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  1. Also have a look for anything that can help verify your position at time of incident. Work cctv or even a receipt. Much harder if it comes up later.
  2. I was just taking a jab at the current stat line. I think if we see the kaeltar reworked taquel might be more attractive but as is I think they are the least desirable tohaa unit.
  3. Expensive due to light shotgun tax. Those 4 points add up on order monkeys. Aro hatch suggests you are about to eat unopposed shots, its hardly as if they are scary once hatched. Imo strong contender for worst line troop in game.
  4. Along with their new profile.
  5. If bs costs +2 whilst wip is +1 perhaps that implies the fusilier should be 11 when compared to an aluguacile. Throw in 2 of mimetism seems okay.
  6. Yeah should be a blast let's see if this pulpibeer lives up to the hype.
  7. Just booked taking tohaa. Had a bit of an incident at my satellite with an opponent rocking a 325 point list and then misleading scores but that was only for third place.
  8. Sure am. Although im still travelling in nepal at the moment so expect my brain to be completely garbled by the time i make it to spain.
  9. Cool who is it i didnt see any on the list
  10. Shame none of the aus scene are at the interplanterio im intrigued to see how it plays out with multiple metas meeting.
  11. I acutally played against something similar recently and did lose more than i would like t1. But it required my opponent to take a bunch of very poor odds rolls to pull it off. Which he did manage t2 crits really hurt. How do you shift aro pieces, normally the caterans?
  12. To be fair I think it was this bit that started the reliable thing. Yes alpha strike units exist and the wound count originally claimed is on occasion possible. I suspect we are wasting time disagreeing over how reliably thats achievable.
  13. I think i can get 4 on 6s vs your 1 on 10. Not comfortable odds il admit.