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  1. Damn right no one can look down on me.
  2. So the crying people get what they want, but continue to cry... CB should not try to please people like this, huge waste of time.
  3. The content of my post, for those with the wit to see it, was absolute incredulity that people in the world exist that actually believe that a game with poor mini design, cookie cutter sculpts and no play-testing whatsoever is held up as a paragon of value that any other game should aspire to. Bloodbowl is barely a game, it is a uninspired diorama that you are allowed to roll dice at. This was coupled (if you could read between the lines even a little) with my deep sadness that the state of the world is such that human beings (though we can pretend they are bots to help us sleep at night) would actually complain that preview pictures would use preview models, and suggest straightfacedly that they should delay the launch of the game (and screw over the thousands of people like me who are eagerly awaiting getting to play it) so the preview pictures could use non-preview models. The lack of self-awareness and empathy for the people who will actually buy this game (assuming the trolls in this thread are not complete masochists or duplicitous twerps) is staggering.
  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh man, now I remember why I avoid the forums.
  5. Can't wait for this, looks amazing.
  6. It sounds like, if you are playing Pan-O, you can replace one of your lists with one of the 4 premade lists.
  7. Great work! Some high quality stuff.
  8. Won't be there this week due to Gencon, but I am usually there most Wednesdays, and our numbers range from 4-5 to almost a dozen. Tournaments, especially infinity, should not be seen as some cuttthroat enterprise distinct from casual play, but rather an opportunity to play several games in quick succession. You are very welcome to play one of our ITS, we have many new players and jumping in is a great way to learn.
  9. This thread really confused me until I finally looked at the dates...
  10. TR bots and linked missile launchers. Both
  11. Areistea was super fun, can't wait to get a copy.
  12. I believe equipment stops working when you are in a null state. To be clear I thought my judges did a great job, even in the last game, I was recounting rules issues just because they were part of the experience, not necessarily because they are wrong. Looks like I was wrong on that one. Makes not having ladders on buildings pretty tough!
  13. Oh I don't disagree. See my original post on the subject: