. Love this!
  2. How about posting pictures of the june-releases instead of fascist propaganda? If we bring reactionary politics into the descussion the thread's bound for lockdown. Not saying it shouldn't be discussed, but please not here.
  3. Hey thanks! Very kind words Actually managed to get some more peculiar stuff done (still some touching up to do of course, as is my style...), so I'd like to present the following:
  4. So I got an extra set of lunokhod-weapons for my sputnik. (picture from CV webstore) Didn't really know what to do with it, but after my prowler convertion I thought it would be cool to turn the flash lighty part in the middle into a head of some sort. Said and done, I now have an extra Zero of some sort! Will probably play it as a FO or killer hacker Pics: The left hand and cables were so fiddly to get right (the hands are so small... Trump-sized even!) but the end result is kind of all right I think... One of the guns of the same lunokhod part is used for a Morlock convertion/sculpt that can be found on my blog (2:nd page, already painted, so no need to post it here) and the last part will probably end up in the hands of a future sculpt. Another prowler or Zero I think Hope you like it! Cheers!
  5. Loot away! Had a real hard time getting the yellow right but I think it turned out okay Thanks! Update time! Got the Prowler painted up: Paindet from a darker primer this time. Suited the stealthy look really well I think! Not the best picture though.... Also sculpted and started sculpting a couple of morlocks ...... Aaaaand then there's this lil' transductor zond... And finally there's a zero hacker or FO that almost ready for priming! Should I add hair to it, like the Zero from the bakunin starter maybe? Not completely happy with any of these sculpts, but they are definitely an improvement on the original zero/spektr I made. Anyway, hope you like them!
  6. sculpt/conversion of prowler
  7. Thinking it will end up as my go to Zero since I'm generally leaning towards Bakunin, but yeah, I'd happily play it as a bandit or spektr too! Thanks Speaking of camo units! Another scratch-conversion build... Supposed to be a prowler with spitfire... The gun is from the Mobile brigada from the nomads starter. Never was a fan of that unit so why not chop it up and make something else out of it?
  8. I'm not a fluff-junkie, but I think it could be kind of cool to see a joint tohaa and O-12 sectorial. Aleph can already be taken in multiple secterials outside the faction itself so I would figure why not? The way I see it, you either let Tohaa keep their links with unlinkable human soldier support, or you keep it the other way around, with Tohaa losing links and the O-12 part having access to links.
  9. Hey thanks Been working alot recently with fading wierd colours into each other to make things strange. The inside of the cloaks of the custodiers are turquoise into pink, the outside is purple into neon green for instance... If any faction could rock a trippy colour theme then I guess that would be nomads and Bakunin in particular! Also really digging the contrast between the turquoise/green and red on your Hac Tao. The studio theme is great and all but they needed more colour IMO (I might be biased...). Great work!
  10. So a month of manic panting (for me anyway!) is over and I can now add eight new miniatures to the party. Gonna post some close-ups of a favourite or two and then a group shot And the four new additions! The Zondbots were suprisingly hard to paint up but I figured I should try to mimic the general theme of the daktari and the clockmaker so tthe Zonds would look like they belonged to either one of them. Also a close up of their bases, kinda happy with these! Hey thanks! Got a new S3 remote on the building table! Burning through a lot of grey stuff and plasticard, but hey, it's fun Kind of agree with the purple on the zond, and will definitely look into that. Now that the painting pledge is over I might even find a little bit of time to improve on it Thanks!
  11. Aaaaaand done! 8 S2 bakunin freaks! Really happy how these turned out More pics on my painting blog! EDIT: Ooops, 6 S2 and 2 S1...
  12. Hey thanks @Dasaan! If I'm lucky I'll have time to paint these four up as well. Four additional miniatures pledged!
  13. Hey thanks! Means a lot This is the best I could do on short notice or how I would proxy one anyway, not really a fan of the combi rifle one. The shot gunner though! I mean, he's wearing that cape super hero-style. Come to think about it, alot of the nomad unit names could be super hero aliases... Bandit, Spektr, The Interventor, Prowler, The Clockmaker... Hey thanks, I propably wont do any more work on that sculpt, but next time I definitely will try to get the proportions right (that sculpt really is ridiculously unrealistic!)
  14. Definitely! once these four are finished I'll try to take some better pictures! EDIT: Now they definitely are "good enough" but I might try to improve on them a bit. Still not bad I think. Messed the free-hand up a bit but I'm not really that good at it anyway (so there's room for improvement, right )...