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  1. I would be surprised if they aren't shown at Interplanetary.
  2. Oh yeah, time to set up a brewery!
  3. Note that if we have to go 4 rounds due to attendance, the 4th mission will be frontline.
  4. While it is true that some hacking programs don't see much use, it is nice to have the option. For example I rarely use AP ammo from a MSR, but I am sure glad when I see a Jotum. If you don't want those extra, slightly less optimized options, just cross them out. New players shouldn't be hacking until their 5th or 6th game anyway
  5. Start time 10am, 300 points, no spec-ops. Firefight Show of Force Frontline At The Portal.
  6. @Saint still coming? Need a partner?
  7. We can probably find you a partner. Let me know.
  8. Small rules change. For Defiant Truth, you cannot evac the civvie until turn 3.
  9. Fake news. Board looks great btw.
  10. No way, artichoke Beyonce is awesome.
  11. Hate current neema, worst sculpt in the tohaa range. Looking forward to getting to field her now!
  12. New update talks about differences between Sectorial and Generic forces:!/status/8