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  1. Just wanted to say, your new Corner Holo-Ads are superb!
  2. Thanks for the list ideas and the feedback! I do not own Machaon at the moment and i would like to stick to the models i already have for this tournament, but i can certainly switch the list a bit around to fit my taste. I'm pretty sure i will take the Mk. 2 Assault Hacker in at least one list, but i'm not very familiar with hacking. Which programs have the highest chance for succes against enemy TAGs? I'm thinking about taking a Denava, too, for White Noise support. Does she help in hacking enemy TAGs/HI, except from the obvious pitcher?
  3. Thanks for the advice, i'll try to remember everything at the tournament. ;-) Do you guys think that a CoC myrmidon is necessary? A backup is certainly nice, but i would rather take another Naga Minelayer and a Lamedh for the same points...
  4. Hey guys, i've been playing for a while now, usually Vedic with a few greeks mixed in (Phoenix, Achilles, Myrmidons, ...). But in a couple of weeks i will be attending to an ITS event in my local meta and I am rather unsure about what to pick for my lists. I would like to go for Achilles, Posthumans, a Dasyu, but other than that, i've not decided yet. I do not own a Marut for Deadly Dance, but that's ok for me even if i can't get full score (which i probably won't anyway, I'm not playing nearly enough to compete with experienced players who play every week). My main goal is to have fun without being total smashed up. So i would like a few tips for Frontline, Deadly Dance and Supremacy, what kind of units are good here, what should i leave home, what are the priorities... Thanks in advance
  5. I honestly love Neema the way she is...