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  1. I'm not sure I believe anyone can maintain a 90% against strong competition. If anything just looking at win percentage favours those that seem to just smash newer players rather than attending more competitive events.
  2. Agreed, its gotten to the point I start leaving the board edges a little clearer to try and skew it back.
  3. The change to LI lists has definitely levelled the playing field. Lists that almost had to run ten orders got a buff and those on the borderline now open up an extra layer of decision making whilst list building, which I think is great. Am I going to drop my 15 order lists down to 10? Probably not because that's a very different list, but 12 order lists with perhaps just an aro piece might now be better getting condensed into one group.
  4. Because if player 1 rolls a quad by their dz and the opponent rolls that same quad the mission now means that player 1 has to move enough of his points 1 inch, whilst the opponent has to move a higher number of points 13 inches. I realise that doesn't account for dz shuffling but its basically game over at that point. Especially if player 2 is going first. edit: my issue is only with the first turn roll, rolling once hacked is fine imo.
  5. Consoles can be connected or controlled but not activated. Atennae can be activated.
  6. Powerpack: there is a wip bonus for coc to activate the consoles. there doesnt appear to be a way to activate consoles, should this be applied to activating antenae?
  7. How did a Deva even get thrown into this? Holding up one of the best troops from one faction and just grabbing one from another says nothing of balance. The 16pt mymridon option is awesome as are posthumans. Tohaa definitely have some outliers for their internal balance with mates being pyschological as much as pointed poorly, but as a faction they arent massively out in front. Deva is a closer comparison to a Gao rael, exact same cost for the spitfire but deva is .5 swc cheaper. The stat lines are pretty similar whilst the gr has 4-2 offsetting symbioarmour vs nwi.
  8. Varies on your list but I dont see much use for medic component in vanilla ca as i'm probably playing that for the ei aspects. It is in the running for objective grabbing but only because the Fraacta has the expensive hacking device.
  9. Also shock immunity... just in case the paramedic who came on because your other paramedic was in the wrong place goes down and you want to use your second paramedic to paramedic the first paramedic rather than paramedic the unconscious dude who you brought on your first paramedic to paramedic in the first place.
  10. Tohaa kind of already have that base covered by the GT who can achieve d charge too. I also find I can cart my paramedic around as part of a triad. Drop the monofilament and I think it would be more attractive.
  11. Because your data-tracker cannot enter a marker state.
  12. Seems pretty fair when compared to a domaru too. Bs 14 is expensive.
  13. Sure but presumably at a tiny fraction of units shifted compared to the core set. Further the core set itself is imo more likely to have lower margins just by virtue of being the gateway product, see Gw starters for example.
  14. Sure but investing the time and energy into providing them is something of a boon to those who want them in metal, even at their current cost I cant imagine they are expecting much of a return on them.