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  1. I struggle to find enough space to deploy them effectively, I tend to run two sets with one beast each.
  2. I think the symbiomate deployment faq might make his holo/mate interaction less punishing.
  3. Are you using a tripod? Just whack it in manual and set a nutty slow shutter speed.
  4. I think the wu ming combi mine might be getting something for free. Fairly certain that both the bsg+fo and the hmg wu ming suggest a base combi wu ming should be 31 pts. Cba spending too long nailing it down but I do think the smg is too cheap relative to the combi, especially when its just providing filler profiles.
  5. Im getting -6 from a combi on all of those examples, assuming the contender is being priced at 4 on the oda.
  6. Sorry to clarify Chain rifle smg etc assuming a combi as a starting point.
  7. My wishlisting. Smgs up 2 Symbioarmour up 2, remove current fire interaction. Symbiomates cannot be used against fire ammunition. Remove light shotgun option for Kaeltar mates, or move chain of command of command onto bomb mate. Mimetism up 1. Inutitive jammer now a long skill. Jammer up 2. Msv3 needs a rework. Direct templates up, possibly impose dodge modifier. Contendor Haramaki gain fatality l2 Guard rework. Multiple discount applications should grant smaller discount. Extremely impetous, irregular, chain rifles are too good in asymmetrical engagements.
  8. Certainly uk guidelines allow stuff like self moving minis which the average consumer is unlikely to take seriously, unless perhaps its Jumanji you are selling. Expecting the product shown to be the one delivered surely doesn't fall into this category, Big mac photos not withstanding.
  9. I think most of the concern was around the transparency of showing one product and selling another. This was dismissed as the game was not yet for sale, the aristea site still appears to use these metals on its home page. Some vocal users might not have been the most tactful at communicating this, and its not sky is falling stuff. But the point that without trawling the forums its not clear those are metal is still valid. EDIT: to be fair the le release does make this more understandable.
  10. Try ebay for fluorescent nail pigment you will need a glaze medium, dirt cheap.
  11. i'm loving that goldish tan thing going on.
  12. Afaik there is only the results and maybe the lists of top three players.
  13. What's the verdict on holoprojectors (not holoechoes) as data tracker, I don't think its a marker state so is it legal?
  14. Its not about the fidelity, the issue is that so few games of competitive infinity are played by a single player that the methods used to weight a win in online gaming simply arent possible on a meaningful scale here so the trends arent true.